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EET installation plan - open for oppinions

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#1 Gyorn

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Posted 05 March 2018 - 03:57 AM

Hello together,


first let me express my gratitude for working so hard on EET in specific and IE-mods in general.


I'ld like to start a new installation in some time. For this I'm doing some preparations - at the moment it's most notably a (BWS)selection of the mods and components I'm planning to install.

I've attached my current selection to this post, feel free to import it in the BWS if interested.


Because it's the more important stuff, I'm stating the balancing stuff I'm particular interested in with such a megamod installation before showing my selection (obviously, still my selection must be taken into mind as far as quests are going):

  • EET Tweaks
    • XP-caps: Somewhat half-hearted here. Normally I was fine with the default caps in the past, but I would find it discouraging if reaching the cap too early. Aimed for default values at the moment.
    • XP for Traps, Spells, Lockpicking: Disabled it in the past and gone pretty good with that. Plan to maintain it that way.
    • XP for killing creatures: Hard time deciding between 50 and 25% here. Leaning towards 25% however, to diminish the often exaggerating XPs someone could gain by playing some of the big Quest mods however (and I've not touched Sarah's Saga before).
    • XP for quests: Aiming for 50% here as I felt this was a good value in prior playthroughs.
  • SCS
    • Reputation increase: Aiming for 1/3 actually. Most likely playing a good aligned character and based on my previous experiences 1/2 was still a bit too quick in my opinion.
    • Price for magic license in Athkatla: 50,000gp - considered the price for Gaelan is recommended at 80,000, this didn't seemed too unreasonable for me in the past.
    • Price for Gaelan: 100,000gp, slightly above recommended.


In general, the selection is based on the "Recommended" Preset. However, I've made some changes (I'll not state all but the important ones). All of them are additions, if not stated otherwise:

  • Big Mods
    • Sandrah Saga with all parts and related necessary mods (DSotSC, Drizzt Saga, TDD)
  • Quest Mods
    • Alternatives
    • Ascalons Questpack
    • Assassinations
    • Eilistraee's Song
    • Expanded Thief Stronghold
    • I Shall Never Forget
    • Innershade
    • Mage Stronghold
    • Tales of the Deep Gardens
    • The Grey Clan Episode 1: In Candlelight
    • The White Queen
  • Mini Mods
    • Adalon's Blood
  • NPCs
    • Amber
    • Ascalons Breagar
    • Chloe
  • NPC-related Mods
    • Ajantis BG1 Expansion
    • Banter Packs
    • Crossmod Banter Pack
    • Imoen Friendship
    • Imoen Romance
    • Mazzy Friendship
    • Viconia Friendship
    • Yoshimo Friendship

TL;DR: Are my assumed values for EET Tweaks and SCS meaningful with the configuration given above?

#2 Roxanne



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Posted 05 March 2018 - 04:36 AM

Big mods - add NTotSC, maybe also Bone Hill (you can still tell the guy during game you are not going there)


For ToB part you would want to add Ascension and Longer Road, even Wheels of Prophesy.


NPC related mods is missing BG1NPCs (essential)


EET Tweaks - Here is my own setting that I used twice now for EET with the (personal) feeling that I still get rewards but my party has adequate level/power as the game progresses



D0QUESTPACK adds nice little mini-quests as well


Maybe a couple of more NPC mods, they never hurt but you will have more choices in game.


I would also add the SoD-Banter mod to have NPCs talk like in the other parts of the game instead of having overhead text displays.


And you need worldmap mod for the above setup.


In the game options on the start screen I would also de-select the *max HP upon level up*.



Edited by Roxanne, 05 March 2018 - 04:38 AM.

The Sandrah Saga!

another piece of *buggy, cheesy, unbalanced junk*




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