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In Topic: EET - Killing Sarevok Not Triggering SoD

04 November 2018 - 01:15 PM

there was a report like this recently here: https://github.com/K...s/EET/issues/28

I can't reproduce it on clean EET after loading a save attached in the linked topic, so I assumed it's a problem introduced by some other mod. In the linked save there was Tamoko NPC which may be related to the problem. Do you have her in the party?

Weird thing is second time he had the Sword of Chaos +2 and it triggers the next phase when I picked it up.

no idea which mod changes SoD start based on sword pickup, it's not EET though.

Mods Installed via BWS:


SCS + Ascension

EET Tweaks - Total XP Cap Disabled/Wand Case

Klatu's Tweaks and Fixes - Free Action does not prevent haste or movement rate bonus


these mods seems harmless. Unkinhead, if you still have save made before the battle please upload it, so that I can test if I will be able to reproduce it.

In Topic: ERROR Installing [EET core - resource importation]

04 November 2018 - 09:40 AM

ERROR: Out of memory

Retried about 10 times :

  • Avast actives : crash 100%
  • Avast turned off : crash 50 %


I can backup this folder and continue  :)


Looks like Avast scanning at the same time and some other background programs take enough memory out of your computer that weidu is not able to finish the installation. Don't even try to install SCS. Either disable background running programs or use 64-bit weidu - you can find it in EET/bin/win32/x86_64/ directory. Rename weidu.exe that you will find there to setup-EET.exe replacing old file in your game directory. It's not done by default because there are still people who use 32-bit systems.

In Topic: Can not level/can not choose HLA

24 October 2018 - 09:02 AM

is it SoD GUI? If yes the old hotfix for this problem is available in this topic: http://gibberlings3....showtopic=29586

(not needed if you have latest EET)

In Topic: EET 1.0 Release Candidate 11 up on GitHub

23 October 2018 - 10:43 AM

 then it's not related to EET at all ?!? Logic.


if my assumption is correct and ALIEN will find LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS file in his override directory (for which he should run weidu File Changelog and send this information to that mod maintainer) then exactly the same problem would show up in vanilla game. This variable is the same for all platforms that use cpmvars (BG1, BGEE, Tutu, BGT, EET). Unrelated to EET in this context means it's not related to EET code, but a bug in some other mod.

In Topic: EET 1.0 Release Candidate 11 up on GitHub

23 October 2018 - 10:11 AM

ZORDRAL.DLG  File Changelog



No need for that - the error doesn't mention ZORDRAL.DLG. Weidu fails on DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH use on filename "LIGHTHOUSE_BLACKALARICSCAVE_BCS". Which means such file likely exists in your override directory (some mod likely didn’t use %% properly in tp2). Unrelated to EET.