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iOS/Android touch input

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#16 notbilly

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 10:27 PM

Syntax Error, I really like your idea of adding number buttons to help with the dialog. In these games, accidentally picking the wrong dialog option can have huge implications. That older Android build had the option to create custom onscreen soft keys, and that's exactly how I used them -- for numbers 1 - 6 for the dialog. That was very useful.

And as this is my first post, let me say thank you all so much for your work on this project. I've got BG1 running on my Nook HD+ and I'm loving it!

#17 rootko

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 08:15 AM

I agree with 2 latest posts - either touchpad emulation or mappable keys for dialog should return (maybe just as an option to be enabled in config). I played almost whole BG1 on Samsung Galaxy S2 with touchpad emulation and it was great. Mapped volume keys to left/right click was a bless. After 0.8 I wasn't able to control the game on such small screen, so I've bought iPad mini just because of BG - Enhanced edition. Now that I'm almost done with the game, I'm thinking of jailbreaking iPad just to run GemRB ;) On 10.1" Asus Transformer it seems too heavy to carry around just to play :)

Edit: jailbreak was successful, now I'm running BG2 on my iPad mini :) Awesome work guys! I just needed to add CD1 path manually to config, but other than that installation was extremely easy...

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#18 Extat

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 09:15 AM

current build for iOS (and upcoming build for android) fixes a regression in the right click code (double event) and some regressions/enhancements in the repeat events (+/- buttons)

i already installed enhancement to my android. really it's cool. i wanna install solar items.

#19 staeff

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 03:41 AM

I agree with rootko. I'm currently playing PST on a 7" screen and I often miss the dialog lines. With version 0.7 I could use my finger pressed to see which line I will select, this now works as second mouse key.
Can I change that? (i also need that for exploring)

Is there currently another solution to select dialog options?

Edit: I just found how to explore using 2-finger touch input. That works good.
Another Problem: 3-Finger-Swiping is not recognized (maybe my device doesn't suppot that) - can i open the keyboard somehow else?

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#20 L4Z

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 12:19 PM

Hi G3!

Let me start with a big "Thank you!" for all the hard work, GemRB has sure come a long way since I first gave it a go a couple of years back! I've started an IWD playthrough on my N7 and so far, it's great! I came here to post a subtle bug (and a workaround) which is likely related to touch input. It's not critical by any means - it's only actually annoying when running in immersive mode on Kitkat - I know it is not available in Gemrb (hopefully it will be at some point), but can be forced with an xposed module.

When saving, the soft keyboard automatically comes; and goes away on pressing return, which is fine. After that, switching to another running app or pressing home; and subsequently switching back to gemrb will cause the keyboard to come up again - even if it was closed previously. Closing it is not much trouble, but this also prevents the navbar from going away - defeating the purpose of the immersive mode. The workaround is to perform the 3-finger swipe down input (which does work for me - but I can't do it reliably, it takes about 5 attempts), it fixes the problem until next time - that's why I though it might be related to touch inputs. I confirmed the bug exists regardless immersive mode is on or off.

Again, not a showstopper at all, but it might be just a flag being forgotten somewhere.

Also support for immersive mode out of the box would be awesome - that extra bit of space really makes a difference on small to medium screen mobile devices :).

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