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[EE] Free Proficiency / Scripting State slots

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#16 K4thos

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Posted 29 July 2017 - 04:03 PM

Afaik, DLG response flags bit 9 (Execute immediate) allows you to execute non-blocking script actions immediately.

that's interesting. It's undocumented on IESDP yet but NI shows additional 2 flags:

9 - Execute immediate
10 - Clear actions

so it indeed seems to be possible to implement with weidu after dialogue compiling. Nice find, thanks :)

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#17 subtledoctor

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Posted 29 July 2017 - 04:41 PM

Btw I've made up a little mod template for using splprot.2da to dynamically apply bonuses based on stat values.  E.g. I give an extra melee thac0 bonus for high DEX, and it will respond to drinking a Potion of Agility or Mind Focusing.  You can use this for the six traditional stats, you could add extra on-hit effects for weapon proficiencies, you could add spellcasting bonuses for high Lore, you could give immunity to fear for being highly intoxicated... the sky is the limit, it can react to anything in stats.ids or splstate.ids - in other words anything that can be used with splprot.2da. 


(Notably, it does *not* work to give extra spell slots - this uses the trick of "spell that lasts 7 seconds, but cancels itself and is reapplied every 6 seconds" to simulate a continuous effect.  The cancellation invalidates memorized spells in the bonus slot if used this way.)


It only uses 4 base files, and some Weidu to clone and edit them. Replace "d5" in the 4 filenames with your prefix, and do a global find/replace to do that inside the .tp2 file as well. Then just expand the Weidu code to add as many bonuses for as many stat values as you want.  Instructions for exactly how to do that are in the .tp2.  A pretty thorough example of this in action can be found here (lines 242 to 982):



I'm using this in my current IWDEE game and it's great.  I thoughtlessly put armor and a helmet that both cause Charisma penalties on my dwarf tank, and his Charisma dropped to 6... suddenly he had saving throw penalties and a -2 Luck penalty!  :O  Suddenly those magic items don't look so great...

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#18 K4thos

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Posted 29 July 2017 - 04:59 PM

nice code, subtledoctor. splprot.2da indeed sounds like a great addition to the engine. Thanks for sharing.

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