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Changes in Song and Silence v9

Version v9
  • Added compatibility for IWDEE
  • Fixed bug where Nalia and Imoen would not get the S&S version of the Adventurer kit when used in conjunction with NPC Kitpack
  • The bard songs of the Gypsy and Dirgesinger have had their areas of effect upped to match the bardsong of Jesters (15' radius)
  • The curse spell of the Gypsy no longer reports 'Bless' on its target
  • The Gypsy bardsong can now be resisted by elven sleep/charm resistance (if installed from Fixpack or the EEs); the spell will also no longer apply effects or require saving throws from non-humanoids
Version v8
  • Added EET compatibility
  • Fixed EE item description formatting (en dash prefix in lists)
  • Updated WeiDU to v240
  • Updated Polish translation (thanks Cahir)