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#67618 Rebuilding Blucher's alternate BG2 NPCs

Posted by 5th_horseman on 05 October 2006 - 12:53 PM in Level One NPCs

I've posted about this over at spellhold, my coding skills are very weak, but the ideas that I had were along the lines, creating generic templates for the various classes/kits and useing code from "Tob style NPC's or "Devine Remix" that transfered the details (ie.stats, xp, gender, ect) from the orginal npc to the new version generated from the template.

The idea was to create a mod that compatable all the kits available and change the kits selectable when generateing a new charactor, the mod would be installed last so all kits and class mods installed.

The mod would check what mods had been installed, this would allow or disallow which npc's, kits, class mods there were to be modified.

#64083 [fixed] error on druid remix installation

Posted by 5th_horseman on 26 August 2006 - 11:16 AM in Divine Remix

Not sure where I picked this up, I keep a text file I cut and paste bugs and fixes into. Hope it helps.

installation of Druid Remix: WeiDU 191 or higher would cause the following bug

Copying and patching 1 file ...
[./override/ALIGNMNT.2da] loaded, 5428 bytes
ERROR: [ALIGNMNT.2da] -> [override/ALIGNMNT.2da] Patching Failed (COPY) (Invalid_argument(_))

Solution: at 7430-ish, change

//Alignment changes
FOR (index = 2; index < 11; index = index + 2) BEGIN
SET_2DA_ENTRY 6 "%index%" 10 ~1~//Druid
SET_2DA_ENTRY 15 "%index%" 10 ~1~//Fighter-Druid


//Alignment changes
FOR (index = 2; index < 10; index = index + 2) BEGIN
SET_2DA_ENTRY 6 "%index%" 10 ~1~//Druid
SET_2DA_ENTRY 15 "%index%" 10 ~1~//Fighter-Druid

(notice the '10' rather than '11' at the third line)

#64072 [fixed] Can't Patch Kitlist

Posted by 5th_horseman on 26 August 2006 - 10:16 AM in Divine Remix

Sorry Posted in wrong thread.

#63105 Strange Happenings!

Posted by 5th_horseman on 18 August 2006 - 02:44 PM in BG2 Fixpack - Not Bugs/No Action

The thing is that I was not posting files, but quoteing sections of a chitem log as code, the file 473kb and there was NO option to "add attachment", heck it would not let post the reply I recieved when I tried to add the post as a quote! So it's not a matter of extensions, but rejecting words or phrases, makes it a bit hard to post contents of logs if you have to edit them to not be rejected.

#63099 Strange Happenings!

Posted by 5th_horseman on 18 August 2006 - 01:55 PM in BG2 Fixpack - Not Bugs/No Action

I tried to post some examples but got hit with this! ;)

Message deleted

Wrong again! It will not let me post copy of the "No spambot" message it hit me with. :(

#63015 Strange Happenings!

Posted by 5th_horseman on 18 August 2006 - 01:08 AM in BG2 Fixpack - Not Bugs/No Action

Recentily I've had to reinstall BG2, due to to an overzealuos partisioning tool. I did my normal installion for multi-installs, copied the disks to the harddrive, do a minimum install, then edit the baldur.ini to fake a full install. This way I just clone the minimum install and edit one line in the baldur.ini, for each clone install.

Well this time, I ran Dltcep's error checking before adding any mods to the clone, found errorr's nothing I hadn't seem before, then I installed Fixpackbeta2, ran the errorr checking and found 8 times as many errorr's. WTF!

I've done something wrong, I thought cloned again and repeated same results, so I tried again useing Fixpackbeta1, same thing more errorr's reported than the unmodded clone. I ended up trying Baldurdash1.12 and both Baldurdash weidu 1.5 and 1.6 and in all cases Dltcep 6.8c reported more errorr's after an before.

I then tried Dltcep 6.8a and got the same results, tried adding Bigg 1st Mod as it updates most of the ids and 2da files, didn't make any difference, more errorr's reported after an before. I've keep copys of chitin.key, dialog.tlk, Dltcep's logs and variable files, weidu log and any debug files for each attemp. I haven't posted them as there about 170mb of files, if you want any ask for what you want and I'll post them.

Anyone got any ideas what going on?

#62482 Cursed Items

Posted by 5th_horseman on 11 August 2006 - 01:32 PM in Tweaks Anthology Forum

It would not be that difficult, 1/ copy the cursed item in a new name, 2/ remove the equipped abilities and replace with "create item in slot" nameing the new cursed item.

Legend Lore would be a little more tricky, as you have to trip the item change, I would guess something like, summoning a invisible creature and equipping the item, this trips the item change then, idenitify the changed item, kill the invisible creature leaving the item behind. So it is possible.

#60753 Wildmages and BG2 #191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level

Posted by 5th_horseman on 22 July 2006 - 11:50 AM in Modding Q&A

devSin posted in thread "ToB effects"

#191 Casting level mod - Excepting that this effect doesn't appear to do anything to the casting level of spells, if param2 is set to 0, the CASTINGLEVELBONUSMAGE stat gets set to 1; if param2 is 1, CASTINGLEVELBONUSCLERIC gets set to 1.

So P1 appears to do nothing, P2 appears to set mage or cleric. I've read that some effects use P3 in external effects, could this be one of those useing P3 to set the casting level change, has anyone looked into this?

I am not experienced as I would like to be, so I have to ask dumb questions about things I not familar with. An external effect is one that is called by "#177 (0xb1) Use EFF File [177]" and is a file in the override? (eg. LevelBonus.eff)

#60699 Wildmages and BG2 #191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level

Posted by 5th_horseman on 21 July 2006 - 02:48 PM in Modding Q&A

Wildmages are a hardcoded kit for mages and I was looking at their abilities and the only difference from other mages seem to be this:

1/ Percentage chance of a wildsurge each spell cast.

2/ Casting levels vary +/- 5 levels each spell cast

3/ Use of spells "SPWI124 Nahal's Reckless Dweomer", "SPWI222 Chaos Shield*", and "SPWI723 Improved Chaos Shield*"

I played dual/multi-class* wildmages and have noticed that cleric /wildmage also have the wildsurge effect on cleric spell. It's interesting to casting a healing spell on a party member and having them turn into a wolf in the middle of a combat!

I think it may be possible to simulate the entire wildmage kit/class as a single spell like a HLB useing "AP_ = Apply Spell - the SPL is cast on the character." Points 1/ and 3/ above are easy to simulate, using "#280 (0x118) Spell Effect: Wild Magic [280]" and "#147 (0x93) Spell: Learn Spell [147]" and modified versions of those spells (removeing use limitations). However point 2/ is a little more difficult.

What is known about "#191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level Modifier [191]"? If this can change the level at which a spell is cast at, useing it could simulate point 2/ by multiple effects at a varied percentage of chance and the aproprate string text useing "#139 (0x8b) Text: Display String [139]" as the wildmage, you could even the strings already in the dialog.tlk for compatabilty.

Combining all of this in a single "AP_ = Apply Spell - the SPL is cast on the character." using "Permant after death" as the effects timing, this would give you a wildmage that would not requrie a kit slot and could be applied to any spellcaster.

If the this can be done it opens the door to a new kit for all spellcasters both arcane and divine, that being "Chaos",
so if anybody knows more information about "#191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level Modifier" could you please post, as there is little about it in iesdp.

#191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level Modifier [191]
    Parameter #1: Undefined
    Parameter #2: Undefined
    The use of this effect is unknown, and effect of its parameters
    are undefined.

#58862 Manual Alternitive

Posted by 5th_horseman on 28 June 2006 - 03:50 PM in Multi-Install Tool

I,ve always had problems installing BG2, (4 cd edition) and had to perform a minimun install and then fake it. (re."BioWare Baldur's Gate II Known Issues for Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal.htm" at the Bioware site)

How to "fake" a larger install from a Minimum install (Back to Known Issues list)

    Minimum to Recommended Install

    1. Do a Minimum install.

    2. Edit your "baldur.ini" file. Change the line "Install Type=1" to "Install Type=2"

    3. Copy the following files from CD2 to your BG2 directory, where [cddrive] is the letter of your CD-ROM drive and [BG2] is the location of your BG2 install

    [cddrive]\CD2\Data\CREAnim.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CREAnim.bif
    [cddrive]\CD2\Data\CREAnim1.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CREAnim1.bif
    [cddrive]\CD2\Data\GUIMosc.bif ===> [BG2]\data\GUIMosc.bif
    [cddrive]\CD2\Data\MovHD0.bif ===> [BG2]\data\MovHD0.bif
    [cddrive]\CD2\Data\NPCSoCD3.bif ===> [BG2]\data\NPCSoCD3.bif
    [cddrive]\CD2\Data\NPCSound.bif ===> [BG2]\data\NPCSound.bif

    4. Copy the following files from CD3 to your BG2 directory

    [cddrive]\CD3\Data\CD3CreA2.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CD3CreA2.bif
    [cddrive]\CD3\Data\CD3CreAn.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CD3CreAn.bif
    [cddrive]\CD3\Data\CDCreAni.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CDCreAni.bif

    5. Copy the following files from CD4 to your BG2 directory

    [cddrive]\CD4\Data\CD4CreA2.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CD4CreA2.bif
    [cddrive]\CD4\Data\CD4CreA3.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CD4CreA3.bif
    [cddrive]\CD4\Data\CD4CreAn.bif ===> [BG2]\data\CD4CreAn.bif

    You now have a Recommended install.

    Minimum to Full Install

    1. Do a Minimum install.

    2. Edit your "baldur.ini" file. Change the line "Install Type=1" to "Install Type=3". Also, you will need to edit the [Alias] section. Make the following changes where [BG2] is the location of your BG2 install


    3. Copy the following directories (and all their contents) from the BG2 CDs to your BG2 install folder, where [cddrive] is the letter of your CD-ROM drive and [BG2] is the location of your BG2 install

    [cddrive]\CD2 ===> [BG2]\CD2

    [cddrive]\CD3 ===> [BG2]\CD3

    [cddrive]\CD4 ===> [BG2]\CD4

    You now have a Full install.

I've found that when I copy the all the cd's including ToB to using the cd_name as the sub-directory names, then installing BG2_SoA as minimum install from the copied cd's. (I still require the first cd on hand to finish the installation.) Editing the baldur.ini as per the faking instructions for "Full Install" using the path to the cd as the [BG2] section. Then running gameconfig to set whatever setting you use.

If you use ToB install this now using minimum install. Check and edit if needed the baldur.ini so that "CD5" entry points to the copy of ToB cd. Now run the Bioware patches for SoA or ToB depending on what you have installed.

So what you have is a directory containing the 5 cd's in my case (I have this on a different drive for extra speed)and a patched minimum install. I simplily copy this install to a new directory with a different name, just add mod# to the orginal directory name, # being the nunber of the copy of the install. Then edit the baldur.ini so that "HD0=[BG2]" point to the new directory. Add a shortcut to the desktop for BGmain.exe name it the same as the directory and use this to start your game.

I then install whatever mods I want in the copy using the new directory as the root directory to unzipp the mods to, then install them. I have had as many as 5 copies of the minimum install, each with different sets of mods without any problems. Please note that I never mod the orginal minimum install. I have burned a copy of the minimum install to dvd and used this as a master to copy from, but it is required that you change the read/write access from readonly on all the files copied otherwise mods will not be able to patch files that are in the override directory. I have used this method sucessfully with Tutu and Easy Tutu, but have attempted it with BGT

To edit saved games using ShadowKeeper you have to change the installation directory in ShadowKeeper to the directory of whichever copy you are playing, exit and restart ShadowKeeper. DLTCEP also requires you to change the setting. Gamesetting can only be changed from whitin the game and only apply to the copy that you are playing, you are not able to use the confg editor.

There may be a way to further reduce the size of the minimum install, I have not tested this but it may be worth trying. I would suggest testing this with the orginal directory before making any copies as it will save you over 600mb space per copy.

Copy the "data" directory from the root directory to the directory that the cd's copies are in, delete the contents of the "data" in the root do not delete the directory itself as it will be required if any file biffing is performed, then edit baldur.ini so


BG2a points to the root directory and BG2b points to the copy "data" directory with the cd copies. If this did not work copy the contents of the "data" directory back and delete ;[BG2b] from your baldur.ini

#56673 Tutu/BGT Compatibility

Posted by 5th_horseman on 14 May 2006 - 10:39 AM in Cirerrek's AI Scripts

QUOTE(5th_horseman @ May 5 2006, 04:44 AM)
Just tried to install gMinion 1.8  in a BGT install and it failed to parse maxhitpoints in stats.ids. Checked stats.ids in override it had NO maxhitpoints entry, checked gMinion 1.8 folder and tp2, no luck there either

In many cases these IDS problems are the fault of another mod you installed first.

My copy of Ascension-WeiDU-v1.4.21 had a the first entry in the STATS.ids missing, corrected the STATS.ids in the override, then it installed.

#56536 Kit Selection

Posted by 5th_horseman on 09 May 2006 - 11:32 AM in Tweaks Anthology Forum

To the coder's G3 tweak packs I recentily made a post about possible kit selectors at spellhold mod ideas, I referenced some of your work in the tweak packs on ToB style NPC's simplily because of how good it is. You may be interested in this:-


#56356 Tutu/BGT Compatibility

Posted by 5th_horseman on 05 May 2006 - 12:39 AM in Cirerrek's AI Scripts

Just tried to install gMinion 1.8 in a BGT install and it failed to parse maxhitpoints in stats.ids. Checked stats.ids in override it had NO maxhitpoints entry, checked gMinion 1.8 folder and tp2, no luck there either

#49595 Discussion: BG2 Kit Creation Series

Posted by 5th_horseman on 09 January 2006 - 04:34 PM in Modding How-Tos and Tutorials

Doh! of course "AND" as I said programming is not my strong point, I'm more familar with semi-automated pneumatic and hydraulic machinery. :D

Where can I find an example, that stores and set variables similarly to the block of pseudocode, I have checked Weidu doc's on tp2, found nothing that seemed related. I have not seen anything of this type inthe tp2's for any of the mods I have.

Would any of the forums have any particular threads that might be worthwhile going throught?

#49583 Discussion: BG2 Kit Creation Series

Posted by 5th_horseman on 09 January 2006 - 01:31 PM in Modding How-Tos and Tutorials

I am not skilled at programming, cut and paste change the files names is about my standard. The code Idobek posted works for an existing kit, (one that has a column already) and copys another existing kits figures into that column? If I understand correctily.

Will this work for adding a new column, as in the case of adding a new kit? Also I see a problem in that the kit I wish to add is different from the base class in that it allows access to weapons not included and restricts weapons that are allowed in the base class, just copying the base class (Theif in this case) would not give the results required.

I have been going over the Weidu doc's, and "ADD_KIT" seems to be a single command with multiple data entries using the method showen in "Kit Creation Part Four" is likily the way to go.

Can "ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~name of file~ THEN BEGIN" be used to check for more than one file? For example can it be used to check if these three files exist "AshesofEmbers\Backup\0\AROW01.ITM", "override/cdweapprofs.g3" and "override/ikweaponstylesforall.g3" at the same time, if so how would that be written? Then checking for the eight posibble cases and install the correct "ADD_KIT".

Can Weidu do anthing like this?

If input A is true then A = 1

If input  B is true then B = 2

If input  C is true then C = 4

A + B + C = D

Then Go to block D
block 0

block 1

block 2

block 3

block 4

block 5

block 6

block 7

This is the type of code I used in programming PLC's for multiple conditions, the inputs were binary state senor's (On/Off), the block being the program of that set of conditions. As you can see fairily simple stuff. Something like this would make is easy to select which "ADD_KIT" to use.

#49476 Discussion: BG2 Kit Creation Series

Posted by 5th_horseman on 07 January 2006 - 03:55 PM in Modding How-Tos and Tutorials

I currentliy playing about with a ninja kit I had a look at the Shurikai Ninja, but I am not happy with it. My question has to do this the tp2 file, I've looked at the example "ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS" in BG2 Kit Creation Part Four it's seem's bulky doubling the the file size.

Is there a tidy way that only effects CLASWEAP.2da and WEAPPROF.2da as I also want to take into account "Rebalanced weapon proficiencies" and "Weapon Styles for All" section of G3Tweaks can I do something like this?

How would the best way to nest this for the cases of Three, Two,One or none installed as in all cases "Ashs of Ember's", "Rebalanced weapon proficiencies" and "Weapon Styles for All" will only effect CLASWEAP.2da and WEAPPROF.2da files of the kit I making?

#40076 [Idea] Sewers accesses

Posted by 5th_horseman on 27 July 2005 - 12:03 PM in Tweaks Anthology Forum

On reading this I am a little confused, How many levels to the tanner's house is there, I've only encountered three, 1/ entry level, 2/ trapped level and 3/ Rune assasin level, I was under the impression that the tanner's house was built on or in a bridge support and level 3 was a landing area built around the bridge support at water level?

#38437 Bug report Oversight V6

Posted by 5th_horseman on 09 July 2005 - 01:04 PM in Oversight

I found the problem, I normally run a cd-less setup with all disks copied to the hard-drive, and the No-cd patch hence the baldur.ini didn't require this line ";M:/CD5/" added to "E:\BG2_Soa_Tob\BG2_ToB\CD5\" apperantily when the change from /data/25dialog.bif to /movies/25Movies.bif now requires it. ( I was wrong, it's required to start ToB solo instead of play through from SoA.)

Is there a reason for the change from 25dialog.bif to 25Movies.bif ? I normalily run cd-less as it's much faster, earilier versions installed no probs, by the way nice work !

ps. Forced it to install by replacing "~SARADASH.mve~" with ~/data/25dialog.bif~ in the tp2 file, as it would not install anyother way, it maybe that the copies of the cd's are on a different drive, I don't know why, but using "~SARADASH.mve~" as check will not work on my setup. I use (4) 40Gb ATA 133 as raid arrary of 2 stripped pair with the game on pair and the cd's on the other, while the OS resides on fifth drive on the primary IDE master at ATA 100 and Dvd and CD-Rom secondary IDE. Probelily not your typical setup. :)