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Version 7 of Tweaks Anthology Released

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#16 Throari

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Posted 16 November 2018 - 12:28 AM

Just a minor question regarding 'Alter <class> Spell Progression Table' components. It is my understanding that different mods (e.g. TDD) bring their own progression tables and that these tables are prioritized before/in conflict with Tweaks Anthology.
Can I have both worlds? Meaning, can I install TDD (or similar conflicted mods) and somehow install the TA tables later?
Glimpsing over the code it seems to me, that a.) currently it's a hard conflict, meaning the installation skips over these components, when I'm running the install script after TDD and b.) it's not just copying a file from a->b in which case I would do it manually. Then again I'm not proficient in reading WeiDu code, so is there a simple solution?
Thank you in advance.
EDIT: Since I had a time on my hand I tried to understand the code a little bit better.
I used klatus mod for comparison since it had a simliar component:

In comparison to TA:

It seems to me that basically the tables from mxsplwiz.2da are just copied over to the override folder. Thereafter however there is some patching involved in case of TA. According to the comments in code that part is for scribe scrolls/alchemy. This is somewhat counter intuitive since the readme doesn't really mention such a feature (should be updated). Indeed that could lead to other incompatibilities with mods like aTweaks that have a dedicated feature for this. 
That leaves me with the question, if the spell progression should be seperated from the patching routines for scripe scrolls (which it is in case of P&P). In this case (if I understand the procedere correctly) you could remove the conflict for the spell progression part. For the rest I wonder what the difference in implementation is between aTweaks scribe scrolls and TA, since only the later has a conflict?

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#17 khelban12

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Posted 17 November 2018 - 12:29 PM

Reading Throari's post about the spell progressions, reminded me a minor nitpick i had for some time but forgot to mention it.

The Wizard spell progression component has 2 subcomponents, the unnerfed and the PnP one. I tried to search the forum but it is a quite old component and couldn't find what rules does the PnP one follow. After Level 30 they diverge to different paths which is ok. Up to L30 they are mostly the same with a few differences on levels 25,26,29.

On L25, the PnP one gives 4 L9 spells where the unnerfed gives 5. On L26, the PnP one gives 6 L5 spells where the unnerfed gives 5. On L29, the PnP one gives 7 L5 spells where the unnerfed gives 6.


If we take the above picture from the "High Level Campaigns" rulebook as the "PnP canon", then in all 3 cases, the unnerfed version is correct. Shouldn't the PnP version be changed to match this ?

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