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Add effect 206 for a not fixed spell, need weidu code

02 February 2018 - 11:47 AM

Hello :)


please, help me. If i install a new spell with this command :


ADD_SPELL ~Derats_kits/Projo/Spells/spwi467.spl~ 2 4 WIZARD_MORDENKAINENS_FORCE_MISSILES SAY 0x08 @135 SAY 0x50 @136    SPRINT temp "%DEST_RES%"


How can i replace "SPWI467" in this command by my installed spell, because his SPWI number isn't fixed ?

COPY    ~Derats_kits/Sorcelier/Copy/pxsarmok.spl~    ~override/pxmprook.spl~    WRITE_ASCII 0xae ~spwi467~ #8

And if i have created a special shield spell with "protection from spwi467" and at lvl 17 "bounce spwi467", how can i replace all instance of spwi467 in my spell by the installed unfixed SPWIx ?

How to change the projectile of a dart (personal projectile) ?

23 November 2016 - 10:15 AM



Please, the question is in the title. I have created a new dart, a shuriken, with a cool projectile animation. But i have to set the new projectile in the item, and that doesn't work

I have tried :

WRITE_ASCII 0x2a ~pxl2etoi~ #8 according to IESDP File format information page, that change the stat restriction to very high restrictions and set the proficiency to" shortbow"

WRITE_ASCII 0x9c ~pxl2etoi~ #8 according to Near infinity Offset adress for projectile, that write 12908, 29797, 26991 to melee animations and 30832 to projectile animation


I there something to know i've missed ?

Deratiseur's Unused Kits Pack V13 in english

31 July 2016 - 12:26 PM

Thanks to Nightfarer for the translation, the new release of my kit mod is up in english :)
Available for BG2/BGT, all EE versions, for PC and Mac.


In this pack, you'll find :
- A half-orc fighter kit : the Bearer of Hate.
- A ranger kit: the Hunter of Vermin.
- A cleric kit: the Preacher of Fire.
- A druid kit: the Master of the Swarm.
- A thief kit: the Shadow Walker.
- A wizard kit: the Sorcerer.
- A mage (conjurer) kit (replaces the vanilla conjurer): the Savant Artilleryman.
- A fighter paired to a mage kit: the Warlord.
- An elf multiclass fighter/mage kit: The Bladesinger.
- A human multiclass cleric/entropist kit: Theurgical Explorer.

What new since the v11 ? Many improvements for many kits and a new one (the Theurgical Explorer).


The archive is here

Personal HLA table for multiclassed kit. Possible ?

06 February 2016 - 11:02 PM

Please, Is there a way to force my multiclassed kit (cleric/entropic mage) to use my personal hla table ? By default, it always use the standard cleric/mage table; and this is a waste of creation possibilities :(

Adding an optional answer post a dialog exit

24 March 2015 - 02:21 AM

Please, for my new mod, i've tried to find an answer in the tp2 of over mods, but i didn't find a way to solve my problem.


i want to add an entry to a the vaelasa dialog, like this :


vanilla dialog :


  SAY #37429
  IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("frLeaveDryads","ar1200",1)
EscapeArea()~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #47779 EXIT


Dialog I need :


  SAY #37429
  IF ~!Global("questTragar","LOCALS",1)~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("frLeaveDryads","ar1200",1)
EscapeArea()~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #47779 EXIT
  IF ~Global("questTragar","LOCALS",1)~ THEN REPLY @23 DO ~SetGlobal("frLeaveDryads","ar1200",1)
EscapeArea()~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #47779 GOTO PoudredeFée