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SHS: Colours of Infinity update

28 June 2017 - 03:21 PM

Colours of Infinity is a series of mods by Lava Del'Vortel, the first release of which was Tales of the Deep Gardens. The series includes a number of small mods that add some mysterious, intriguing and sometimes abstract aspects to the game. CoI mods usually combine new areas, unique characters an unusual quests.


Some of the CoI mods just got updated. That would be: Tales of the Deep Gardens, Innershade, The White Queen and Foundling. New versions include brand new worldmap icons and EE save game patching. Icon implementation and save game patching were coded by K4thos. Some minor fixes were also included.


Learn more: Forums | Download

SHS: Colours of Infinity mods updated

08 June 2017 - 05:23 AM

I'm happy to inform you, that all CoI mods were updated in late May. I apologize for a delay in informing you about this - it was because of some technical problems I encountered.

Colours of Infinity is a mod series that offer players new, unique adventures. Visit Deep Gardens - a hidden place full of mysterious essences; find Innershaded - a new village in the middle of forest; meet the White Queen of the Silent Swamps; and Orion from the Government District and help him in his researches. CoI also includes two fully-developed NPC mods: Yvette and Foundling.

New versions of all these mods include: EET compatibility, better EE support, new translations and many bugfixes. Installation of all CoI mods was simplified to make it easier for new mod users.


Learn more about the changes in new version here


Forums | Download

Survey: Vision of the game developers

08 November 2015 - 02:10 PM

Hey, again I'd like to ask you people a favour. There's another survey that may help a bit. This time it's about game devs and how gamers actually picture them. I KNOW that some of the questions may look weird, but there's something behind every task. It's both about how gamers picture developers and what we expect them to be like; how we most often think of devs.


...anyway, here's the survey. Thanks in advance from me and the people who prepared the survey.


(this one is much shorter when compared to the one I posted before - it should take like 6-8 minutes)

Foundling: Between the Shades BETA available

23 May 2015 - 07:02 AM

Foundling: Between the Shades BETA is available. The mod fully playable, may need some polishing. I've decided to made the BETA version available.

Foundling is the thrall of Thaxll'ssillvia, the Shadow Dragon found in the Temple Ruins. He is cold, calculating, and determined to be freed from his influence. He can never oppose his master on his own, but everything can change thanks to the influence of the Bhaalspawn.

Foundling is a Shadow Adept who can use Shadow Weave Magic as well as some Shadow Magic. The mod introduces a new kind of magic with its own advantages and disadvantages. Even though Foundling is recognised as a mage, he can't use the Weave. In exchange he is given his own dark spells - mostly dark versions of well known spells, but there are some brand new ones too.

The mod is both an NPC and quest mod and introduces new characters, areas, music, items, soundset etc.

Foundling is not romanceable, but the character will still talk to you frequently, so no worries.



DOWNLOAD LINK - http://www.shsforums...he-shades-beta/

Thank you to everyone who helped me in releasing this project!

Research on in-game decision-making

18 March 2015 - 10:26 AM

Gibbey-giddler, Gibberlings!


Some may have seen simillar post on SHS, but... well... my friends and me need players to answer some questions on in-game decision making. We prepared a survey and now we need votes. So I would be grateful for your input. Here is the survey. If possible, share it anywhere you want.


Thanks in advance, Gibberlings!