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In Topic: thief usability flags

Today, 10:42 AM

Does Rogue Rebalancing restrict swashbucklers from using the Short Sword of Backstabbing? I know it is changed to give a boost to backstab multiplier (so a restriction would make sense), but I can't remember if it alters the usability. If it does, that's the only item I can think would need to be handled specially for swashbucklers.


#2 certainly sounds simpler.

In Topic: Kobold daggers

12 September 2018 - 06:57 PM

Not want to be rude, but I am personally against about the current implementation of the poisonous dagger, because:


1. Tactical-wise, If the purpose was to bring more tactical challenge by beefing up kobolds, the undroppable version should do it well. Making it droppable empowers players with increased combat power and/or monetary gain, therefore reducing the tactical challenge. 


2. RP-wise, I think a permanent enchantment like secondary damage is not trivial task, and the kobold tribe has to mass-produce it, which looks unrealistic to me. The "normal dagger plus applied venom" rationale looks more natural and achievable. 


3. Undroppable items are indeed immersion-breaking, because it is just a shortcut for implementing a combat ability (in this case, it mimics Assassin's poison weapon skill. We can surely use an alternate but more complex approach, say, create a SPL that do the trick, and set their script to use the trick, yet I am not sure if it really worth all the hassle.


The player would never notice, so why is it immersion breaking? It's a trick used by the game quite often. Flinds carry undroppable weapons that have similar effects to a "flind bar" as described in the 2E Monstrous Manual, but they also carry swords in their inventory (and the animation wields a sword). So, when you kill one, it drops a sword. Every undead gets its "undead immunities" (e.g., sleep, charm, etc..) from a ring it wears. It's an easy way for the game programmers to give a group of creatures abilities/immunities en masse by just adding the item, rather than editing each CRE individually (and tweaking those abilities/immunities en masse). And unless you crack open the CREs in DLTCEP or NI you'd never know.

In Topic: Kobold daggers

11 September 2018 - 04:38 PM

1) Dark-Side-based kobold upgrade:
Kobold Guards are equipped with a special droppable dagger that can poison them or their target ----> this dagger should probably be undroppable since SCS is not supposed to add new items......

This. I suppose it is the same story as the special flame arrow added to Kobolds by SCS. In my last game experience the party was getting rich really fast by just selling these daggers... IMO the poison should be coming from some venom applied by kobolds, which vaporize soon after battle. Not sure if it is possible to have kobolds still use the poisonous dagger but drop the normal version. 

Sure. Make the poisonous dagger undroppable and put a normal dagger in the kobolds inventory. The game does that quite often (e.g., flinds).

In Topic: BG1 Unfinished Business - Bug Reporting Thread

10 September 2018 - 02:13 PM


Im not sure it is bug, maybe i just dont understand something.

After i take letters from chest in bandits camp chapter 4 doesnt start.

I use BGEE.

That problem appear after i install BG1UB and UB, im my last playthrough without them, all was normal.


I've tested this with BG1UB loaded. No problems.


What versions of BGEE and BG1UB are you running? Also, are you running any other mods? You only mention BG1UB and UB. So, does that mean an EET install with only BG1UB and UB (for BG2) installed?

In Topic: BG1 Unfinished Business - Bug Reporting Thread

10 September 2018 - 01:39 PM

Anyway, I tried second option and it worked like the charm! Thank you for your explanations and help.  :beer:



Hi Greenhorn.


Sorry, for the issues with the 64-bit WeiDU. There are mods that require 64-bit WeiDU now (e.g., DLC Merger), so I figured using the x64 WeiDU was the best bet. I also wasn't aware Windows was still doing a 32-bit-only version; MacOS went 64-bit over 10 years ago.


I'll have to create a new workflow to also create 32-bit WeiDU archives.