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hotfix for DR kits not getting all their kit abilities

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Posted 19 May 2016 - 04:43 AM

I found a few typos in the .tp2 file that were messing up a few kits - e.g. the priest of Ogma was having Secret Word cast *on* him every level instead of getting a lore bonus, and not getting any innate uses of Secret Word. This is for kits when installed without the DR sphere system.


If anyone using DRv8 without the sphere system experiences these bugs, I've posted a hotfix here:



It's just an edited version of the DR .tp2 file.  Before installing the mod, drop this into the DR mod folder and replace the one already there.  Then install.


(If you combine this with the Night Bolts fix in a nearby thread, I think the kits should be ins pretty good shape.)

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