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In Topic: Testers wanted for Tweaks v5

Today, 11:39 AM

Question: how does your shapeshifter rebalance compare to the werewolf boss in TOTSC or the strongest (amongst the group) werewolf inside the firkraag lair?

Let's see... Karoug's greater wolfwere is something like 2 AC, 6 THAC0, stats 19/19/16/17/10/12, all saves 5-7, 66 HP, 3 APR, 50% elemental resistance, no MR, regenerates 5 hp/sec, immune to non-silver weapons, paw is a magical 1d12 slashing weapon. Firkraag's werewolf captain is... 1 AC, 7 THAC0, stats 18/16/19/17/10/12, saves 10-12, 51 HP, 50% MR, no elemental resistance, immune to normal weapons, no regeneration, paw is a magical 1d12 slashing weapon.
I really don't know how Wes generated his "you were supposed to receive..." lists for the werewolf forms. Keep in mind that he aimed to balance against his Tactics mod, not the vanilla game, so it's a very powerful boost for a regular run.

Is the release of Tweaks v5 imminent now ?

Barring someone's computer exploding, yes.

In Topic: [solved] Cromwell/Cespenar recipes - Item Revisions (Revised)

11 August 2018 - 08:58 AM

And this is done for v5.

In Topic: [solved] Tweaks v4 breaks SOD quests

10 August 2018 - 05:41 AM

Have you installed your game in the Program Files path, and do you have full permissions in the game folder? This is the second odd error you've encountered because a program has been unable to create a folder or file.

In Topic: Tweaks anthology and Improved inventory BAMs

08 August 2018 - 08:04 AM

You can install both, but I misunderstood the issue--I thought it was something with Tweaks. I know the Tweaks BAMs are fine, but I don't know if that bug has been fixed for IIB.

In Topic: [solved] Couple of small issues

07 August 2018 - 08:47 AM


If you can provide a copy of t-abiblk.itm I can take a look.

As requested:


Yeah, this has an incorrect index on its ability header. It has two global effects, which means the effects attached to its melee header start at index 2, not 3 as set in the file.


Level 2/1, range 4-13 + 1.5-3, actual 12 HP from a range of 5.5-16, 75% of maximum/218% of minimum.

Right... not so. Level 1 fighter character ALWAYS gets not a 1d10, but 10 hit points(+Con bonus). Which is 5+2+CON(+3) for Khalid. So having Khalid at 12 hps is not even the lowest the char can get at level 2/1, as it's a fighter level he gets...
As that's 10/2+4/2+1d10/2+CON(3+2) = 13-17 hitpoints, ps there's no 0.5 hitpoints cause the game rounds up the first half because the CON also dictates the minimum HP gain from the dice roll, at least in the 2ed rules, which is 1.

How have we fallen so low that not even you know the basic rules of the game ?


It's consistent with max HPs at level one, but implies a very poor roll for his second fighter level. I'll bump up the lowest incarnation to 14HP, consistent with a second level roll of 5 (instead of the current 1). It's still a little low, but more consistent with other NPCs.