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Is there a good way to prevent a shaman kit from getting spells on lvl?

20 October 2018 - 01:37 PM

As the title says, is there a good way to prevent a shaman kit from getting to select spells during the level up (and character creation if possible)?

I know the two common ways are to either remove spells after the level up via clab file or flag all spells cleric/druid exclusive and then patch all kits to gain appropriate spells but I find neither of those solutions satisfactory.

The first solution would keep the spell selection process during the level up and the second way seems tedious and prone to compatibility issues, so I'm hoping against all odds there might a better solution..

Two things that bother me about (probably) SCS

16 October 2018 - 10:55 PM

So, seeing as you're currently working on a new version I thought I bring up two points that bother me about SCS behavior.

Now, this is just from the top of my head since I haven't actually played in a while and I never really investigated if all of those issues really are part of SCS. (They are though, at the very least, present while SCSs is installed.)


Still, better to mention it now while it might be of some use to you then later once SCS32 is finished, right?



SCS mages (liches) will teleport to party members that are off screen and have never even engaged with the lich. To me this is SCS actually cheating.

There is no in-game explanation for the lich to know where my party members are, nor is there a good reason for them to even start looking for them in the first place.

I get that it's probably there to avoid cheese tactics but IMHO this behavior severely punishes party play-throughs (compared to solo players) since protecting a whole party (that is also at a lower level than a solo player would be) is significantly harder than just protecting one character. (And worse, it is also significantly more “effort” on the player.)

If SCS wants to continue having the AI teleport to party members off screen, enemy casters should at least have to spent time to cast some divination spell a'la far sight or wizard's eye and then have a percentage chance to successfully “discover” party members.



Undead controlled by a cleric behave like they are charmed instead of dominated and will also randomly start to re-engage party members even though they are still controlled.

This appears to be unintended behavior and to be honest I'm not sure how much of it is SCS's doing/fault and how much is hardcoded.

In any case it is something that does happen with SCS installed so it might be worth to look into.


With good clerics outright destroying undead creatures I don't think evil turn undead should “only” charm undead instead of dominating them. (What I mean by this is that controlled undead will break free if they are harmed by the party.)

Doesn't make sense lore wise either, since you're not magically making them think you're their friend, you're out right controlling them.


With controlled undead also attacking party members it would seem like their scripts aren't properly detecting them being controlled or not account for it at all.


On a side note: Controlled liches behave really wonky. They will also still occasionally cast spells at the party and they constantly get their meteors refreshed which looks very immersion breaking.

Now, I get that this is less of a concern since you usually don't really get to the point where controlling liches is a viable option but since the EEs introduced the new Opcode to buff turn undead levels it might be worthwhile to also look into to avoid issues with mods that might use that effect.

[Mod] Spiritwalker - A Shaman Shapeshifter Kit for BGEE/SoD/BG2EE/EET

27 August 2017 - 02:34 PM

Spiritwalkers are Shamans that can use their Shamanic Dance to shapeshift into various Spirit Animal Forms. In this case the Shaman can take on the form of a Spirit Crane, a Spirit Tiger and a Spirit Yak.






Be advised that this is version 1.0 of the mod.

While I read over the files a few times and spell-checked them there may very well be some typos left. I also only tested the mod myself so far and while I couldn't find any bugs/issues there might still be some hiding in there.



As for the kit's animations which I ported from WoW (Crane, Tiger, Yak), I won't release them separately since they have no shadow animations and might not be of too much use for mods (they make great spirits though). If anyone wants to use them they are of course free to do so.


Anyway, without further due, here is the full kit description & a list of the kit's unique HLAs:


Kit Description:



Unique HLA's :

(Other than the ones listed the kit has access to the vanilla Shaman HLAs except for Energy Blades, Spirit Form and Favored of the Spirits)




- Blizzard Entertainment for the Spirit Animal animations which I ported from World of Warcraft.

- Argent77 for his WeiDU functions and work on NearInfinity


Programms used:

- Audacity


- NearInfinity

- WeiDU

- WoWModelviewer




ITEM_EFFECT_TO_SPELL and insert_point?

26 August 2017 - 12:52 AM

Hey, it seems insert_point does not work with the ITEM_EFFECT_TO_SPELL function. Is there any way I can force WeiDU to put the effects from my item at the beginning of the spell's header? (Looks like it is putting them at the end by default.)

Instances of Polymorph in cut scenes and Shapeshifter compatibility. [SPOILERS SoD/SoA]

25 August 2017 - 12:46 AM

This post contains SoD/SoA spoilers.



Hey, I'm working on (another) shapeshifter kit and was wondering how to make it work best with those various instances where the game transforms charname.

With my other kits I mostly just let my polymorph weapons get overwritten by the cut scene ones and the character would just have to re-cast the spell to fix things (like shapeshift natural form abilities remaining while not shapeshifted anymore). This time I can't do that because the character gets special abilities while shapeshifted and spell casting remains enabled in some forms so I need to protect them from “create weapon” effects to not get overwritten by various spells that create weapons. Also, I just want to polish this kit a little more and make it work flawlessly.


So I obviously have some ideas how to go about doing this but recent discussions have shown me that my first idea how to do stuff is often not the smartest/best solution, at least when it comes to modding..


First off, are there any other instances of polymorphing I am missing apart from these:

  • SoD Skie murder scene (haven't found that one in the game files yet) (no charname polymorph here)

  • SoA Spellhold Bodhi encounter

  • Resting event after Spellhold encounter

  • At least one dream later where you transform into the slayer and kill the party

  • Adalon transformation (need to check this one, haven't played without the “no drow avatars” tweak in a decade I think)

These are the relevant slayerchange spells I have found so far:

-> SPIN783
-> SPIN822
-> SPIN823
-> SPIN852
-> SPIN717.SPL

From the looks of it it seems that simply “patching” the relevant transformation spells with the effects of my “shapeshift natural form” spell would be enough to ensure everything works fine?


If that is the case, am I right to assume the best way to do that would be to use WeiDU's ITEM_EFFECT_TO_SPELL function with a dummy item that has all the effects from my “shapeshift natural form” spell and the code would look something like this:


*edit* the following code seems to work fine, so unless this is a bad way to do it I am mostly looking for more polymorph events within the game..

    COPY ~Test/UB#SW1E.ITM~ override
        type = 99                                                                  
        header = 99                                                                   
        STR_VAR new_itm_spl = ~SPIN822.SPL~