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In Topic: Is there a good way to prevent a shaman kit from getting spells on lvl?

Today, 12:29 PM

Hm, actually,now that I think about it, there is an option - not that the imp knows anything about it.

Right, so there's never been a mage kit that gains custom spells... not true, see my Divine Wizard.
Combine that approach with a dialog solution you have set up; but do so only on when an summon effect is applied, which summons a creature that starts the dialog, and apply that via the kits own .2da file, and bingo. You have a kit that can choose their own spells on level up. And it doesn't mess with the regular vanilla kits.

In Topic: Is there a good way to prevent a shaman kit from getting spells on lvl?

Today, 07:32 AM

Meaning ?

In Topic: Is there a good way to prevent a shaman kit from getting spells on lvl?

Today, 06:49 AM

EDIT - or, maybe you mean spell learning, a 3rd category specific to sorcerers and shamans. For this, the best answer I know of is to replace the whole system with a dialogue-based one. Then you can tailor dialogues for each kit.

It's not. "The Best" is to leave the vanilla class & kits as is, and then just add kit specific spells/abilities. You can definitely do that via a dialog... but that doesn't need to touch the vanilla ones at all.

In Topic: Protection Against Dispel Magic

19 October 2018 - 11:58 PM

...if you really wanted to prevent people from failing to burn off spell protections by spamming Protection from Evil at enemies..

In that case, they can only blame themselves, as the spells projectile hits only friendly targets. It being a protection spell and all, just like you can't target a hostile Fire Elemental with Protection from Fire. That would be a trick.

In Topic: SCS AI and Damage Resist

18 October 2018 - 11:09 AM

Lions are intelligent enough to prioritize the most vulnerable target; I imagine orcs can figure it out.

Alright, so they have good enough human cultural knowledge that they know the the boy next to them can take them out from a 1000 feet away with a single pull of a button, so they then go at him all of a sudden, but end up as a trophy, for the obvious reasons of being more than the 1000 feet away.
A hunter/predator can have a sort of that... but a common monster doubtfully has that deep knowledge. *
Not even the player is able to know what the x:th monster in the next room has resistances against, without the feedback. Now imagine, not having access to that. How well would you do ?

You could use a different script triggers depending on the .cre's stats when they are checking for the resistances. Aka the creature that has Int of 9 or less, get's only a check that the opponent is not 99%+ resistant to a weapon type... while a lich that depends on spells that do certain type of damage can check levels of resistances and decide depending on multiple checks on what's and what to use if available.

*if you lack all the info on this, just check out a few nature documents about ant colonies, and I am pretty sure that the colony in them survives, even with a few expendable ants lost. Cause it's not about the survival of a one.