Cirerrek's AI Scripts


The eSeries is a set of party AI scripts for BG2 SoA & ToB. They began as Sarkyn's gSeries, which were one of the premier sets of party AI scrpts for SoA. The eSeries leaves off where the gSeries ended by updating them to include the spell and item options that became available with ToB. Note: This pack does require some support files to function properly.


gMinion was created by Greg Hodgson (aka Sarkyn). I've have updated the gMinion series here and there to account for the additional summons available in the expansion pack ToB, but the majority of original content is intact and as potent as ever.

These scripts are designed to enhance and increase the enjoyment of the Baldurs Gate II series of games produced by Bioware. They increase the in-game intelligence of the creatures that are summoned by Spells and Items, so that they behave more in line with the original intentions of both Bioware and more Purist D&D Roleplayers.

Sequencer Memory is a little script I wrote to enable a player to remember what they have stored in their minor spell sequencers, spell sequencers, and spell triggers after a couple of days away from the game. This script can be appended to another customizable script, increasing functionality.


The tSeries is a set of .bcs scripts adapted from Gebhard Blucher's Planescape: Torment Player AI Scripts. They cover The Nameless One and all of the joinable NPCs. The scripting language is limited in comparison to the options avialable in Baldur's Gate II: SoA/ToB, but the scripts will attack enemies; cast memorized offenisve, defensive, and healing spells; and also make use of many in-game items.

iSeries (Beta)

The iSeries is a set of very beta versions of my scripts for Icewind Dale II. So far the scripts only use a limited number of spells. Otherwise they appear to do most of the other things the eSeries was designed to do: Threat Level Assessment, Weapon Switching, Move to Combat, and a few other things. They're NOT going to be able to strut their stuff with a high level party. Packaging is very basic. Constructive feedback is encouraged. Use iBard for Bards, iArcher for Mages, and iFighter for Fighter types or Cleric types.

Fix Pack: Scriptable Spells

Scriptable Spells fixes several SPCLxxx and SPINxxx spells that had their spell level incorrectly defined. The incorrect level definition would cause the game to crash when the spells were cast using the trigger HaveSpell(). The spells modified by this package are able to be scripted without causing the game to crash.

Please note that Scriptable Spells is already included in the BG2 Fixpack.


uScript or "Universal" Script is a Player AI script for BG2 SoA & ToB. It was created by Rich Martel. I'm supplying it here, because I don't know of any other place where it exists and some may find it useful. Please note that G3 will not be providing any support for this script or any of the other items contained in the package.

Other Projects by Cirerrek

Cirerrek's Improved Horns of Valhalla and Totemic Cernd are available in the Mini-Mods section of the site. Cirerrek's IWD2 scripting information and IE Action & Trigger Research (.xls files) is available in the Tools and Resources area.