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Missing .MUS files

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#1 Zyraen

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Posted 27 February 2011 - 06:45 PM

Hi, I was just wondering if someone might help with this little bit? Its the Looping Music Fix from the Core Fixes component.

I used a Newly Restored Backup of ToB, from the following topic

From the .DEBUG file (Which I can email to anyone who wants to look at the whole file)

Copied [UNDCHVIS.EFF] to [override/UNDCHVIS.EFF]
Copying and patching 1 file ...

ERROR locating resource for 'COPY'
Resource [music/bc1.mus] not found in KEY file:
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [BG2 Fixpack - Core Fixes], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall 3882 files for [BG2FIXPACK/SETUP-BG2FIXPACK.TP2] component 0.
Restoring backed-up [bg2fixpack/backup/0/ACTION.IDS]

No Mods were installed prior to installing the BG2 Fixpack.

I reason this could be because my ToB Patch didn't stick. Its downloaded but it simply can't detect my BG2 Installation. This is probably because I never could officially install the game, its actually a copy of BG2 copied over from another computer, so maybe I need to go somehow get my BG2 directory created / altered in my Windows Registry? Any idea where to look?

PS : I actually managed to "bypass" this problem by commenting out the entire code for the Fixpack on the looping music files. I could probably do an "invisible installation" of that component by copying that code into a separate .EXE .TP2, running the installation and then removing the TP2 as well as the WeiDU log entry. Would that work, assuming the files actually exist on the CHITIN.KEY ?

(That's assuming I don't ever have to uninstall Core Fixes, if I need to then I'll need to transfer all the Backup Files to the correct directory... which it should already be in anyway)

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