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Changes in The BG1 NPC Project v23.3

Version v23.3
  • Fix for Kagain's Quest not allowing to be "completed" without accepting Kagain into the party.
  • Fix for SoA-based Tutu installs: only use of DisplayStringNoNameHead on ToB/EE engine installs, default to DisplayStringHead on SoA-Tutu.
Version v23.1
  • Fixed Tutu install + more German proofreadings from jastey
Version v23
  • * Updates for EET compatibility to bg1npc.tp2 and x#player1_bgee.d.
  • * Moving some large code blocks to .tpa files to clean up bg1npc.tp2
  • * Fixed hardcoded strings in x#mag14d.baf
  • * Fixed bug with Amarande dialog
  • * Fixed bug with Edwin's golems in Spiderwood
  • * Fixed bug with Winski's demon spawning neutral
  • * Fixed minsc dialogue problame x#miint.d + x#miint2.baf
  • * (BGT) Jaheira's interjection in Black Lotus tent
  • * Remove added trans triggers from Seniyad's dialog
  • * Replace David Jansen's "shout" script
  • * tp2: changed from REQUIRE_FILE to REQUIRE_COMPONENT to enable automated deinstall of components if the required component is deinstalled
  • * corrected Imoen-Yeslick rest banter for BGT
  • * added li/g3_dreamscript_cpmvars.tpa for dream scripts of NPCs
  • * lib/tp2: removed eet_cpmvars and linked to EET original one instead (not used yet anyway)
  • * unified DV or entill.cre to "Entillis" as it is in BG:EE and fixed usage in x#jaint.d
  • * x#dyered.baf: added "See("dynaheir") to trigger (although it might not be needed because group can only sleep if together)
  • * Typos and many small bugs quashed!
  • * Un-hardcoded strings for Imoen's Tome
  • * Adding an unused line for Imoen's dialogue about Tarnesh's spellbook
  • * Copying over x#blank.wav to silence default dialog sounds
  • * Updates to German, French, and Polish translations
Version v22.8a
  • Fixed issue with Faldorn-Izefia quest. #26
  • Deprecating Non-Joinable NPC Portraits component due to copyright issues
Version v22.7
  • Fixed issue with some portrait BMPs having negative heights in the image header.
Version v22.6
  • * Fixed: missing entar.cre for BGT install? https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1NPC/issues/23
Version v22.5
  • * French translation updates
  • * Fixed item flags for Romance Challenge dragons
Version v22
  • - David Jansen Quest: Adding %tutu_var% to SHLD16 items to reference where P#BAG01 and P#BAG02 should be placed in STO04901.
  • - Banter Timing Tweak: Adding condition to require BG1NPC Required Changes to be installed.
  • - Dynaheir's Journal Quest: Fix for quest failing to start
  • - Fixed issue with journal entries not being removed for Rescue Dynaheir quest on BGEE
  • - Kagain's Caravan Quest: Cross-mod compatibility with Thimberling's Skie mod.
  • - Kagain's Caravan Quest: Fixed x#kaband.cre having 2 bandit scalps, x#bandk.cre not going hostile if you attacked them
  • - Romance Challenges: Fix Battle song reference for x#ch12.are
  • - Fixed redundant usability sections in item descriptions for BGEE
  • - Fixed issue: Ajantis Shield proficiency bonus becoming permanent in BGEE
  • - Incorporated fixes from BWP Fixpack v15.1.1
  • - New CRE macro: source_cre_script_cleanup. Useful for blanking scripts when using an existing CRE as a template for a new CRE.
  • - Updated WeiDU to v238
  • - Adding Polish translation credits to README.
  • - Various dialog typo fixes.
Version v21
No changes have been recorded in this version
Version v20
No changes have been recorded in this version