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Resting of familiars? (or any other creature following in that status)

09 April 2018 - 11:34 PM

For RestParty(), familiars or all creatures following in that status will be rested just as well.


But there are some mods that use the scripted rest to prevent stacking of rest banters as described here.


Problem: After such a rest, Players 1-6 will be rested, but familiars won't. Since I am using the familiar status to let some of my NPCs follow as a 7th party member, this is not good.


I have a solution that is taken from rest detection of Zed Nocear's BG1 trigger simluations (i.e. apply a spell that increases FATIGUE by 1 to Player1 and do so every time FATIGUE is at 0 -> rest can be detected).


This is a bit tedious, though (ahaha, what a game of words!) since it decreases Player1's time until fatigued, adds a scriptblock to Baldur.bcs, and would have to be compatible for all mods that want to make use of this approach as it can only be done once (duh).


Is there a more elegant way to achieve this?


Unfortunately, the best solution would not be to change the used rest cutscenes, as they are already used by mods as they are now. Still, if there is a way to rest all "creatures that follow as familiars" by scripting, it would interest me to know, too.

MGTEOS01.dlg - misspelled timer

05 April 2018 - 09:38 AM

In MGTEOS01.dlg:



IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 43 // from: 42.0
  SAY #42004 /* ~Beyond that, the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart deals with knights, I do not. Just one of the problems you are sure to encounter in this place.~ */
  IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobalTimer("TeolMessanger","GLOBAL",SEVEN_DAYS)
ForceSpell(Myself,DRYAD_TELEPORT)~ UNSOLVED_JOURNAL #55626 /* ~Mage Stronghold: The Solamnic Knights.

I asked the Cowled Wizard Teos what he would do about the Solamnic Knights brought here in the sphere from their own home plane. He suggested that I kill them. On the useful side, he did mention that Ribald at the Adventurers' Mart might have insight into unique situations such as this. Alternately, I could petition the Most Noble Order ot the Radiant Heart. They know how to deal with paladins and such.~ */ EXIT



Should be "TeolMessenger" to be consistent with the other instances.


I guess noone ever noticed because noone ever asks about the Solamnic Knights this far in the game?

Corthala Romantique beta Download (Testers welcome)

31 March 2018 - 04:47 AM

Corthala Romantique - Valygar Romance
Originally by Domi, Beyshaliban, and Caetlyn. Edits by Meira and jastey.
After a long hiatus, the mod finally hits beta 0.4!
Originally a part of the TeamBG mod 'Tortured Souls', the romance had a short-lived history as stand-alone part of said mod. When support for the stand-alone Valygar romance was abandoned, Beyshaliban volunteered to make it a WeiDU mod.  

The original path and speed of the romance was altered and Domi wrote a lot of additional lovetalks, flirts and banters.  

ToB content was added and the mod reached beta status in 2005. The SoA part was still under revision by Meira then. Aside from that, an expansion to the Sphere Quest was added.  You will meet an interesting not joinable NPC, a character from Valygar's past, based on Domi's story Biographer's Notes: Valygar.

In 2018, the mod was fully recoded and revised by jastey, with Domi's blessings: After the mod going on hiatus while still in testing and under revision, it was now newly recoded and revised to make the romance flow with less bottlenecks in-game, make the banters more in-character, and also to make the development of Valygar's feelings with regard to his vows more consistent.
The Mod Corthala Romantique adds a romance for female PCs (no short races) of good or neutral alignment (no chaotic neutral) or female druids. To proceed with the romance, the reputation has to be above 13. The mod also adds friendship talks for the SoA part of the game for PCs that do not fulfill the romance criteria. For ToB, all dialogues added are for romance, only. Also added are banters with other NPCs and interjections, for romance and non-romance case.

As a second, optional component, the "bathing flirt" can be installed for the romance -  there was a time back then where NPCs were supposed to have at least one, romantic-encounter-like bathing flirt, "Kelsey-style". Although being a very romantic and humorous encounter, it was made an own install option because reply options and PC reactions are not always freely chosable. The content does not exceed teen rating.

The third, independently installable component introduces a quest to let the sphere be guarded or be sealed forever by a friend of Valygar, Leonora. The quest can be installed and played without the romance.
The quest to close the sphere might trigger while the sphere quests are still running. Just tell Valygar that it has to wait.
Compatibility and possible conflicts
  • The mod uses BCaesar's RestCheck to ensure rest dialogues do not fire at the same rest as BioWare/BeamDog ones.
  • NPC-Strongholds: The quest to close the sphere might trigger while the sphere quests are still running. Just tell Valygar that it has to wait.
  • Extended Sphere Quest / Mage Stronghold Mod: The quest to close the sphere might trigger while the sphere quests are still running. Just tell Valygar that it has to wait.
  • Romantic Ecounters, components "Valygar Romance, by Kulyok" and "Valygar Romance ToB, by Kulyok": technically, the two mods are compatible. Content-wise, I don't think it's a good idea to have two romances play together, as they paint slightly different pictures of Valygar and might make him sound like he has a bad short-time memory.
  • Tortured Souls: the mod is not compatible with the mod Tortured Souls that still contains an own version of the Valygar romance.
  • Unfinished Business, component Suna Seni/Valygar Relationship: install this UB component first to make those two mods compatible. Note: The current love affair of Valygar and Suna Seni will be tuned down to a past love. For this, three lines of UB's Valygar's dialogue are tuned down so he no longer calls Suna his love. Additionally, there will be a follow-up dialogue in case of PC-Valygar romance.

If you are interested, please take the mod along in your game and let me know if you encounter any problems!
Download current Corthala Romantique beta (Windows)

Download current Corthala Romantique beta (OSX)

Download current Corthala Romantique beta (Linux)

Chapter is still 19 at the beginning of ToB (rare instances)

26 March 2018 - 12:09 AM

For some rare instances, the chapter remains at 19 at the neginning of ToB instead of being incremented to 20.


This happened for a continuous game from SoA to ToB with Imoen giving part of her soul.


It was noticed because if this happens, mod NPCs trying to initiate a dialogue about ToB happenings trigger their SoA PID instead, leading to a stutter (it was Ajantis BGII in this case).


I have a safe which confirms the chapter is at 19, although reproducing it is difficult and I did not succeed in doing so.


The stutter did not occur (and hence, I assume the chapter numbering was alright) in case that Sarevok was told to wait and was given a piece of soul later, and/or if the game was saved in ToB and loaded again.


I didn't succeed in seeing how the chapter is set to 20 at the beginning of ToB, does anyone know how it is done?

G3: Gavin BG1 updates to v14!

12 March 2018 - 01:35 AM

Gavin BG1
Gavin is an NPC mod for Tutu, the BG1 portion of BGT, BG:EE, and also directly installable to EET. He is a Morninglord of Lathander and can be found outside the Song of the Morning Temple, near Beregost.

Version 14 comes with some improvements.

Full changelog:

  • Made Gavin - Ajantis banter about Lanie a standalone banter in case Jaheira is not in party.
  • Bassilus quest: If Gavin received messenger but didn't talk to Kelddath before killing Bassilus, Kelddath will give a closing line if returning to the temple
  • all journal entries will be erased upon bgt transition to BGII.
  • Mod won't install on Steam/GOG SoD if modmerge didn't run (Linux / OS X).
  • removed script name patching of %tutu_var%SLEEPFH.CRE and %tutu_var%SLEEPMH.CRE and changed script patching to "Class" (as Override" is already SHOUT.bcs).
  • g3_bgee_cpmvars.tpa corrected (Post dialogue for Dynaheir, Jaheira - not important for this mod).
  • Update to Weidu v244