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The finer points of item creation

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#1 WarChiefZeke

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Posted 23 December 2016 - 07:20 PM

Hi all,


So, as the topic says, my question this time is about item creation. the basics i have down just fine, making a mod for BGEE/Tutu shouldn't require too many complex, powerful items and the ones I want for that portion of the game are functional.


However, looking ahead into SOD/BG2/TOB I may want to eventually add more complex sorts of items. Specifically, applying on-hit spell effects or properly working poison damage- or any sorts of elemental damage at all- are things that elude me. I haven't even tried doing other things yet, such as making items capable of summoning creatures for example, but I imagine you could make that work with a simple UseItem, CreateCreature script.   


For the record, i've been using NearInfinity for all of this, trying to add them as an effect to the melee ability of the weapon, messing with the probability and duration and such.


Sorry if i'm being a bit vague, this is pretty much the last thing I feel I don't have much of a grasp on to explain my problem well, thanks to the very informative answers several people have given me here as well as the many previous threads.


#2 WarChiefZeke

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Posted 24 December 2016 - 10:51 AM

For the record, I got this one figured out myself after messing around in DLTCEP for while. Maybe I should write a quick guide on this as i didn't come across any while getting this working

#3 Jarno Mikkola

Jarno Mikkola

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Posted 24 December 2016 - 12:14 PM

Yeah, usually the advice is to do the exact same things the other items do, aka replicate the result of former tweak. Exact things are easy to do this way, and you can use weidu to do everything too, not just game file editors as this way the tweak does effect every wanted file, not just the ones the mod maker chooses to overwrite and loose every other tweak in them.

And yeah, the weidu mods are a bit more tricky to do, but they can effect more files and get the things done better.

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