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Installation Failure for Torment 2CD Version

26 June 2017 - 12:11 PM

It seems that some people have had success in installing the Widescreen mod over their Planescape: Torment 2CD installation, but I am encountering an EXE PATCHING FAILED error for my Torment.exe file, straight from the disc with the 3.07 widescreen installation.


I added a line to the widescreen/libsmall/patch_exe.tpa file to output a line of information that lets us know where the failure occurred, in the write_short macro:

PRINT ~at %where% expected %old% had %old_v%~

Right before the "You need to install the latest patch..." line, my installation now outputs:

at 4387589 expected 640 had 960

Noticing that I had input 960 as my width, I tried running the install with 640x480 as the "new" widescreen resolution, and it patched everything successfully, but of course, the game looked no different, since it had always been running at that resolution. This also prevents me from installing the GhostDog UI mod, since it requires a width of at least 800.


I can provide the original 2-CD Torment.exe file (MD5: 0d4a6e9ca8106cd76d63940029f7485e), since I know the mod author had said that he only had the 4-CD installation if that would help in troubleshooting/development.