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v11 Changelog

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Posted 14 June 2017 - 10:06 PM

I finally forced myself to sit down and write docs for the Fixpack this week and finally have something coherent to post. I'm still in the process of writing up docs for the new stuff in beta core, but I can at least get a partial changelog for the core and OBC components.

General Changes

  • Massive recode. The Fixpack was essentially rewritten from the ground up, with an emphasis on code that is easier to maintain, easier for players to understand and edit, and with an emphasis on forcing common patches into macros and arrays for easier handling.
  • All of the Beta Core fixes (from the never-officially-released v10.01) were moved into the core fixes. BWS has been using this version unofficially for years (I believe they designated it as v11 Alpha 1), so these fixes have seen field testing. Unfortunately, the official documentation of these were never uploaded, so they will be included in the docs writeup.
  • Fixpack is now a lot more flexible for language-specific fixes; e.g. string fixes and sound files fixes can now be language-specific
  • Fixpack no longer uses dummy files for third-party detection. Use MOD_IN_INSTALLED instead.
  • GTU Light/GTU Classic continue to get minor updates and improvements as they get reported.

Changes to Core Fixes

  • Haer'Dalis had no pickpocketing skill, which Fixpack corrected (courtesy of an old Baldurdash fix). However, Fixpack also implements a fix to give blades their proper one-half penalty to pickpockets, rendering the previous fix incorrect.
  • Ice Trolls were switched to generic troll soundsets; Fixpack now imports their soundset from Icewind Dale. Similarly, one of Ilyich's scripted sounds is now imported from BG (one sound from Montaron's soundset) instead of removing the script reference to it.
  • The fix for SoA characters having no interjections in Watcher's Keep was redone. The previous code could result in NO VALID LINKS errors, e.g. if you had Aerie speak to Yakman, promise to heal him, and then speak to him again.
  • Load hints were being fixed in such a way as to leave duplicate load hints in the table.
  • Thanks to previous fixes, Otiluke's Resilient Sphere works. As a result, though, it was subject to saves and resistance if it was self-cast. It will now bypass saves and protections when self-cast, and have to penetrate same when cast at enemies.
  • At various points, Fixpack tries to copy-and-patch files which don't need changing and/or are already correct:
    • forcef.bcs, keyscrip.bcs, npc.bcs, and ppshad01-ppchad06.bcs are dropped from the Miscellaneous Script Resource Reference Fixes
    • One monk in Amketheran (ammonk03.cre) was missing her fist, which Fixpack restored. This change is being dropped, as the engine automatically assigns monk fists to creatures on load, so the change was unnecessary.
    • telicesa.cre does not need to be patched as part of the summoned creatures fix
    • Kiel's Helmet (helm14.itm) does not need to be patched under the Item Effects Failing Due to Bad Timing Modes fix
    • Staff of Air (staf15) no longer patched as part of Elven Sleep/Charm Resistance
    • Black and Shadow Dragon Breath (spin691.spl, spin893.spl) removed from Spells Lacking Sounds and Animations as the resources were fine
    • The entire Anti-Magic Ray Not Destroying All Magically Created Weapons is dropped outright, as dispel magic effects already nuke these resources
    • sp313l20.eff no longer created for Holy Smite fixes, as it's not needed
    • Vampire regeneration (vampreg, vamreg2, vampreg3) items were being patched to add 100% poison damage immunity, but they already have it
    • Several scrolls already had 0 power in their casting opcodes, making their patch unnecessary (scrl1o.itm, scrl1u.itm, scrl2f.itm, scrl5i.itm, scrl70.itm, scrl7i.itm, scrl8p.itm, scrl94.itm)
    • In addition, the contagion scroll already had the correct target (scrla8.itm)
  • Ellisime's clone got her combat AI fixed to cast spells, but could now get stuck in a loop of casting Mirror Image
  • The fix to keep Saerk's Estate in the Bridge district inaccessible was not getting all of the doors
  • The scripts fix to clear out the rubble-gawkers in Waukeen's Promenade is now more reliable
  • The better fix to uncharm/dispel Glaicus at the de'Arnise Keep from Beta Core fixes has been mainlined
  • The fix to keep Baron Ployer from killing Jaheira in a cutscene is now simpler and more reliable
  • The fix to prevent multiple copies of unique items from the City of Caverns has been expanded to cover a few more scenarios.
  • The fix to prevent enemy celestials from healing the party has been expanded to cover other beneficial spell casting such as Cure DIsease or Remove Fear
  • The Tree of Life has now been flagged as an outdoor area
  • Entering and leaving Coran's cabin now requires the party in both directions
  • Spore Colonies were supposed to be set as gender: neither, but Fixpack was copying one spore colony twice and missing the second creature file
  • As part of creature inventory fixes, Imoen was getting her healing potions restored. Instead of three individual potions, they now come as a single stack of three.
  • Summoned creatures had a handful of items restored to their inventories and then made undroppable; Fixpack now just deletes these items
  • Abazigal's head was protected from pickpocketing in his dragon form; similar protection is added to his human form. In addition, the giant troll's head in Spellhold is no longer pickpocketable
  • Two drow in Sendai's enclave had typos in their inventories fixed, dwbolt01 (drow bolts) for the bad reference bwbolt01. However, since they were in outdoor areas (and hence sunlight) Fixpack now replaces these bad references with Bolts of Lightning instead.
  • The SoA and ToB wish genies were inconsistent and Fixpack simply cloned the ToB genie to replace the buggy SoA genie. However, for SoA-only games where this is not done, the SoA wish genie needed different patches to address some errors.
  • Troll Fixes has expanded to include the troll cook in the de'Arnise Keep, as she lost her name and vocation during her dead/revive cycles.
  • The familiar fixes, specifically to the SoA cat, were removing her movement rate bonus.
  • Fixes were made which really won't affect the player:
    • Several familiars had Blur as a known spell even though it was not one of their castable spells; this is removed. Other familiars which should actually know Blur had its level set incorrectly
    • One of the E3 demo creatures (e32.cre) gets better inventory fixes
    • Three effs being patched as part of a timing cleanup failed due to a bad SOURCE_SIZE check
  • It was confirmed by the devs that Jaheira knowing the class-restricted Zone of Sweet Air and Viconia knowing the alignment-restricted Holy Smite are intentional. Fixpack no longer removes these spells from their spellbooks.
  • The fix for the inconsistent ice mephit coloring missed one area
  • Bone Fiend's attack lacked a magical flag
  • Spectral Brand +5 was being patched to a weapon speed of one to match its description; however in this case the item was correct and its weapon speed is now set to zero
  • Most of the weapon speed and weight fixes found by Ardanis (old link, but fairly accurate) have been confirmed and included
  • A couple of item weights have been corrected from previous versions, notably throwing daggers going back to zero weight and Fortress Shield being 10 lbs
  • More usability fixes, mostly from the discussion over here (note that the changes here are in comparison to Fixpack v10):
    • Drow scimitars are now usable by thieves and mage-thieves
    • Ashen Scales and Shield of the Lost are now available to druids. Description for Ashen Scales is updated, too, but the shield was missed in beta 1.
    • Rings of Wizardry and the Silver Sword are disallowed from monks
    • Ashen Scales, Red Dragon Scale, Blue Dragon Plate forbidden from avengers
    • Three variants of the Flail of Ages +1, drow halberds, drow lance, drow long swords, and the Silver Sword are forbidden from beastmasters
    • White Dragon Scale is usable by stalkers
    • Ankheg Plate, Red Dragon Scale, and Blue Dragon Plate forbidden from archers
    • Amulet of the Seldarine, Amulet of the Master Harper, and Heartwood Ring are forbidden from wizard slayers
    • Storm Ring and Dawn Ring now usable by wizard slayers
  • Shield Amulets (Shield) and Ring of Earth Control (Flesh to Stone) now just cast their underlying spells directly
  • The patches to address bad APR stacking when Melf's Minute Meteors, Boon of Lathander and Offensive Spin combine is now skipped is TobEx is installed, as TobEx fixes this at an engine level
  • Spells from Items now covers the tutorial Wand of the Heavens
  • Arbane's Sword should protect against the spinny head animations used for hold, but these protections were being removed
  • Spell schools could still interfere with the HP gain effects of Larloch's Minor Drain and Vampiric Touch
  • Hardiness via wish or via HLA no longer stack with one another (they already couldn't stack with themselves)
  • Iron Skins is back to its instant casting speed
  • Blindness, Infravision, and Spook were having their ranges corrected to the wrong value--visual range is 30', not 60'
  • The Detect Evil part of Moon Dog Sight now respects MR
  • The spell to paralyze a party member as part of the hell selfish trial should stand up better to dispel magic
  • Maze via psionics now has the same visuals as mage via the arcane spell
  • Spell Shield duration was still incorrect when cast at level 10 or below
  • Bigby's Crushing Hand needed even more fixes, as its sounds were playing at the wrong time
  • Bolt of Glory is now changed to do magic damage to everyone instead of missile, as undead are very resistant to missile damage
  • The fix to the BM2 music file (used as battle music in a handful of areas) was pointing to a music track that didn't exist
  • Changes to the immunity batches:
    • The charm protection as part of the Elven Sleep/Charm immunity could still show the string 'dominated' even if the charm was resisted
    • Similarly, the sleep part of Elven Sleep/Charm immunity provided no resistance to power word: sleep effects, but did block two unrelated animations
    • Free action no longer blocks defensive spin explicitly, as its no longer needed
    • Immunity to level three spells now blocks the Slow spell explicitly
    • Immunity to Kill Target now blocks the 'Undead Destroyed' string
    • Remove Magic Not Dispelling Feeblemind is now a broader dispel magic fix; specifically anything that dispels magic will now properly cure feeblemind and deafness as well as destroy illusionary creatures. Numerous calls to destroy magically created items are removed, as they are not needed
    • The fixes for the shapeshifting spells (both from-human and to-human) are now done as batch patches
    • New batches for remove fear (not fear immunity), full stun, immunity to feeblemind, immunity to psionics,and immunity to individual spell schools have been added.
  • The fix for Peony's dialogue to correctly check Maria's DV was, in turn, breaking a variable check
  • A romance fix for one of Aerie's lovetalk was overriding a fix for dialogues checking the wrong romance variable
  • The dialogue branch created to fix the Captain Arat infinite fire arrow exploit was setting the journal entry to the wrong category
  • Vittorio will now open the door to Delosar's Inn when he goes there
  • The fix to the XP exploit with Ellie the Festhall Cook has been tightened further
  • The XP exploit in Spellhold (bringing the Hand of Dace and Crystal Shard) now also explicitly opens and unlocks the door as a failsafe. While Fixpack had no reports of issues here, the same fix in EE would get an occasional report of flakiness.
  • The kids in Umar Hills Kids Only Take One Bastard Sword missed a few actions
  • The Anomen/Mazzy/Kiser Jhaeri fix is being withdrawn, as it's working as expected.
  • In Anomen's Knighthood not being checked, one of the interjection checks has been changed to exclude LN and CN Anomen (was excluding just CN in v10), as the interjection only makes sense for LG Anomen.
  • Another orientation when entering area fix was not being executed due to some bad code, in this case, the Jansen home from the Slums
  • Spell power fixes have been extended to a few more spells
  • Casting speeds of innate abilities such as rage, kai, and berserk are now instant
  • The NO VALID LINKS OR REPLIES issue for Cernd is a little more thorough
  • More planar sphere fixes, as one of the apprentices was checking a bad value

The following were fixed in the 10.01 beta core fixes and moved to the v11 Beta 1 core fixes, but were never documented previously.

  • TorGal's hit dice were increased to 16 to better reflect her abilities.
  • During the thief stronghold quests, the map note indicating you've taken over Mae'Var's guild simply covers the old map note. ToB has an action to remove map notes, so now the old map note is removed in ToB games when the new one is added.
  • Using the Mask of King Strohm to detect the invisible guardian is a little more reliable
  • Hannah, the mother trapped in the circus illusion, could be exploited for multiple XP rewards
  • One mind flayer in the Underdark mind flayer lair was supposed to continually respawn to give the player a steady supply of flayers to open doors, but a flaky Die() trigger could prevent respawn
  • One of the generic combat AI scripts for healers could cast bless way, way before combat
  • If the player mashed through the wish genie's dialogue fast enough, they could end up with a NO VALID LINKS OR REPLIES
  • Another orientation when entering area fix, this one in Cayia's house in Brynnlaw
  • Several items had equipping effects which could be dispelled
  • Eagle Bow had an extraneous APR bonus
  • Catti-Brie's bow was doing too much damage
  • Robes of the Archmagi now provide a magic resistance icon when worn; Frostbrand provides a fire resistance icon
  • Various items had incorrect ground icons.
  • Ruby Pendant lacked an icon for its ability
  • Rod of Terror used the wrong icon for the quickbar
  • Duration fix for the avenger version of Animal Summoning II
  • Ray of Enfeeblement has the wrong save penalty for its combat feedback
  • The active romance variables are now only set if the PC is a match; these caused problems for scripts and dialogues down the line
  • The player could take control in a dream sequence
  • Gaelan has checks for the wrong amount of gold in a couple of places in his dialogue
  • Several dialogues had missing journal entries; one of these (for JAHEIRAJ) was setting a journal entry in the wrong state in v10
  • One of Jaheira's dialogue should branch depending on whether the PC is a jerk
  • One of Vincenzo's dialogues was cutting out early, missing the last couple of lines
  • If you asked about gold storage in your first dialogue with the de'Arnise majordomo, Lady Delcia would never leave. Also the majordomo wasn't recognizing Nalia in some dialogues.
  • Lavok was missing XP rewards in some of his closing dialogue branches
  • If you didn't grab the tree nuts before heading to the penultimate Irenicus encounter at the Tree of Life, you were trapped and unable to continue


The following are new and in the core fixes:


  • Psionic Blast was assigned a name so that it would show up in the combat log.
  • CD_STATE_NOTVALID has been added as a state.
  • The Small Teeth Pass was also using a leftover BG area script; this is now blanked
  • The fighter2, thief1 and thief2 player AI scripts no longer try to hide in shadows with classes that lack the ability
  • The thief3 and thief4 player AI scripts no longer try to detect traps with classes that lack the ability
  • The player was not their XP reward for re-assembling the illithid rod in Watcher's Keep due to a typo
  • If Delon was spawned later for the ogron attack/Umar events, he could leave prematurely or spam his original offer stringheads
  • Wand of Fire in ar0065 was undercharged
  • Another orientation when entering area fix, the thief guild hall (Mae'Var and PC) third floor entrance from the outside
  • A peasant woman was using the peasant man animation
  • One of the rebels in Saradush gets hi spear moved to an available weapon slot
  • The invisible creature that controlled the Ust Natha tavern combat music is set to neutral to prevent save silliness
  • The Eagle Bow and some arrows were erroneously applying strength bonuses
  • The fix to add feedback and portrait icons to the stun effects of Darts of Stunning has been extended to several other items that stun
  • The Silver Sword now displays combat feedback of 'Vorpal Hit' on vorpal hits
  • The Unholy Reaver (undroppable weapon of a Githyanki anti-paladin) was dispelling magic on its wielder instead of its target and had no visuals due to a typo
  • Spell failure for good mages from Unholy Word didn't work at all
  • The Helmite ghost at Watcher's Keep can fail to set some variables if party members are mazed
  • If you decide to kill the countess in Saradush, your good party members more or less abandon you on the spot. LG Anomen objects if he's a member of the NORH, but not LN, and he's omitted from many of the mass exodus commands in the subsequent dialogues.

Optional But Cool Changes


  • Improved Spell Animations now adjusts maze animations for maze via special snare or psionic maze, whereas previously it only did so for the arcane version. Enemy symbol spells now use the same animations as player symbol spells.
  • Cromwell's Forging Actually Takes a Day now has the option to designate a day as 8 or 24 hours.
  • Mixed-Use Dagger Fixes now removes the melee tooltips from tooltip.2da.
  • Ghreyfain's Holy Symbol Fixes now directly grant Aerie/Anomen/Viconia the correct holy symbols instead of swapping them after being granted the old, incorrect one
  • Additional Alignment Fixes outsources to separate file for easier player editing, like the main component alignment changes
  • Remove Thieving Start Bonuses from Bard and Ranger Skills no longer adjusts stealth score in joinable ranger creature files (e.g. Minsc), as the engine pulls the correct value from the table upon them joining the party

Why is this Hypnotoad video so popu... ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 02:40 AM

Wow, you really went to town on this mod.  And to think some people were saying that fixpack had been abandoned. :-)  Thank you for all your hard work!

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Posted 16 June 2017 - 08:36 AM

These are not the full docs writeup, but should serve as a changelog. These are new fixes introduced into the beta core fixes:
  • String fixes
    • #8212 Nahal's Reckless Dweomer has a special casting time, as it assumes the casting time of the selected spell
    • #8848 - Jiscanan is the younger son, not the oldest
    • # 11015 - Shield of the Archons does not work vs. Dispel Magic
    • #17709 Wand of Cloudkill forces save vs. poison, not spell; area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #20882 - Balduran's Sword had incorrect THAC0, damage, speed and minimum strength. They did spell Balduran correctly, though.
    • #25943 - Contingency duration is essentially permanent
    • #32128, #32145 - Belhifet is a devil, not a demon (Arundel's Staff and Jerrod's Mace)
    • #38570 - False Dawn does not last 5 rounds, it's instant with a delayed confusion effect; area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #40634 - Moon dog's healing lick heals 20 HP not 8
    • #44795 - Candlekeep dream sequence in Spellhold; option to sacrifice skill is not an option when speaking to the demon at the door
    • #48015 - Keldorn spends a day, not a week, with his family
    • #48184, #48202, #50121 - Neb is a gnome, not a dwarf
    • #64326 - Improved Chaos Shield lasts two hours, not two turns
    • #66369 - Serpent Shaft poison lasts two rounds, not one
  • String fixes for area of effect - these had to be fixed manually:
    • #7469 - Mass Cure area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #12175 - Cloudkill area of effect is 15' radius, not 40' x 20' x 20' cloud; can't be patched automatically since area of effect covers two lines in header
    • #12178 - Ice Storm area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #12193 - Haste area of effect is 15' radius, not 40' cube
    • #12213 - Strength of One area of effect is party members in 15' radius, not 'all party'
    • #12216 - Bless area of effect is 15' radius, not 50' cube
    • #14285 - Sunray area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #17647 - Skull Trap area of effect is 12' radius, not 30', and trigger distance is 8' not 20'
    • #17657 - Wand of Sleep area of effect is 15' radius, not 40' cube/20' radius
    • #22174 - Emotion area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' nor visual sight of caster
    • #22830 - Defensive Harmony area of effect is 15' radius, not 10'
    • #25623 - True Seeing area of effect is 120' radius, not 70'
    • #25764 - Holy Word area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #25872 - Detect Illusion area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #25922 - Oracle area of effect is 120' radius, not 60'
    • #25936 - True Sight area of effect is 120' radius, not 70'
    • #35658 - Unholy Word area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39430 - True Seeing via Book of Infinite Spells area of effect is 120' radius, not 70'
    • #45007 - Pixie Dust area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
  • String fixes for area of effect - these ones are patched automatically:
    • #3963 - Holy Smite area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #4350 - Unholy Blight area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #6939 - Greater Command area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #7371 - Necklace of Missiles area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #7622 - Death Fog area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #7664 - Incendiary Cloud area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #7680 - Horrid Wilting area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' cube
    • #7712 - Wail of the Banshee area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #7918 - Death Spell area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #10985 - Confusion area of effect is 15' radius, not 60' cube
    • #12145 - Remove Magic area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' cube
    • #12151 - Resist Fear area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #12154 - Grease area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' x 30' square
    • #12163 - Detect Invisible area of effect is 120' radius, not 70'
    • #12177 - Fireball area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' cube
    • #12181 - Stinking Cloud area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #12188 - Horror area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' cube
    • #12196 - Slow area of effect is 15' radius, not 40' cube
    • #12199 - Dispel Magic (divine) area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' cube
    • #12200 - Glyph of Warding area of effect is 12' radius, not 30'
    • #12204 - Remove Fear area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #12205 - Remove Paralysis area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #12208 - Entangle area of effect is 15' radius, not 40'
    • #12217 - Chant area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #12221 - Invisibility Purge area of effect is 120' radius, not 30'
    • #17287 - Wand of Fear area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #17362 - Symbol, Fear (arcane) area of effect is 12' radius, not 30'
    • #20579 - Potion of Explosions area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #22186 - Greater Malison area of effect is 15' radius, not 60' cube
    • #22611 - Chaos area of effect is 15' radius, not 60' cube
    • #25755 - Fire Storm area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #25954 - Sphere of Chaos area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #25959 - Delayed Blast Fireball area of effect is 12' radius, not 30' (triggers at 8', but not mentioned in descript)
    • #26347 - Meteor Swarm area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #32428 - Mass Invisibility area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #38595 - Glitterdust area of effect is 15' radius, not 20'
    • #39427 - Fireball via Book of Infinite Spells area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39436 - Stinking Cloud via Book of Infinite Spells area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39453 - Sunray via Daystar area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39520 - Sonic Boom via Sling of Arvoreen area of effect is 15' radius, not 60'
    • #39567 - Helm of Brilliance abilities Fireball and Sunray area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39568 - Death Spell via Skull of Death area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39671 - Dispel Fear via Azlaer's Harp area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39957 - Symbol, Stun (arcane) area of effect is 12' radius, not 30'
    • #39965 - Sunfire area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #39967 - Symbol, Death (arcane) area of effect is 12' radius, not 30'
    • #44946 - Nature's Beauty area of effect is 15' radius, not 5'
    • #45055 - Earthquake area of effect is 15' radius, not 40'
    • #45058 - Symbol, Death (divine) area of effect is 12' radius, not 30'
    • #45059 - Symbol, Stun (divine) area of effect is 12' radius, not 30'
    • #45821 - Dispel Magic (arcane) area of effect is 15' radius, not 30' cube
    • #63220 - Dragon's Breath area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #63584 - Comet area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
    • #63743 - Storm of Vengeance area of effect is 15' radius, not 30'
  • Outside of red and green, dragon breath attacks apply their effects twice
  • Avengers received their Improved Invisibility ability one level too early
  • Large Shield +2 (shld19, Pellan's shield) is unique, but was available on the random treasure table. It's now replaced by the nearly identical (and generic) Large Shield +2 (shld30)
  • When offered as a temple service, Cure Medium Wounds lacked a description
  • The swampy water in ar6011 (part of Draconis' lair) produced metallic footsteps
  • Several undroppable items used by enemy mages to simulate pre-buffs were not able to be countered by the usual anti-magic means, e.g. stoneskin via one of these special items could not be breached.
  • Lizardmen now have their halberd animations imported from Icewind Dale; before-and-after image courtesy of the Fixpack gallery
  • The bystanders in Waukeen's Promenade with unique (and time-sensitive) dialogue now approach the PC to speak
  • Two demons in the demon plane during the planar sphere quest share a dialogue file, and use it to spawn minions. Unfortunately, the dialogue uses absolute coordinates so one demon spawns minions on the other side of the map. They now use relative coordinates.
  • Samia's party can now spawn even if you kill Samia
  • Haz could be killed by grimwarders, even if the grimwarders were already dead
  • One of the prisoners in Aran's hideout could have a NO VALID LINKS dialogue bug due to some bad Random triggers
  • Several banters were restored--this is temporary until UB/ARP adopt them into permanent homes
  • Aerie should have a slightly different line in one of her lovetalks depending on whether Quayle was saved or not
  • Another double PartyRested trigger prevented an Anomen banter
  • Jenna, one of the actresses in the bard stronghold, does not comment on the play under certain circumstances due to some bad variable checks
  • A cutscene was missing during the rehearsal for the bard stronghold
  • The council member, following the bard stronghold performance, will tray and fail to give 1000 gold because he doesn't have it
  • An Edwin-Jan banter goes to the wrong reply
  • A wounded Edwin banter with Aerie had mismatched variables and HP triggers between its script and dialogue
  • If you just kill Lehtinan, you can say "Hendak promised a discount" to Bernard even though you've never met Hendak
  • The Haer'Dalis-Aerie breakup banter could repeat
  • You can tell Nalla that the Temple district cult worships a beholder without actually learning that fact
  • Dual-classing to a non-neutral cleric in the middle of the Unseeing Eye quest caused bad things to happen
  • One Jaheira banter could repeat due to bad variable scope; she's missing a See() check in another banter with Mazzy
  • Several orphaned line(s) if dialogues were found and fixed:
    • Missy, the coat check girl at Aran's place, has some extra lines restored
    • A blank exit trigger in one of Anomen's lovetalks cut it short instead of letting it follow one of three valid paths for more dialogue
    • Several banters for female Edwin get passed to an unassigned dialogue file, ending them prematurely
    • One of Oisig's dialogue is extended to include opportunities to ask him about the Shadow Thieves or Imoen
    • A few lines in a Jan-Aerie banter are restored
    • A final line is restored in a Mazzy-Haer'Dalis banter
    • A githyanki in Ust Natha has one more line
    • Spellhold apparition has a final line restored
    • Hurgis has more lines
    • If Valygar never mentioned Lavok, Lavok has some exposition restored
    • A blank trigger suppressed additional dialogue from Minister Lloyd
  • Journal stuff
    • If you work for Bodhi, a pair of journal entries about Gaelan never get cleared
    • The 'Tracking Irenicus' journal entry never goes away
    • One of the journal entries for Glinden was only set in one dialogue branch instead of all of them
    • The journal entry about needing fire/acid to kill trolls should be set as an unsolved journal entry, not generic
    • Elgea was deleting the wrong journal entry
    • The wrong journal entries could be set when attacking Firkraag
    • Journal entries go sideways of you have 20k gold when you meet Gaelan and give it to him
    • Hendak does not set a "Refused' journal entry
    • Added journal entry for opening doors via the golem in Chateau Irenicus
    • Lehtinan was removing the wrong journal entry
    • If you agree to help Mazzy with her family problem and then later back out, a couple of journal entries never get cleared
    • Using Perth to get into the Asylum would fail to clear a pair of journal entries
    • Frenedan would sometimes fail to set his journal entry
    • You definitely should not receive the 'Talos was well served' journal entry when you get kicked out of the Talos temple
    • The journal entry for tracking down Mazzy's party mentions a journal and a note, so the journal entry will now wait until you have both
  • Minsc and Keldorn have three banters regarding Minsc's berserking, but the scripting was trying to prompt a non-existent fourth
  • The triggers to check for Imoen interjections in Bodhi's first Spellhold maze dialogue were a hot mess
  • Corgeig Axehand can be exploited for infinite XP following the conclusion of the Nalia-Isaea abduction
  • The Handmaiden in Ust Natha didn't actually take your money; same for buying the umber hulks
  • Demson was handing out 10x the XP he should if one of the paladins died
  • Demson was also only checking on half of the farmers in his check for the conclusion of the squatters in Imnesvale
  • If you steal the deed from Garren Windspear and give it to Firkraag, Garren could have the wrong responses due to bad global sets
  • Once the slavers are exposed, the Copper Coronet guards should no longer make the patrons hostile with shouts
  • Another round of Kangaxx transformation proofing
  • Ilyich could get stuck doing nothing in combat due to an overzealous wander script
  • Imoen should check to make sure Jaheira is still in the party and not storming off when trying to comfort her about Khalid
  • Jaheira was not always setting the correct tracking variables in the Ployer curse quest. She could also start her "I'm cured" dialogue when not in the party.
  • If you piss off Jan and he leaves, he'll now remain pissed when you try to get him to rejoin
  • Keldorn is also setting some bad variables on leaving, but these appear harmless
  • The core fix to the majordomo's dialogue is expanded; specifically a few branches of dialogue would prevent you from returning to the tree with the initial set of questions. The majordomo could also throw up a NO VALID LINKS error if the keep revolt tracker was at zero.
  • If the party saves Glaicus after the death of TorGal, they had no way to receive the flail head he carried
  • Lavok's pair of post-attack dialogues do not have complementary triggers
  • Mae'Var should not direct you to steal from the Lathander temple if the PC is a morninglord, but was not making this check in every dialogue branch
  • If Morul is the sole survivor of your planar sphere apprentices, he has some dialogue at the graduation that was being suppressed by a heavier-weighted true trigger
  • The planar sphere apprentices can sometimes skip their scripted actions if they were in the middle of their cosmetic sparklies
  • Teos has several non sequitor endings to his dialogues; specifically he's very poor at tracking whether you've ever asked him about Imoen
  • Minsc has a series of wounded dialogues with wonky triggers
  • Some of the mourners at Nalia's father's funeral can sometimes have nothing to say, and never leave
  • You can now only offer to give Rumpah some coins if you have them
  • An infinite gold exploit is closed in the initial meeting with Nalia
  • The PC monologue in the Spellhold maze was linking to the wrong replies for Minsc and Haer'Dalis
  • The Bhaal avatar in the Spellhold dream sequence now has better dialogue bounding
  • The escape of Bodhi's friends at the end of the Spellhold maze is now less awkward
  • Dace's apparition has nothing to say and was not using his own, custom flame strike if you're a jerk. His body could also hang out due to another flaky Die() trigger.
  • The player could offer Lonk the Sane gold that he/she did not have
  • Raelis was not consistently setting the variable to indicate she has the planar gem, resulting in the wrong kick-out dialogue for Haer'Dalis
  • The player could get trapped in planar prison if they do something stupid like kick out Haer'Dalis during the conduit summoning
  • The player was not always getting the XP reward for defeating the Emphatic Manifestation under the sewers
  • Demin's dialogue was awkwardly structured, allowing the PC to ask the same questions in consecutive states
  • If the player initiates dialogue with Terrece in the government district before Terrece can, Terrece will still try to initiate dialogue when you meet him again later
  • TorGal's Nalia-specific dialogue can fail to trigger due to range mismatches between the script and dialogue triggers
  • The skin dancer in Trademeet always drops its skin at a fixed point instead of where it actually dies
  • Returning the Silver Blade to Simyaz always failed due to an impossible reaction check. It's now possible to give it back to him peacefully.
  • Interrupting Solaufein when he's pulling the mind flayers out of the astral plane breaks everything
  • If you spare Solaufein, his later dialogue was supposed to depend on what you told him when you spared him
  • If you meet Valygar in Imnesvale and send him home without joining the party, you do not receive the normal XP or party interjections if he joins later
  • Viconia should branch one of her banters for male/female PCs
  • Turning Viconia hostile when she's tied at the stake prevents her death.
  • In the Del-Sansuki confrontation, Del's crew could spawn offscreen and not find Sansuki's crew
  • If a solo player draws the high priestess card with the gamblin' cambion, they could get trapped with no way to advance unless they had access to remove curse. Solo players now draw strife instead.
  • A few travel time fixes for Watcher's Keep on the SoA map
  • Guardian Telwyn should not spawn for cleric-rangers
  • Rampah's dialogue can be interrupted by the night vampire encounters, borking his exposition dump and getting hides from him. The priestess tracking Viconia also doesn't pause dialogue, allowing her yochlol to attack during it.
  • The thief4 player AI script doesn't check for class checks for its hide in shadows abilities; can also target party members with attacks
  • Anomen's quest messenger could spawn in random encounter areas or during combat
  • The first floor of the (hostile) shadow thief guild had an extraneous block from the second floor area script
  • Under some edge cases, you can spawn multiple copies of the escorts at the Copper Coronet.
  • Gorf the Squisher now spawns closer for the Mazzy fight, as he sometimes got lost or interrupted on his way over
  • Khollynnsus Paac would sometimes initiate dialogue and send the Solamnic Knights home entirely offscreen
  • The Limited Wish Quest can sometimes prevent the map being revealed in the Bridge District
  • You can ask Irenicus's dryads for the genie's flask even if you've stolen it from them; the correct journal entry is now set for this scenario as well
  • Minsc, Jaheira, and Yoshimo are available in the opening dungeon and have a post-escape dialogue. If you kick them out before escape these specific banters can fire hours, days, or weeks later.
  • If the player already has his tear, the fear demon in hell should go away instead of trying to give the party the cloak
  • The Arenthis-Kamir-Risa quest in the graveyard can be interrupted by the actors disappearing because of their scheduling. This is now controlled by their script to avoid issues.
  • Beholders and gauths would continue to spam gaze attacks when asleep.
  • The Ellisime clone needed further cleanup to her combat script
  • The Unseeing Eye sacrifice cutscene could get interrupted
  • If you attack Irenicus without aid in Spellhold, he's scripted to kill the party and send you to the game over movie. The old method could be blocked by Death Ward.
  • If Aerie is in the last party slot, she would be too far away to initiate the post-Kalah dialogue with Quayle.
  • Djinnis would display an incorrect 'Contingency - Stoneskin' string before a contingency that actually fired Protection From Magical Weapons
  • Party-summoned djinnis and efreetis now effectively use their combat scripting
  • Similar to the issues with trolls and their death-revive sequences, djinni and efreeti have a similar cycle where they turn to gas and then return. Unfortunately, friendly summoned djinni and efreeti would return hostile, and the noble forms of both would return as regular djinni/efreeti.
  • Killing Ardulace is required to open the Ust Natha gates once the city goes on lockdown, but she was scripted to disappear the moment the city went hostile.
  • Edwin no longer attempts to read/use the Nether Scroll in dead or wild magic areas
  • Similar to the issue with Tamoko and her script forcing her to escape, Angelo and one of the bounty hunters can escape at low HP, breaking later checks and triggers.
  • Even if you cure them, Jaella and Lissa would die if you waited too long to speak with Jan
  • Various spawns in Jaheira's story line are restricted from occurring in the Graveyard or Shade Lord areas
  • Under rare circumstances, Keldorn could spawn multiple zombies to fight in your initial encounter with him.
  • Keldorn wouldn't leave after complaining about waiting too long to visit his family due to a bad variable check
  • Lester and Nevin would sometimes stop their fight
  • One of the common enemy mage combat scripts could cast infinite stoneskins
  • The Mazzy-Valygar banter where Mazzy is fatigued could trigger constantly due to a bad time check
  • The Moon Dog AI could burn through its Mirror Images since it wasn't checking to make sure it wasn't already mirror imaged before casting
  • Nalia could potentially complain about waiting too long to get to her Keep... at her Keep
  • Perth would not go hostile if attacked
  • If the player has a full inventory after solving the riddle in the sewers, they would not receive Lilarcor
  • One of the common enemy cleric AI scripts could cast Draw Upon Holy Might on a party member
  • The lone exterior guard for the slavers in the Slums now goes hostile if you clear out the slavers inside first
  • Animal summons would often sit around and never attack due to an over abundance of shouts in their script
  • The player could click on the exit (and hence escape) from the opening dungeon from the furnace room
  • The events in Ust Natha could break if you beat Phaere to the door post-seduction
  • The trigger to spawn Solaufein during the egg duplicity could be triggered by anyone, not just the party
  • Hareishan would initiate dialogue between areas or through walls
  • The scripts to make the mephits and shadow thieves attack each other--but only after the PC was in range--have had their range extended some since you could get close enough and watch them do nothing
  • A mazed main character means Abazigal doesn't deliver his death dialogue, breaking the game
  • One of the dead magic zones in Watcher's Keep spammed dead magic every script tick instead of every round due to a bad variable scope
  • The Saradush prison spirit would only open doors if the main character was in the area; it now does so for any party member
  • Party members killed in the SoA finale now get their piles of equipment transferred to the ToB opening
  • Illasera has some additional spellcasting in her script that was going unused due to some bad variable checks
  • You should not receive the 'You must be stronger' message in Yaga-Shura's lair if you are, indeed, strong enough
  • You can no longer exploit Kiser Jhaeri for multiple Shakti Figurines
  • Viekang's script in Saradush to check for fear spells (and then teleport away) was missing checks for several fear spells such as Spook
  • If Sendai is silenced when it comes time to deliver her death dialogue, she would not deliver and the game would get stuck permanently
  • Devil Shades could potentially sit around and do nothing at less than 50% HP
  • The Temple district sewers are now flagged as a dungeon
  • One of the stairways in the Unseeing Eye areas does not use a stairway icon as its transition icon
  • The secret door in the entrance area of the Shadow Thief HQ was already flagged as detected
  • One of the containers in the entrance area of the hostile Shadow Thief HQ and a container in a house in Saradush were flagged as trapped, but had no script. These flags were removed.
  • When attacking the Shadow Thief base for Bodhi, Haz (and his key) could escape since one of the exits was not properly tied to its door
  • Both Ilmater temples (Slums and Promenade) had entrance points offscreen, forcing the party to spawn in the corner
  • Only one of the three doors to Saerk's Estate is locked. The Estate should be off-limits until the right point in Anomen's quest.
  • Bad outlines for the throne container in the opening dungeon and the lightning trap in the tanner's home are fixed; before-and-after image is available in the Fixpack gallery.
  • Map notes from the troll-infested de'Arnise Keep are copied over to the stronghold version
  • One of the Spellhold dungeon areas (kobold room) and the flayer lair in the Underdark had overlapping containers (Fixpack gallery). In the former, it was moved, the latter removed as it was empty
  • The elemental level in Watcher's Keep had a special book from the Tanner murder quest in its bookshelves
  • One of the candles in Countess Santele's home had coordinates outside the area
  • The portal in Sendai's inner sanctum looked chunky due to some odd lighting flags
  • Various joinable NPCs had their kit assignments fixed in the Proper Kit Detection fix; non-joinable NPCs now get this too
  • Two female elven mages were using human avatars
  • Daria and Lessa, two of the pregenerated characters, had the wrong sex in their creature file
  • Abazigal lacked the ultimate unkillable item in his human form
  • Joinable NPCs now come with all available memorized spell slots filled. Some (and some familiars, too) had the slots filled but flagged as already cast, which is also fixed.
  • Monk fists get added to monks automatically when the creature is loaded. As such, all monks in the game have their fists removed to allow for smoother handling by the engine.
  • Various creatures lacked basic combat AI scripts that would prompt them to attack their enemies or even go hostile if attacked
  • Two female merchants had one male sound file assigned to them
  • Tazok gets added to the consistent creatures fix
  • Abazigal's dragon form was supposed to be immune to Time Stop
  • Summoned elementals were a mess. There was no 24 HD air elemental for the Conjure Air Elemental spell, and the various 8/12/16 HD elementals varied wildly between themselves. These are now standardized.
  • You now receive a pittance of XP for killing Habib. The satisfaction remains.
  • In the illithid lair in the sewers, the controlled mage's combat script was being overridden by the area file, meaning he would display one stringhead and then never do anything else.
  • There were two Rings of Wizardry available in the game; one in the Harper HQ and a second one could be made by your apprentices in the Planar Sphere. Unfortunately, the description for the item is only appropriate for the latter. The former is now given an appropriate description but is otherwise unchanged.
  • Sergeant Natula is now given an extra layer of prompting to initiate dialogue
  • If the player polymorphed into an ogre, their coloring could shift between reloads or even transferring between areas.
  • You could not stake Dace (and therefore escape Spellhold) if you managed to kill him before he spoke.
  • Quayle's spellbook is cleaned up to remove necromantic (a forbidden school) spells
  • Renfeld's attackers now yield XP
  • Rylock could reward you 200 or 300 gold for his quest, but only had 125 gold to give you
  • The fire giants that endlessly attack the wall in Saradush can no longer be exploited for XP
  • The Shade Lord's first scripted combat spell is Power Word: Stun. Since he's not immune, he usually stuns himself.
  • TorGal lacks common troll immunities, such as confusion
  • A few more generic item fixes: three item types, 14 lore values, two enchantments, and a missing magical flag. Most notably from these changes is that Jerrod's Mace now strikes as +5.
  • Items which cause dispel magic on hits--such as Carsomyr or the Staff of the Magi--now run their dispel magic through an external spell. This allows for blocking it, if needed--for example, the party member paralyzation during the hell selfish test.
  • Like hold, charm can be targeted at specific groups of creatures. When used this way (and not as a general charm effect) the associated charm effects, such as combat feedback and portrait icons, were usually not targeted so you could have Charm Animal fail on a human, but still get a portrait icon and feedback indicating charm.
  • Disease had a sketchy relationship with the disease portrait icon; many non-disease effects used the disease icon while several legitimate diseases used other icons.
  • Aegis Fang now uses hammer icons
  • The Necklace of Missiles and Ring of Animal Friendship now have their correct range
  • The Amulet of Cheetah Speed, Gargoyle Boots, Ruby Pendant, Black Spider Figurine, and Jade Hound allowed you to use their special abilities without identifying them first
  • An unused throwing axe (ax1h05) gets its strength flag added for ranged attacks
  • Bala's Axe would use the combat feedback 'magic resistance lowered' when it was actually causing miscast magic
  • Both versions of the Flail of Ages +4 were using icons from the Flail of Ages +3
  • Bracers, gloves and gauntlets were inconsistent with their names when unidentified.
  • Several touch attacks, such as shocking grasp or chill touch, were providing spurious to-hit bonuses
  • Per its descript, Chill Touch should not affect undead or constructs
  • Cloak of the Sewers now provides the same mustard jelly polymorph as the Polymorph Self spell. Notably, this means the mustard jelly has the standard 100% magic resistance.
  • The Life Stealer dagger now provides combat feedback when it drains levels
  • Water Weirds should not get pushed around by wing buffets
  • Crom Faeyr and the axe from the Enchanted Weapon spell had the melee range of spears
  • Creatures with immunity to lightning bolts could still get stunned by the custom lightning bolt from the Staff of Power, despite being immune to its damage and other effects
  • Several non-magic items, such as gold-horned helmets, were flagged as magical
  • The Mask of King Strohm no longer uses a helmet animation. Since monks could wear it, it would float off and away from their head when attacking.
  • The duration of the stun effect from kuo-toa bolts has been corrected to four rounds
  • Ground icons for the Bow of Arvoreen, several gems, bracers/gauntlets, and amulets are corrected.
  • The Planetar weapon was a copy of the Silver Sword but used a mace icon in the quickbar
  • Spider polymorphs are now immune to web
  • The disease effect of dense pudding would cause the disease portrait icon, even if the victim made its save
  • The air form of the chromatic demon should be subject to poison, however its standard demon immunity item prevented this
  • Resurrection via the Rod of Resurrection used the wrong visuals
  • Casting Improved Invisibility or Glitterdust via scroll resulted in double projectile animations
  • Damage and to-hit bonuses of Shillelagh were incorrect
  • The Darksteel Shield lacked its +1 AC bonus vs. missiles for being a large shield
  • The pin damage from Ixil's Spike is timed incorrectly
  • The stun effect of the Staff of Thunder and Lightning always played its visuals, even if the target resisted due to magic resistance or made their save
  • The Woodland Staff lacked its barkskin visuals
  • The blindness effect of Celestial Fury affected more than the target struck; spell schools and secondary have been applied as well
  • Using the Wands of Paralyzation, Spell Striking, or Cursing on neutrals now makes them hostile
  • The Potion of Icedust is now properly self-targeted
  • The Wand of Spell Striking now disappears when depleted, like other wands
  • Adalon's drow transformation and the slayer change could get blocked by spells such as Spell Immunity or Spell Shield
  • Dragons had a special version of stoneskin with the wrong secondary set; this meant it needed the type of anti-magic spell that could take down a Globe of Invulnerability instead of Breach
  • Casting a spell that uses a subtable--such as Nahal's Reckless Dweomer or Enchanted Weapon--could get lost if you switched to another character mid-cast. These spells are now instant to cast, and the subspell now takes the proper casting time. E.g. Enchanted weapon used to take 4/10 of a round to cast and bring up the table of spells, and the subspell was instant; now you get the table immediately and you spend 4/10 of a round casting the subspell.
  • Abazigal's custom Righteous Magic had some incorrect durations
  • Additional protections to prevent projected images from being able to attack
  • The effects of Called Shot were lasting two rounds instead of the listed 10 seconds
  • Wizard Slayer hits now include the miscast magic portrait icon
  • The Dispel Magic ability of inquisitors would dispel at the wrong level when cast at levels 2-6 due to missing headers
  • The maze visuals of special snares were at the wrong level
  • Defensive Spin was supposed to improve AC by one for every level of the blade up to a maximum of 10; however it was only providing a one AC bonus every two levels
  • The immunity to fear from the skald's bard song was only being applied to the singer and not the party
  • A (seemingly unused) copy of Charm Person or Animal had mismatched saves/power levels and is fixed anyway
  • Several cleric kit abilities were incorrect when cast at lower levels due to missing headers in the spell file:
    • Storm Shield would have incorrect durations and effects when cast at levels 1-9
    • The damage of the Talosian Lightning Bolt was wrong at levels 1-5
    • Duration of Seeking Sword and Boon of Lathander had incorrect durations when cast at levels 1-10
    • Duration of Hold Undead was wrong at levels 1-5
  • Undead are generally immune to the standard sparkly animation that plays with hold spells, so now Hold Undead uses a custom resource to play the sparklies anyway
  • Hardiness was supposed to last one round per two levels of the caster, but was really only lasting a fixed ten rounds. Hardiness via Wish and Hardiness via HLA no longer stack with each other.
  • Evasion and Greater Evasion no longer stack with each other
  • Enhanced Bard Song now provides a magic resistance portrait icon
  • The avenger version of Chain Lightning used the wrong icon, as did Armor of Faith
  • While the level drain immunity for Minsc's berserk works as intended, the protection from the level drain combat feedback (one level drained, two levels drained, etc.) expired too early
  • Psionic life drain now gets the same protections as other life draining spells such as Larloch's Minor Drain or Vampiric Touch
  • The visuals for the custom charm of a Nalmissra or Erinyes had the wrong save penalty
  • Kilthix's web used the wrong icon and had an incorrect duration
  • Cerebus' improved invisibility also provided non-detection and lacked sound when cast at some levels
  • The stoneskin effect on the Trademeet statues could be dispelled
  • The sound effect for the demilich howl had the wrong save
  • The scripted death if you stay as the slayer too long could be avoided with Protection from Magic Energy
  • Mazzy's version of Lay on Hands now uses the correct icon
  • The sounds from Miscast Magic (via trap or divine spell) no longer play on a successful save
  • Shield of the Archons had one bad magic resistance check
  • Mass Raise Dead was not healing the recently undeceased
  • The stalker version of Haste should bypass magic resistance
  • The stalker version of Minor Spell Deflection used the wrong icons and was setting an extraneous portrait icon
  • The beast master version of Animal Summoning I had incorrect durations
  • Spook now requires line of sight
  • The enfeebled message of Ray of Enfeeblement had the wrong saving throw
  • Despite not actually affecting the caster, Sunfire would still cause the caster to recoil as if hit by fire damage
  • Tenser's Transformation lacked the final two THAC0 bonuses when cast at levels above 18
  • Improved haste now blocks the stalker version of Haste, just as it blocks the normal arcane Haste
  • Some Sphere of Chaos effects bypassed magic resistance
  • The expiry sound of Improved Alacrity played too late
  • Due to a typo, many of the visual effects of Wishes were missing
  • Hold via wild surge was using the special, unblockable hold generally reserved for cutscenes
  • Arcana Archives is supposed to have every spell in the game but lacked scrolls for Sleep and Protection from Petrification
  • Ice Storm was cutting out one round too early
  • Werebane was not receiving its +3 to-hit vs. lycanthropes
  • Over 30 items and spells which cause stun now pair it with combat feedback and portrait icons. A smaller version of this fix is already in the core fixes.
  • The various Spell Immunity spells should now provide better protection from area of effect spells

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#4 Fiann of the Silver Hand

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 02:25 PM


#5 CamDawg



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Posted 19 June 2017 - 10:55 AM

Beta 2 was a little more simple:

  • Removed duplicate fix for adding a name to Psionic Blast (was in core and beta core, now just core)
  • SoA-only fix to provide Black Blade of Disaster with Grandmastery was patching in the wrong opcode
  • Shield of the Lost string fix
  • Games with TobEx no longer choke on spcl741d.spl
  • One more inventory fix; this one for ar18prie who was dual-wielding... poorly

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#6 Almateria

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Posted 19 June 2017 - 12:06 PM


  • Abazigal's head was protected from pickpocketing in his dragon form; similar protection is added to his human form. In addition, the giant troll's head in Spellhold is no longer pickpocketable
  • Aw come on, a level 40 thief NOT being able to pickpocket a head from someone's shoulders is way less realistic. :p

#7 Roxanne



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Posted 19 June 2017 - 12:38 PM



  • Abazigal's head was protected from pickpocketing in his dragon form; similar protection is added to his human form. In addition, the giant troll's head in Spellhold is no longer pickpocketable
  • Aw come on, a level 40 thief NOT being able to pickpocket a head from someone's shoulders is way less realistic. :p


This is only for dragons and giant trolls. Humans are different, I know a large number who would not miss their head or what is NOT in it.

The Sandrah Saga!

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#8 ALIENQuake

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Posted 20 November 2017 - 11:23 AM

Could somebody check and tell me if Bala's Axe is not usable by Thiefs ? 


and does the Long Bow should have Speed Factor: 6 or 5 after installing fixpack ?

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#9 Jarno Mikkola

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Posted 21 November 2017 - 08:27 AM

Could somebody check and tell me if Bala's Axe is not usable by Thiefs ?

Why would as thief be able to use axes ?

In bg1, they never were able, nor in vanilla BG2. Unless you install tweak mods, but that's not the point here I guess...

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#10 CamDawg



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Posted 21 November 2017 - 08:45 AM

Bala's Axe is not usable by thieves, and long bows (composite or not) have a base speed factor of 7. Fixpack makes no changes to either.

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#11 ALIENQuake

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Posted 21 November 2017 - 09:21 AM

7 isn't here: https://github.com/G.../gtul.tra#L1962 - potential bug?

#12 CamDawg



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Posted 21 November 2017 - 09:44 AM

No, that's correct. #17643 is the description of a +1 long bow (bow04), hence the speed factor improves by 1 over the base 7.

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#13 Azazello


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Posted 03 December 2017 - 06:34 PM

What I love most about this thread, is that CamDawg has proven there's no text limit in an individual post. :D


Wisp, aVENGER, CamD, and everyone who's contributed to the mod's development-- thank you! much praise!

Edited by Azazello, 03 December 2017 - 06:51 PM.

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#14 CamDawg



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Posted 04 December 2017 - 11:40 AM

What I love most about this thread, is that CamDawg has proven there's no text limit in an individual post. :D


Wisp, aVENGER, CamD, and everyone who's contributed to the mod's development-- thank you! much praise!

Indeed. And versions 11+ also owe a great deal to the EE players and QA teams, as a lot of the bug reports are drawn from there.

Why is this Hypnotoad video so popu... ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

#15 Prof Errata

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 10:36 AM

I’m agree with Azazello, you Cam and many experienced mmodders are a benefit for the IE community. And well is the next release of BG2 Fixpack - v12 - imminent ?

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