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In Topic: Mod seems to be broken

14 October 2018 - 05:12 PM

This should be fixed in v5.


Thanks for the heads up! I truly did not expect anyone to update this mod after all these years. :D


Specialization descriptions and Mazzy seem to be working as intended, however Edwin is still having "Conjurer" instead of Red Wizard as his class, forcing me to set his class to RW via Level 1 NPC mod. Or maybe I am missing something here? :undecided:

In Topic: bug with specialist mage descriptions on BGEE - solution attached

30 December 2015 - 02:42 PM

Ah well, was worth a try I guess. I've been trying to find my way around this problem for about a year now (as you can see below this topic). I guess I still have a few more years to master the code. :D

In Topic: bug with specialist mage descriptions on BGEE - solution attached

29 December 2015 - 01:25 PM

Subtledoctor, if you don't mind me asking: Any chance you could also look at the non-EE version of NPC Kit?


The 'Specialist Mage Description' component doesn't seem to be working there as well, along with Edwin's Red Wizard kit and I suspect it could be a similiar or even the same problem (wrong entries being edited, therefore they don't show up at all)? :(


Admitedly, I've tried to take a look at it myself but gave up very quickly because I have little to no experience with the BG2 modding code..

In Topic: Black bars/borders won't go away

23 April 2015 - 05:07 PM

I don't want to get in Jarno's way again, but it might be just like I said in the other thread: there are issues with certain drivers, cards, connection types and resolutions. If your native is 1080, try 1280x720 using the widescreen mod.


I know many people have the same issue; with hardware acceleration on, any resolution other than HD standards (1080p and 720p) results in a centered image with black borders, even with proper driver configuration.


You mean like setting the 1280x720 with widescreen or also using the option in the BGConfig?

In Topic: Black bars/borders won't go away

22 April 2015 - 12:45 PM

No. Thats the only solution for your integrated graphics. Try upgrading from potato, no offence!

Did you even read what I wrote? I have both a main card (GTX 860M 4GB) and an integrated card in my laptop. It plays GTA V or ArmA3 on high settings and stable FPS just fine. That's definitely not a "potato".


Sounds more like a manufacturer problem to me now, seeing how I can't properly adjust the scaling, while it worked on my old laptop (also with a main and integrated graphics combo)

You did go into the game play, not just the menues ?
And don't worry about what you sound like... if the result doesn't differ, there's something else that needs to be fixed. Erhm, where did you install the game to and what version of Windows do you have ?

Yep, I did. The gameplay (along with the menus) is still squished into a box surrounded by darkness. :(
I have the GoG version, and installed to D:\Games


I actually looked around and stumbled upon this thread (in which you are featured as well Jarno. :p ), and looks like no one has found a solution till this day, apart from killing 3D acceleration. :/