uScript or "Universal" Script is a Player AI script for BG2 SoA & ToB. It was created by Rich Martel. I'm supplying it here, because I don't know of any other place where it exists and some may find it useful. Please note that G3 will not be providing any support for this script or any of the other items contained in the package.

This is a Baldur's Gate II AI script for player characters that can be used with any class. Many useful ideas were borrowed from scripts and discussions in the "BioWare Scripting" group on Yahoo. Thanks to Tim, Sarkyn, C.Enders, Xyx, Jason & Quitch for help & suggestions.


  • Individual AI toggle for each character
  • Smart Targeting system
  • Move to Combat routine (no more idle characters)
  • Detect Traps, Turn Undead, and Battle Song
  • Assistance to injured
  • SoA Class Abilities
  • ToB Spells
  • ToB Class Abilities
  • Performance Saver (script cutoff)
  • TimeStop target switching
  • "Stay in melee range 1 round then run" routine for Casters, Archers, and Injured
  • Efficient healing system
  • Wand & Potion usage
  • Shapeshift abilities for druids
  • Summoning Item usage (Efreeti Bottle, Black Spider Figurine, etc.)
  • Improved Nymph, Djinni, Planetar, Deva, & Moon Dog (Cerebus) scripts
  • Dynamic Party Protection
  • Cast & Attack
  • Intellegent Simulacrums, Projected Images, & Misleads
  • Healing potion hand offs

Complete list of spells and items used by this mod