Below is a complete list of our resident modders and moderators. You can also typically find them on the forums.


The Gibberlings are global moderators as well as modders. They can be reached either on the forums or through the contact information in their profiles. Names in italics denote administrators.

Andyr, AstroBryGuy, Barren Fischa, berelinde, BevH, BigRob, Bri, Caedwyr, CamDawg, cirerrek, cliffette, cmorgan, Dancer Fitz, Darios, DavidW, Domi, Grim Squeaker, Hendryk, Icelus, Idobek, igi, jastey, JPS, Mike1072, Meira, NiGHTMARE, Orions_Stardom, and theacefes.

Hosted Mods and Modders

G3 also hosts a number of other modders and their projects. The best way to find them is through exploring the forums and project pages. If you have a mod that you would like to see The Gibberlings Three host, please contact any of the admins or Gibberlings.