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IR Revised V1.2.3 (2018 November 23rd)

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#1 Bartimaeus

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 11:48 AM

V1.2.3 Download: github. If you are a MacOS user, please PM for a complete version (as I currently do not have the permission to distribute it publicly).


Generalized Change Log:

1. Fixed numerous bugs, including certain item abilities erroneously triggering the Cowled Wizards (such as Albruin's Faerie Fire ability), some abilities erroneously not granting saves when they should (or the opposite), a couple of compatibility problems between IR and SR (IR's Shambling Mound overwriting SR's, for example), some items having the totally wrong effects for their descriptions (Cernd's items, Aeger's Hide, the Boots of Elvenkind, etc.), a bunch of missing effect portrait icons, and various other problems (including others not listed that I don't remember anymore).
2. Spell Revision-izing items. There are various items that have equipped effects and special abilities that did not quite match up with Spell Revisions: now they do. If you do not use SR, it is still compatible without it, but a few abilities may behave slightly differently than what you might expect, but should overall function much the same.
3. Various items have minor tweaks. Virtually every item (besides maybe just a handful) effectively works the same as it was in standard IR, but may be tweaked just a little for balance/usability reasons. I will eventually try to compile a list of such tweaks (now done in the post directly below this one). I am also open to reverting any such tweaks, or implementing new ones based on feedback.
4. Text clean up. The text file for items has been cleaned up and excised of typos, oversights, and hopefully most issues in general. The latest version of IR already uses some of my text revisions (it was integrated some months ago), but this takes it a little step further in attempting to make the text as clean and consistent as possible. As a result of this, the mod is currently not compatible with other languages besides English, as I do not have the ability to update in languages I do not know. If you wish to help me update language files, however, please send me a PM. For now, languages besides English have been disabled. :(
5. New items are handled by IRR, most notably Aegis-fang +3 (including a new unique icon), (Regis') Ruby Pendant of Beguiling, Jade Hound Figurine, Moon Dog Figurine, Tree of Life Fruit, Shakti Warrior Figurine, the Golem Tomes, World's Edge +3 (an unused BG1 Two-Handed Sword +3), the Holy Symbols, the Pantaloon Quest items, and the unused BG2 special edition items (note: currently some items are Joluv-only, which means you have to install a bonus merchant-enabling component from a mod like Tweak Anthology for the time being). I have attempted to handle these items in much the same way IR does, but feedback is, of course, welcome.
6. Greater compatibility with 1ppv4 and the Enhanced Editions (read directly below!), as well as probably some other stuff that I don't remember doing yet. I will continue to update this post as appropriate.


Compatibility for 1ppv4 and the Enhanced Editions:

Original Games: For non-EE installs, this version of the mod is intended for use with 1ppv4, which you can download here off of Spellhold Studios, though it is not required. You can use any combination of 1pp components as you please, or none at all if you don't care for 1PP. This version of IR has been stripped of almost all 1pp changes (as IR was based on an old version of 1PP that was not compatible whatsoever with the latest version of 1pp, hence why the current official version of IR is not compatible with it). If you do not know what 1PP is, it is a big collection of graphical updates, including to item and spell icons, paperdolls, sprites, spell effects, UI, etc. aimed at making the game look cleaner, more varied, and, well, simply better. If you're unsure about installing it, I would seriously suggest downloading it and looking through its readme for getting a better understanding of its changes (which are pretty modular). If you install 1pp with IRR, please note that you should install it after IRR, not before. You will not get any of the sweet item graphical improvements of 1PP if you do not follow this, and items will, for the most part, instead look like vanilla's. Keep reading below for a better understanding of a proper installation order and for use with the BWP/BWS.

Enhanced Editions: IR Revised is also (as of about version 1.11) intended for use with the Enhanced Editions (which includes most of 1pp's content), and will restore many graphical features that the latest version of IR disables (e.g. bastard swords and short bows animations, the general looks of EE helms and shields, as well as additional staves animations). Please note that things are likely not perfect yet - testing is very much welcome to iron out any inconsistencies.


Installation of Item Revisions Revised:

To install this, you must extract the latest official version of IR (V4b10 - or have the BWS do it for you) to your game directory as normal, and then additionally extract this mod on top of it before installing IR. Specifically, my item_rev folder should overwrite the normal item_rev folder - yes, confirm to overwrite folders as well as all the other files it asks you to. (e): MacOS users, overwriting folders does not work the same way as it does in Windows. If you have any trouble, please PM me. After that, you just install IR as you would normally with whatever components you like. Make sure to look at your settings.ini in your item_rev directory! I personally do not like general damage reductions for armors, but I know other people do, and so you should look at the options to get the most of what you want.

Installation Order and BWP/BWS:

If you are installing via the BWP/BWS (Big World Project/Setup), you should note that BWS will not install 1PP and IRR in the correct order - it will instead install 1pp first, and then IRR. As mentioned above, this will mean that you will not get 1PP's item graphical improvements and customizations. As such, if you are installing 1PP and IR together, you must install 1PP after IRR but before Infinity Animations (if I recall correctly, 1PP has trouble if you attempt to install it after Infinity Animations has already been installed). What I suggest is to not install 1PP at all via the BWS (i.e. do not select any 1PP components in BWS), and instead add a pause before the installation of Infinity Animations (right click on either the overall mod or the first component and check "Pause before installation"), and install 1PP yourself when it pauses, and then let it resume the installation once it has finished.

If you are not using the BWP/BWS, your install order should look something like:
1. ToBEx
2. BG2 Fixpack
3. Baldur's Gate Trilogy
4. Alma's Restoration Project
5. Unfinished Business
6. Spell Revisions
7. Rogue Rebalancing
8. Item Revisions
9. 1pp
10. Infinity Animations
11. Tweak Anthology / BG2 Tweaks
12. Sword Coast Stratagems
13. atweaks

You may not be using all of these, and will undoubtedly be using more besides, but this should give you the general idea of what your install order should look like. You generally want to install any mods that add new equipment before IR and 1pp. BWP/S users, you do not have to worry about this with the exception of installing 1PP in the correct place, as the BWS already generally installs everything else in the correct order.

Known Issues with 1PP:

1. The Sleeper +2 is supposed to be a morning star and 1PP instead makes it look like a flail, and also overwrites its description.
2. Deflection Shield +1 looks like a tower shield (note: should...mostly otherwise act like it should).
3. Daystar and Albruin have their graphics switched for no apparent reason.
4. Helm of the Rock (unupgraded) does not have the correct paperdoll/sprite animations due to a wrong file patch (it should be using the "winged helm" look like the upgraded Helm of the Rock, but instead uses the "horned helm" look like Shadow Veil).
5. Similarly, the Gold Horned Helm should be using the "horned helm" look, but instead uses the basic helm animation.
6. Like above, Bolt +3 does not get its unique projectile animation.
7. Radiant Plate +2's description and name are overwritten by 1PP (but it otherwise acts as it should).
8. Projectiles not always being deflected like in Spell Revisions' Protection from Missiles spell.
9. Cleric's "Cause Wound"-type spells being overwritten when using Spell Revisions.
10. Energy Blade's loses its unique icon for Black Blade of Disaster's.

11. Boomerang Dagger does not have the correct icon (and instead has Dagger of Venom's).

I have these problems fixed in my own installer of 1PP: if you want it, you can find it here.

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#2 Bartimaeus

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 11:57 AM

Design Changes

Moved Items/Compatibility Fixes


Miscellaneous Stuff

Armor Changes

Jewelry Changes

Other Equipment (Helms, Shields, Cloaks, Gloves, Belts, Boots)

Slashing Weapons Changes

Piercing Weapons

Crushing Weapons Changes

Ranged Weapons

Ammunition Changes

Miscellaneous Item Changes

NPC Items

Rods and Wands

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#3 rlimrlim

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 02:08 AM


I have these problems fixed in my own installer of 1PP: if you want it, feel free to PM me. My version additionally makes 1pp's "Spell Tweaks" component and Spell Revisions compatible with each other.

Do share with us please.

#4 Bartimaeus

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 03:54 PM

I PM-ed you.

#5 rlimrlim

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Posted 24 July 2017 - 05:24 PM

I PM-ed you.


#6 Bartimaeus

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Posted 25 July 2017 - 03:53 PM

Version 1.07 does a few things:
1. Adds a .mrk (mark) file for other mods to detect it. I wish the vanilla IR already did this, because it's necessary in order to fix a problem with 1PP's improved projectiles (namely, making it so that Gloves of Missile Snaring and R/Deflection Shield deflect the new project types instead of reflecting them when detecting if IR is installed...and also Physical Mirror and Protection from Missiles for SR, but SR does have a mark file already, so I can fix that without adding one myself).
2. Nerfed the golem tomes to 1 turn (...just to be on the safe side for the time being).
3. Fixed up the sound blast/resonating descriptions for Horn of Blasting, Sling of Arvoreen, and Rift Hammer (and fixed the Horn of Blasting not saying how many uses per day it had).
4. Fixed the spell_revisions.tra file to take into account a couple of strings that weren't previously handled.

So as such, my "fixed" 1PP has also been updated. I don't think there's *all* that much interest in this, so I guess I'll just post a link to it for anyone curious to check out. Moderators, feel free to take it down if you want. It does the following:
1. Fixes 1PP accidentally removing Energy Blade's icon for Black Blade of Disaster's.
2. Stops 1PP from overwriting a few descriptions (Radiant Plate's, The Sleeper's - also prevents it from turning the Sleeper into a flail, and instead makes it so waflail, Defender of Easthaven, uses those custom graphics instead).
3. Provides compatibility between IR and 1PP's "improved projectiles" component, as well as between SR and that component, as described above.
4. Provides compatibility between 1PP's "spell tweaks" and SR by preventing it from doing anything besides adding the custom armor graphics when it detects that SR is installed.
5. Fixes Daystar and Albruin's graphics being switched, Helm of the Rock (unupgraded) having an incorrect graphic, Gold Horned Helm having an incorrect graphic, and Deflection Shield having an incorrect graphic.
6. Fixes a few using seemingly incorrect description .bams.

It can be used with or without IR or IRR - these are problems regardless of their installation. Like IRR, it requires that you extract the original 1ppv4 package, and then extract my directory on top of it, and then just installing the mod as you normally would.
Link removed for new version below.

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#7 Salk

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Posted 25 July 2017 - 06:33 PM

Great job, Bartimaeus.


Thanks for sharing.

#8 enkku

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Posted 25 July 2017 - 07:54 PM

Thank for this! I'm planning to do again one of my bit unorthodox BWS installs, and this will definitely be included.

#9 Bartimaeus

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Posted 26 July 2017 - 03:18 AM

No problem!
Download 1.03c: https://dl.dropboxus...fixes 1.03c.zip
1. Although I mentioned it above, I actually forgot to make the "improved projectiles" component of 1pp compatible with SR's Protection from Missiles, whoops!
2. Additionally, I looked more into 1pp's spell tweaks component, and realized that the Cause Wounds spells were supposed to receive a special graphical effect when hitting the opponent, so I made it patch that in (instead of overwriting it), if it detects that SR is installed.
3. Finally, I also re-enabled the "IWD-style icons for cause wound spells" Spell Tweaks sub-option for SR installs because I realized that people may want that...but it'll do it without overwriting SR's spells if you select it.
4. 1.02b: I forgot that IR adds melee/throwing variants to axes and daggers, and they weren't getting the improved projectiles like the base item. Now they do, if they exist.
5. 1.02c: Fixed some of the problems with the projectiles (merged with BWP Fixpack's fixes that I had apparently overlooked).
6. 1.02d: Fixed a small mistake occurring to SHLD24.itm.
7. 1.02e: Fixed the BG1 version of Edwin's Amulet not getting its unique icon; fixed Spell Revisions' Beastmaster's Protection from Missiles not receiving proper missile immunity from 1PP projectiles.

8. 1.03: Fixed a big oversight caused by the BWPFP's fixes making it so much of the component did not work, as well as bolt09 not getting its unique animation due to another "wrong file" patch.

9. 1.03a: Fixed a bunch of miscellaneous stuff in the v2 core component. Additionally, made sure both versions of Spider's Bane are consistent with each other, fixed a few incorrectly assigned plate icons along with a bunch of incorrectly assigned description icons, a compatibility fix for IR/R for Scimitar +3 and Sword of Flame +1, a fix for Helm of Defense, and the restoration of Harbinger's icon that was mysteriously getting overwritten.

10. 1.03b: Fixed Boomerang Dagger getting its icon overwritten for no reason and Long Sword +2 having its colors set to that of Long Sword +3's.

11. 1.03c: A minor compatibility fix with the latest version of IRR.

It does not require the previous update. Any other problems with 1PP that people can think of, feel free to let me know and I'll try to fix those as well. Finally, I'll reiterate the previous install order: 1PP should be installed after both IRR and SR, but before Infinity Animations. If you are not installing IRR, then it should be after SR but some of it before and some of it after IR if you're installing that instead (unless you're Salk, and you know what you're doing). I'd refer to what IR says in regards to install order (although I believe it says to install the "improved projectiles" bit before IR, but it should actually be after now with my fixes). Otherwise, both IRR and SR will revert many of the patching changes it makes. With the 1pp fixes above, I *think* 1pp and SR should be one hundred percent compatible at this point assuming you install 1PP after.

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#10 Arthas

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 04:22 AM

Thanks for shareing and caring

#11 Serg BlackStrider

Serg BlackStrider
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Posted 06 August 2017 - 11:39 PM

Great job, thanks for sharing! I'll definitely use this with my next run/setup as now I'm in the middle of the BWS/BGT no-reload run.

#12 Cahir

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 12:26 AM

This looks great, although I admit I'm a little bit lost with all those revisions (same with SR). Does your version works good with EE's or is it targeted for vanilla BG2? Or maybe the edition doesn't matter?

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#13 Bartimaeus

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 03:34 PM

I actually don't know for sure about EE, as I've never played a modded EE game (as I prefer the originals). Vanilla IR is clearly based on the originals, but I just don't know how it would work. If somebody wanted to do a cursory test and see how things looked and get back to me to maybe fix some problems if there are any, feel free. (E): Thinking about it, I would expect my version of IR to be more compatible on paper, since it no longer adds 1pp stuff (some of which is already integrated into EE, if I'm not mistaken), so that, in theory, should lead to a less problem-filled install, but again, as I haven't even tested it ever, I don't even know if IR installs at all to begin with.


I will eventually compile a total list of changes here, but I've been recovering from wrist surgery the past two weeks and therefore haven't been able to do much recently. Typing even this one-handed is painful, haha. I will have a new version with a few fixes and changes out probably tonight or tomorrow, though. I just have to write out the changes first...

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#14 Bartimaeus

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 03:33 PM

A little later than I wanted, but version 1.08 is up.



1. Fixed the slightly revised Tree of Life Fruit not actually showing up in-game (and also explains how much it actually heals, which is 50).

2. Revised the Book of Infinite Spells a little. The spells it holds are Fireball, Improved Invisibility, Stoneskin, True Seeing, Dispel Magic, Cone of Cold, Invisible Stalker, Cloudkill, Lightning Bolt, Breach, and Hold Monster. Instead of potentially being stuck on the "last page" of the book for forever, you can now only turn a page once per day, and what you get starts with 0 charges for that sleep cycle (so you could use the current spell and then turn the page but not be able to use the new spell until you rest again). I never liked the "stuck on the last page" mechanic, because it just encouraged save-scumming and then staying on the same page for forever once you got one of the only two good spells. Now, you can change it a little more freely (but without automatically being able to go to the exact spell you might want) and the spell selection is way better and more balanced. Hopefully, this makes for a little more fun item. The current selection of spells may perhaps be a little strong, though: I'm open to changing them if people feel that's the case.

3. Re-enabled the Amulet of Health for the Trademeet artifact/nobleman peddler when using the store revisions component. As a side-effect, Lord Khellon (the normally evil-only NPC that spawns when you exit the Lord Merchant's home in Trademeet - I did not even know this guy existed until just a few days ago because I usually play a neutral character) no longer gives this as a reward for poisoning the Druid Grove, but now instead gives a Ring of Protection +2 and more gold (5000 instead of 1000 - the reasoning being that if you take the evil path for this quest, you're locked out of the High Merchant's 10000 gold reward, and so the evil path just really kind of sucked in the vanilla game: this makes it at least a little more fair).

4. The item machine in Spellhold (that gives Prismatic Chain/various pairs of boots) is revised a little when using the Store Revisions component: it no longer gives extra pairs of boots that you can find elsewhere in the game, but there are now an additional 4 tokens hidden in the area so that you can buy both the unique pair of boots and the unique armor. Also enabled was unused/improperly coded dialogue that never showed up for when you obtained all items in the machine: now when you buy both the boots and the armor, it actually displays it like it was supposed to.

5. Fixed some (self-inflicted) improper description handling of just a few "unusable" items (like Aegis-fang +5 that's Wulfgar-only - note: not the Aegis-fang +3 that that he drops upon death) that were causing problems with usable variants, as well as NPC-specific items like Firecam Armor, Flasher Launcher, etc.

6. Changed the strength requirements and weights of the Pantaloon quest reward items to more closely match the originals. I made them somewhat harsh in order to try to balance them a little, but what the heck, they're supposed to be silly and ridiculous items, so who cares?

7. Removed the Ring of Opportunity from starting dungeon. I thought it would be fun to replace the Ring of Protection +1 on the statue at the end of the dungeon with it so that you could continue having it, but apparently you can already import this(?), so it's been reverted. Additionally, immediately having a permanent +1 luck item was a little strong in hindsight, so it's probably for the best anyways.

8. Fixed the charges of some items (for example, the Rod of Resurrection starting out with 10 charges, and Greagan's Harp starting with 0 charges).

9. Fixed a compatibility problem regarding the Horn/Claw of Kazgaroth with Almateria's(sp?) Restoration Project. Now the two should match each other...if ARP is installed before IR (which it is in the default BWS install order).

10. Fixed an incompatibility problem between Unfinished Business and IR regarding Bala's Axe: IR would equip it to Mencar Pebblecrusher (from the inn in Waukeen's Promenade), and UB would place it in the engine room in the Planar Sphere. Previously, I fixed this by just letting Mencar keep his default weapon, buuut if you don't have UB installed, then it wouldn't be in the game at all, which isn't great. Therefore, IR will now remove it from the Planar Sphere (note: UB should be installed before IR, and again, it is in the default BWS setup) and equip it to Mencar again.

11. Moved World's Edge +3 (the "unique" BG1/T Two-Handed Sword +3) from Joluv's to the artifact/nobleman peddler in Trademeet.

12. Ribald's Ring of Regeneration is more difficult to steal again (I previously made it a little easier from vanilla IR, but it was perhaps a little too easy: now it's only very slightly easier than normal IR).

13. Fixed a few text problems.


(edit): Version 1.08b changelog: fixed a few MORE text problems (...a couple of instances where "an" or "a" were incorrectly used, such as in the Harmonium Halberd and Azlaer's Harp, and also I apparently didn't know the difference between "true" (base) class and single-class).

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#15 subtledoctor

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 05:40 AM

I'll be honest, I don't fully understand what this is. I play EE and do not use 1pp... I was under the impression that 1pp is either incompatible, or simply unnecessary.

But this seems to be something quite different from a dimple compatibility patch for 1pp. It looks like there are fixes for normal SR? If so have they been reported? It's kind of disappointing if useful fixes are being made, but only for a fork of the mod that some people can't/shouldn't/won't know to use...

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