Sequencer Memory is a little script written by cirerrek to enable a player to remember what they have stored in their minor spell sequencers, spell sequencers, and spell triggers, after a couple of days away from the game.

The basic mechanics for this script were originally developed by Bruce Harding.

Sequencer Memory is really intended to be a plugin for existing Player AI scripts and you are welcome to add it to your own. The downloadable version of this script includes the commented .baf for your convenience.

The variables set by this script can easily be used to allow Player AI scripts to cast sequencers automatically. I don't plan on going into any details about this here, but if you are interested in this feature and are having trouble figuring out how to implement it, please contact me on the forums.

The script will NOT report the exact spells you have stored in your sequencers but it will give you a general idea of how you originally chose to target the sequencer(s). The three targeting strategies available are: Offensive, Disabling, and Defensive.

You select a targeting strategy through the use of hotkeys. The choice of keys may seem a bit odd, but they are some of the few hotkeys that were not used by the eSeries player AI scripts developed by Sarkyn and modified/continued/updated by me (cirerrek).