gMinion was created by Greg Hodgson (aka Sarkyn). I've updated the gMinion series here and there to account for the additional summons available in the expansion pack ToB, but the majority of original content is intact and as potent as ever.

These scripts are designed to enhance and increase the enjoyment of the Baldurs Gate II series of games produced by BioWare. They increase the ingame intelligence of the creatures that are summoned by Spells and Items, so that they behave more in line with the original intentions of both BioWare and more Purist D&D Roleplayers.

The gMinion Series consists of:

  • BCS (Baldurs Character Script) files that replace ingame BCS files
  • BCS scripts that act as substitutes for Allied Summons
  • Auxillary files that fix things wrong with Creatures and Spells (CRE & SPL files)


  • The AI applies only to PARTY monsters and does not increase the intelligence of "wild" or enemy creatures.
  • No Turning Hostile, Minions do NOT have free-will according to purist D&D rules
  • Players choices will ALWAYS override the script
  • Minions will return unfailingly to the caster if ever they find themselves more than a few feet away in a non-combat situation
  • Minions will form up behind the caster, and follow them without needing to be ordered to until a higher priority action takes over
    • Being given an order
    • Seeing an enemy
    • etc.
  • Minions will no longer carelessly use their spells (the Efreet comes to mind) so that the party is caught in the splash radius
  • Cast-n-Attack - minions will make the best use of every second of every round by attacking in the 5 second downtime. This makes spell casting minions much more effective.
  • Better Targeting - Minions will now selectively choose their foes according to the same algorithm that gSeries uses.
  • Improved Combat Effectiveness - Even the humble Kobold Archer and Ogre didn't go untouched; they now have better targeting, quicker responses and better consistency with the attacks per round that they should have had.