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BG2Tweaks maxHP and import - strange HP behavior

bg2tweaks maxhp bug

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Posted 08 September 2013 - 12:46 AM

Hi, I think I found a bug in the aforementioned component of the BG2Tweaks mod.

I played a BG1+TotSC campaign with a Paladin. The character reached the XP cap (161000, level 8), a CON score of 19 (18+1 from the Manual of Bodily Health) and 100HP (95+5 from the Elm of Balduran).

I decided to install BG2 and to continue the adventure with the same character, using the import feature.

After installing the game, I modded it a bit. This is my weidu log:


At the beginning of the BG2 game, the character had 81HP instead of the expected 95.
I googled a bit to figure out if this was "as intended" (I seemed to understand that it is not), I wrote on the GOG forum to ask for help ( http://www.gog.com/f...nge_hp_behavior ) and I experimented a bit (importing again, creating new characters, uninstalling mod components).

The issue has solved when I uninstalled the Higher HP on Level Up component: after doing this I was able to import my character with the correct HP score (95).

I hope I was clear enough, if you need anything else just ask.

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