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Arcane Remix - testers needed!

11 June 2009 - 11:49 AM

I had a sudden nostalgia attack this afternoon, and decided to have a brief look through the work rooms of some of the projects I was contributing to and working on back in in the day. Reading through the Arcane Remix workroom, I couldn't help but be reminded: "holy crap, version 1 of this mod is actually almost complete!"

IIRC the only reason nothing ever happened is because I didn't have time to write up any documentation for it. If I can get some people willing playtest this sucker, then I'll certainly be up for finally writing the text :(.

A quick read through the .tp2 file suggests I completed the following content:

Main component:

- PnP spell tables
- PnP spell revisions (includes changes to schools, effects, durations, ranges, casting times, etc; in total around 140 arcane spells are changed)
- Revised joinable NPC spellbooks (only Edwin's has been manually altered, but others may be affected by various automated adjustments)
- 7 new spells

Optional components:

- Stricter school exclusions (most specialists are restricted from two schools, rather than only one)
- 8th & 9th level scrolls unusable by bards
- Scrolls require higher intelligence (two versions: less than spells, and same as spells)

Official NWN2 expansion announced

13 April 2007 - 08:32 AM

It's a Prestige Class for someone who devotes themselves to the Great Mother (the Beholder deity) and receives spells; it involves sticking an extra eye in your head.

Progress update - 15/01/07

15 January 2007 - 04:00 PM

Wow, has it really been 16 months since the last update? I guess it's about time to let you guys know what's been going on regarding the development of this mod.

The focus of the mod

Originally our goal with LoI was simply "to make an expansion pack". There were plans to include almost everything you can think of, with both new and improved areas, quests, creatures, NPCs, spells, items, kits, and so on.

Over time, however, many of these elements splintered off to become mods of their own. First there was Divine Remix, then Song & Silence, Sword & Fist, and the upcoming Arcane Remix.

We're now left with the focus on areas, quests, creatures, NPCs, and items. There will still be new kits in the mod, but they won't be available to the player; rather, they will be used by certain NPCs, both joinable and non-joinable. For the most part the same is true of spells; however, if both Arcane Remix and LoI are installed, AR spell scrolls will be dropped by certain LoI enemies. In fact, use of both Arcane Remix and Divine Remix will be highly recommended if you're playing LoI, though neither will be required.


As with the overall goal of the mod, over time our vision for the release of LoI has changed. We had planned to simply make a single major release once absolutely everything were complete, with future versions containing only bug fixes and perhaps a few more minor additions.

However, we've since adopted the approach more typical of the modern WeiDU mods: there'll be initial release with a reasonable number of features, but future versions will contain many more additions. We currently have a firm set of goals for v1, a pretty good idea of what will be in v2, and many ideas for v3+.

So, without further ado, here's what you should expect in LoI version 1:

- 1 major quest, "The King of Amn"
- 6 minor quests and encounters
- Pen and paper SoA dragons
- Around 100 new items
- Item revisions (see below)
- Names for over 80 formerly generic characters
- Portraits for over 100 non-joinable characters
- 41 new character generation portraits

What of this is already complete, you ask? Well, the pnp SoA dragons are finished (though untested), the item revisions are done, the names for formerly generic character are in place, and all the portraits have been implemented. Of the remainder, a good 80% of the quest dialogue has been writen (though so far it's completely uncoded), and around 90% of the new items planned for this version have been created.

Once v1 is released, work will immediately begin on v2, which should include the following:

- Another major quest, "A Dragon's Favour"
- At least 5 more minor quests and encounters
- Expanded Underdark
- New creature animations, including bug bears and driders
- Pen and paper ToB dragons, rakshasa, and kuo-toa
- More new items, including some of the new weapon and armour types (see below)
- Additional dialogue for formerly generic characters

Beyond that, you can expect:

- At least four more major quests
- Numerous medium-sized and minor quests
- "Consequences" (see below)
- Several new world map areas
- Expanded De'Arnise keep
- At least three new party members
- More pnp-based creature revisions
- Subraces
- The remaining new weapon and armour types

Item revisions

Something that I haven't revealed thus far is that LoI will make a number of changes to existing items. These changes generally fall into two areas: bringing the items more in-line with their pen 'n' paper counterparts, and making costs, weights, lore requirements, usability, and even names more consistent.

You will particularly notice the changes to bows, crossbows, and their associated ammunition, which feature extensive revisions to range, speed, and damage.

Another area I've given attention to regarding existing items is icons. Items which originally shared icons, such as the Cloak of Bravery and the Cloak of the Sewers, now have unique icons. Several of these are BG1 icons which are inexplicably missing from BG2, such as the Helm of Balduran, and Varscona +2.

(It should be noted that Galactygon has made similar (even identical in a few cases :rant:) changes in Lost Crossroads, though these are entirely co-incidental.)

New weapons and armour

Our aim is to introduce not just a large number of new magical variations of existing weapons and armour, but also a wide variety of new types of weapons and armour. Expect to be able wield new weapons such as broad swords, cutlasses, falchions, stilettos, pikes, glaives, and composite short bows, and to wear new types of armour like scale mail, banded mail, and field plate.

Due to limitations placed on us by both time and the IE engine, these new item types will use the same animations as the stanard weapons and armour; however, their stats will most definitely be different.


"Consequences" is an attempt to do two things: firstly, to show that events in the country of Amn are capable of proceeding without the PC's direct interference, and secondly to have quests provide more of a challenge if you leave them until after you return from the Underdark.

Essentially, the chapter number will have a bearing on the number and strength of enemies in certain areas, such as the druid grove and Windspear Hills. It isn't quite that simple, however, as the storyline will also progress. For example, if Trademeet is still in danger when you leave for Brynnlaw, you will find that the town has been completely over-run by enemies when you finally arrive there. Note that quest giving NPCs won't be killed off in such events, so you won't have to worry about not being able to receive certain quests.

Mirror Image

06 January 2007 - 05:23 PM

According to the description, "when a mirror image spell is invoked, the spellcaster causes from two to eight exact duplicates of himself to come into being around him." However, the maximum number of images the spell can actually create is only five. The number eight appears to be a leftover from the pnp description, which includes the following line not present in the BG2 description:

"To determine the number of images that appear, roll 1d4 and add 1 for every three levels of experience the wizard has achieved, to a maximum of eight images."

In fact, there is only one increase in the maximum number of images, from four to five at 5th level. Because they purposefully ommitted the pnp line about the number of images increasing per level, it seems likely the maximum was reduced from eight either from reasons of balance, or because it was causing the game to slow down too much. With that in mind, I'd suggest amending the description to read "from two five exact duplicates", and fixing the erroneous maximum of four in the first two spell headers.

I myself will test whether the extra image per three levels to a maximum of eight works okay, and if so implement it in Arcane Remix :).

Best current American sci-fi/fantasy TV show?

12 October 2006 - 03:23 PM

There's some pretty darned good genre TV coming out of the US at the moment (even if a lot of it is blatantly Lost-inspired, especially Heroes), and I was just wondering which of the current/recent seasons of these shows you guys consider to be the best so far.

For me, it's a close run between Galactica and Heroes, but I'm going to have to go for the former. It's probably the most realistic sci-fi show ever made (I love the way virtually all their technology is barely more advanced than our own, with the obvious exceptions of faster-than-light travel and of course the Cylons), and the old "take current political and global events and put them in space" tradition is far darker than it's ever been before (so far we've had genocide, torture of prisoners, corrupt military officials, insurgents, suicide bombers, etc).

I'm also enjoying Jericho, though I have a feeling the whole "whodunnit" question behind the nukes is going to drag on even longer than the "WTF is it with the numbers?" mystery on Lost.