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In Topic: Thanks for EET!

Today, 09:13 PM

Or is it more of a function of when I'm using the BWS I can use the +/- buttons on the MOD select Tree to turn things on and off?  I wasn't sure how this process played out so thought I would check.  Sorry If this sounds stupid.  Thanks.

Heh, open your games weidu.log file and search the "Stratagems" name. Yeah, the BWS allows a full custom install, and you should use that ... and you didn't. Missing 90% of the whole intent of the program. But what ever...

In Topic: Spell Revision - Shorty Saving Throws

Today, 03:39 AM


Funny thing is that IIRC Sikret has made almost identical nerf in IA6 (only +1 to saves) but he did it openly not silently. ;]

Yeah, it wasn't like it was in the primary component as part of the spell changes ... ouh cheese, it was. Yes, it's not a secret that the Spell Rev does spell changes where the saves more reflect the 5ed D&D rules rather than the 2ed's... where thieves can dodge fireballs more easily, with higher saves vs breath. Yeah, it's no longer save vs. spell, but a save vs breath. If memory serves.


And we are talking about specific racial bonuses, not class bonuses.

Erhm you have to make up your mind now, either your char can be a Gnome Paladin ... or not. Naturaly in the low modified game, they can't, and thus NOT being able to be a Paladin as a Gnome, is a racial trade. So a punishment for being a Gnome. Yes, the race, class and kit are different sides of the same dice. Aka you can only get set number of "bonuses". 

In Topic: Spell Revision - Shorty Saving Throws

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

shorty can't be a pally or monk.

Sure they can... look for "ToBEx's" class options. But the though was actually, that if you want good saves, you make a human Paladin or a Monk, rather than say a Gnome Fighter. As they get actual save throw bonuses to ALL saves. Although +2 to a d20 is not much better saves. When compared to say +50% hostile magic resistance that a drow might get.

In Topic: SR v4 Open Beta (last update 25 December 2016)

Yesterday, 11:52 AM

He means play within EET.

As in, the current version works best in BG2, and thus also in BGT or in EET, as they contains the BG2's original files. As the BG1EE doesn't... as it has no use for the BG2's dialog.tlk natively, for obvious reasons..yes, this is where the problem stims out from. The mod uses the old BG2's exported files in the primary component and adjusts them in the further components. Yes, that's how mods are made still, surprice.But then again, you couldn't make complete new files until very recently. And that's mostly too much headache anyways.

In Topic: Spell Revision - Shorty Saving Throws

16 March 2018 - 09:26 AM

In case of gnome 2 are substracted from Wand and Spell saving throws. With Spell Revisions installed I have found no way to make the constitution bonus count. Which at con 18 equals a saving throw bonus of 5. So quite the difference. Especially for BG1.

Well, the difference in this is that be your Constitution 3 or 20, you get a Bonus of +2 from being a Gnome. In the original, your got no bonus from being a Gnome if your Con was 3, while you got a bonus of +5 if your Con was 20. Difference being that the save throw comes from a different factor.