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Anti-Magic Shell (Possible Bug)

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 06:37 PM

(Disclaimer: This may be an issue with SCS. If it is, I will repost there.)

First of all, great mod. I'm really enjoying the increased selection of spells, especially on my druids.


However, Anti-Magic Shell seems to be a bit broken (in both the OP sense, and in the possibly not working as intended) in my game.


When fighting mages (such as liches), they will proceed to dump every last spell they have on my shelled mage (taking a bit of time in between to summon & throw meteors), and none of their spells removals did anything.


As a 6th level protection spell, I'd expect most spell-protection-removal spells to remove it. At worst, it should be duplicate the Protection from Magic scroll effect, so that it can be taken down by Spellstrike.


However, as it is, it trivializes any fights with spellcasters to the point where a low-level fighter-mage or blade can beat some of the most difficult encounters with a single spell.


Personally, I'd think it should be taken down by all Ruby Ray/Pierce Shield type spells. In terms of balance, I'd imagine it as a beefed up Globe of Invulnerability with enough side-effects to balance it out.

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