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Weapon proficiencies - where in the .CRE in BG2 engine?

19 September 2007 - 08:29 AM

After trying to pull some creatures from BG1 to BG2, my memory is failing me in that I cannot remember what the best way to apply weapon proficiencies to them is. In BG2 they're not stored in the .CRE file, are they, but applied as effects?

I was looking at Tutu for some hints but can't see them in there--so I don't know whether that means I am looking for them in the wrong place, the original BG1 creatures didn't have them or Tutu is neglecting to apply them.

(It isn't crucial, as the encounter will probably be non-combat, but I thought it important to address anyway.)

Version 4 now available

18 September 2007 - 03:14 PM

Song and Silence is a WeiDU mod which seeks to expand possibilities for players of Bards and Thieves in BG2 or BG1 Tutu. Base classes and kits are modified, new kits are added, and there are even new items to discover!

The mod contains the following components:
- Bugfixes and tweaks to true class Bards and Thieves, and kits from the unmodded game.
- A new store for Bards and additional items for Thieves.
- Four new separate Bard kits: The Acrobat, Chorister, Dirgesinger and Gypsy.
- Five new separate Thief kits: The Adventurer, Burglar, Sharpshooter, Soulknife and Shadowdancer. The Shadowdancer was new in version 2.

Read about the mod here: http://www.gibberlings3.net/sns/

View the complete ReadMe here: http://www.gibberlin...nd_silence.html

Download it here: http://www.gibberlin...s/index.php#sns

And discuss it in forums here: http://forums.gibber...hp?showforum=72

Please note that new HLAs have not yet been implemented. In the meantime you might like to try aVENGER's Rogue Rebalancing mod from http://www.spellholdstudios.net . Install this before Song & Silence to get the benefits of both mods. The Rogue Rebalancing HLAs will be used as a starting point for future versions of Song & Silence.

Version 7 available, download links here

18 September 2007 - 03:08 PM

Version 7 of Mur'Neth is now available! Mur'Neth is an NPC mod for the Baldur's Gate portion of either of the conversions, Baldur's Gate Tutu or BGT-WeiDU. He can be found inside the Nashkel Mines and is a Ghaunadan, a member of the race of ooze - like shapechangers who venerate Ghaunadaur, the evil deity of oozes, moulds and the like.

New in this version are a couple of stat tweaks, a German translation and an updated Spanish translation. You may also choose to use French, or of course English.

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Viconia Cleric/Thief multiclass mod?

14 September 2007 - 08:15 AM

I remember a year or two ago (when I was still fairly active) people mentioning a mod which would make Viconia a Cleric/Thief multiclass, instead of just a Cleric. I have done a little searching and can't find anything now, however--can anyone tell me if I am just imagining things, or if this idea was ever picked up and used?

Looking for a voice actor for Eranon NPC mod, ~ 40 lines

05 December 2006 - 11:46 AM

Shamelessly crossposting, because I can...

I should really be able to get something playable released soon, since all I've needed for ages has been a voice actor. Anyone able to help, and get a voiceset recorded in the next few weeks?

I'm looking for something along the lines of Dak'kon from Planescape:Torment, but not quite so old and gruff. A very level-headed character, doesn't lose his cool, and not extravagant and showy.

If you're interested, send me a few samples (preferably in .ogg format). Here's some lines to try:

~Please, adventurers... hear me.~ [A!E01]
~I am because I must be.~ [A!E0001]
~Your life shall end!~ [A!E0002]
~This is no way for a Githzerai to fall in battle!~
~The crossing of our paths was a most fortuitous event.~
~I... have met wiser folk, in my time.~
~Zerthimon would not approve of this company.~ [A!E05]