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More items with dispellable on-equip effects

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#1 Wisp

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 01:52 PM

In addition to the two recently fixed, several more items have on-equip effects with dispellable that are dispellable. Comment away.

COPY_EXISTING AURSTAF.ITM  override //Dispellable protection from projectile: BULLET
			  DRAGRING.ITM override //Dispellable protection from projectile: ARROWHVY, AXE, BOLT, BULLET, DAGGER, DART
			  ELEMCHAN.ITM override //Dispellable opcode 232, renewing globe of blades ability
			  ELEMYANC.ITM override //Ditto
			  IMPINVIS.ITM override //Dispellable invisibility (creatures should not be visible, ever)
			  //IPSION.ITM   override //Dispellable virtually-everything; fixed elsewhere
			  JONHP1.ITM   override //Dispellable protection from fiends
			  KUORING.ITM  override //Dispellable immunity to slow
			  LICH.ITM	 override //Dispellable protection from fiends
			  //MAGE01.ITM   override //Invisibility. Should probably be dispellable; however, several creatures using it should not be visible
			  MAGE05.ITM   override //Free Action. Dispellable everything
			  MAGE06.ITM   override //Dispellable Haste
			  //NPPLAT.ITM   override //Partly dispellable Free Action; fixed elsewhere
			  NPSW03.ITM   override //Dispellable opcode 232, for the 'retribution' type effect on the sword
			  SLAYERWP.ITM override //Dispellable protection from projectile: ARROWHVY, AXE, BOLT, BULLET, DAGGER, DART
			  SW1HSEEK.ITM override //Dispellable APR mod
  READ_LONG 0x6a eo
  FOR (i = 0; i < SHORT_AT 0x70; ++i) BEGIN
	READ_BYTE eo + 0x30 * i + 0xd rd
	PATCH_IF rd = 1 OR rd = 3 BEGIN
	  WRITE_BYTE eo + 0x30 * i + 0xd 2

#2 CamDawg



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Posted 08 August 2012 - 07:41 PM

I'm in agreement with your exclusion list. We've dealt with mage01 before with Lilarcor's 'Glowing Pool' becoming visible, so those definitely need a review.

Why is this Hypnotoad video so popu... ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

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