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fighting styles vs proficiencies

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Posted 15 May 2017 - 03:58 AM

Is there some place I can take a look how did you do that?

One example of mine adds on-hit melee effects to certain thief weapons, in my Might & Guile mod:

The Weidu looks like this:

That ability sets an unused proficiency in the character, and applies effects to multiple weapons that check it. But you could fairly easily change it to check a regular weapon prof and apply something to that weapon. Then you don't need to use bit equality; so the line appended to SPLPROT.2da should use a relation of 1 or 4 instead of 8.

You'll have to download the mod to check out what those .spl and .eff files look like, but basically
- the mod patches weapons with a 248 on-hit effect;
- that triggers an .eff which I think uses 146 to cast a spell (at the target);
- the spell has a 326 effect checking the item wielder's prof;
- if the proficiency is there, it casts a final spell on the target

If it's not exactly that, it's something like that. You can hopefully piece it together from the code and inspecting the files.

Doing stuff like I did with single weapon style is more complex; it needs to know how many weapons you are holding, which isn't easy. So it simultaneously sets and evaluates a separate proficiency in addition to the SWS proficiency. That one is in my Scales of Balance mod.

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