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IR Revised V1.14a (2018 August 17th)

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#151 Bartimaeus

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Posted Yesterday, 06:39 AM

​Yeah, there aren't really a whole lot of encounters where you get blinded, so the Blind Fight property isn't the most useful. The Black Mist ability itself is actually decently powerful (especially with 3 charges at a -2 saving throw), since being blinded is a rather severe penalty, especially for the AI...but on the other hand, you get it towards the end of SoA where you have little opportunity to use it against non-SR enemies, which does suck.

​I don't think it does work with Item Randomizer. I haven't taken a look at how Item Randomizer works, but I would imagine with iRR shifting some items around, there would likely be duplicates of a handful or two.

#152 Bartimaeus

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Posted Yesterday, 01:57 PM

IRR V1.14a released:

1. Suryris's Blade's Staggering property was only giving a -2 penalty to casting speed...which I opted to change the description to match, since that makes more sense than -4, which is actually pretty severe.
2. ​Potion of Magic Blocking works again (thanks Luke - self-inflicted bug from the previous update).
3. A few more comprehensive and consistent protection properties (e.g. Mind Shield).

#153 Arthas

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Posted Yesterday, 10:48 PM

Could that weapon be made more palatable?
1) make it a one handed-weapon?
2) add a blind effect on hit (25% percent chance) (target must save vs -(you choose what) at -2 or be blinded)
3) add a mini vorpal effect? (5%)?

Something that makes that weapon worth enough to be used also in ToB...

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