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Mod does not seem to work.

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Posted 12 August 2009 - 07:35 PM

Hi there, I've recently been playing a fresh start of bg2 and I had noticed this little mod being in development and excited as I was I thought I'd test it even though it's still in testing.

So here's the thing, after playing for like forever I finally get to spellhold and to my utter disappointment nothing happens. Or that is to say, nothing out of the ordinary happens. Yoshimo betrays me and I am forced to kill him.

Thinking I've made some kind of mistake while installing I run the Setup-#!Yoshi.exe again and it tells me that the mod is already installed and asks if I want to change that.

So basically, what info should I supply which would be helpful in figuring out why it is not working? Is there some kind of log or something that I can upload? Or what?

Also, on a slightly more selfish note, am I now screwed? I mean, will I have to restart completely if I actually manage to get the mod working in order to play a full game with yoshi?

Thanks for reading.

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