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32-bit Windows 5.x BMPs in the EEs

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Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:32 PM

The EEs have 32-bit bitmaps that have a Windows BMP Version 5 header, which is not documented in the IESDP.  A decent explanation of the BMP file format (I generally find it more useful than what is already in the IESDP) can be found here, and a breakdown of the Bitmap V5 Header can be found here.

For reference, I'll provide an overview of the structure along with values from a file (1CHELMX6.bmp) that is typical of those found in the EEs:

;;;;;	32-bit Windows 5.x BMP	;;;;;
BMP Version 5 (Microsoft Windows 5.x)

Offset	Type	Size	Data	Description	Typical Example From EE
0	WORD	2	FileType	File type, always 4D42h ("BM")	BM
2	DWORD	4	FileSize	Size of the file in bytes	120458
6	WORD	2	Reserved1	Always 0	0
8	WORD	2	Reserved2	Always 0	0
10	DWORD	4	BitmapOffset	Starting position of image data in bytes	138
14	DWORD	4	Size	Size of this header in bytes	124
18	LONG	4	Width	Image width in pixels	160
22	LONG	4	Height	Image height in pixels	188
26	WORD	2	Planes	Number of color planes	1
28	WORD	2	BitsPerPixel	Number of bits per pixel	32
30	DWORD	4	Compression	Compression methods used	3
34	DWORD	4	SizeOfBitmap	Size of bitmap in bytes	120320
38	LONG	4	HorzResolution	Horizontal resolution in pixels per meter	2834
42	LONG	4	VertResolution	Vertical resolution in pixels per meter	2834
46	DWORD	4	ColorsUsed	Number of colors in the image	0
50	DWORD	4	ColorsImportant	Minimum number of important colors	0
54	DWORD	4	RedMask	Mask identifying bits of red component	0x00FF0000
58	DWORD	4	GreenMask	Mask identifying bits of green component	0x0000FF00
62	DWORD	4	BlueMask	Mask identifying bits of blue component	0x000000FF
66	DWORD	4	AlphaMask	Mask identifying bits of alpha component	0xFF000000
70	DWORD	4	CSType	Color space type	1934772034 (sRGB)
74	LONG	4	RedX	X coordinate of red endpoint	0
78	LONG	4	RedY	Y coordinate of red endpoint	0
82	LONG	4	RedZ	Z coordinate of red endpoint	0
86	LONG	4	GreenX	X coordinate of green endpoint	0
90	LONG	4	GreenY	Y coordinate of green endpoint	0
94	LONG	4	GreenZ	Z coordinate of green endpoint	0
98	LONG	4	BlueX	X coordinate of blue endpoint	0
102	LONG	4	BlueY	Y coordinate of blue endpoint	0
106	LONG	4	BlueZ	Z coordinate of blue endpoint	0
110	DWORD	4	GammaRed	Gamma red coordinate scale value	0
114	DWORD	4	GammaGreen	Gamma green coordinate scale value	0
118	DWORD	4	GammaBlue	Gamma blue coordinate scale value	0
122	DWORD	4	Intent	Rendering intent for bitmap	0
126	DWORD	4	ProfileData	Offset to profile data	0
130	DWORD	4	ProfileSize	Size of embedded profile data	0
134	DWORD	4	Reserved3	Always 0	0

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