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In Topic: Future tweak ideas - post 'em here

15 October 2018 - 02:24 AM

Although it is not primary aim of this mod I think it would be good idea to tweak some weapons the way p5tweaks change spears for example. I, for one never understood purpose of bastard swords and distinction between them and long swords. Former are 2.5 times heavier and much slower and all they got to their advantage are 1 more minimal damage!? I propose to change them to have 4d2 damage instead of previous 2d4, after all it is a broad sword, designed for heavy damage, trademark weapon of knights. Following this two handed swords should have 1d12 or even better 2d6 damage ( I think 2d5 can't be implemented ). Halberds should be able to switch to piercing/slashing damage in noEE games the way it was implemented in Enhanced games ( I believe IR implemented this at one point but it become deprecated when EE games showed up ). I especially hate fact that flails and maces have exactly the same type and base damage. There are absolutely no reasons to use flail EVER when compared to morning star and mace ( obviously this goes only for normal, non magic weapons of course  ;) ). In this case maybe it wouldn't be bad to change it's base damage to 3d2+1 ( if possible ) because it is heaviest blunt weapon designed for brutal attack and massive damage in Middle ages.   

In Topic: Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

14 October 2018 - 10:01 AM

Another very strange thing regarding Eldoth and Skie, I just dumped Xzar and Montaron and ordered them to go to Friendly Arm Inn. When I returned to Jovial Juggler to recruit Jaheira and Khalid I noticed that Skie and Eldoth are not there anymore. Search with InfExp shows they are now in FAI.  :ohmy:

In Topic: Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

14 October 2018 - 09:24 AM

Right the stackable stuff is my fault--I had forgotten that in the original BG, stuff won't stack unless you create a header for it, hence why it's acting like an uncharged item. As David mentioned downthread, I had also forgotten that these items are already covered by the gem stacking component, so the answer here is that this component is going to be deprecated regardless. The gem stacking works dandy for it.
I'm looking into Eldoth and Skie.

Sorry that this component is going to be deprecated but this is pure from nostalgic reasons, heh. It was essential part of my playings in BGT and TUTU while it was in SCS. But I understand the reasoning behind it, I immediately noticed overlap with gem stacking but I thought it just gives players more options for fine tuning of what they want. Anyway thanks for your continuing efforts for improving and fixing this mod as I imagine it can't be easy task. 

In Topic: Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

10 October 2018 - 05:00 AM

Find couple of things in new v.7. Platform is old vanilla BG:TotSC. Component "Stackable ankheg shells, winterwolf pelts and wyvern heads: v7" does nothing useful, quite opposite in fact, it not only refuse to stack Winterwolf pelts, it eats them also so if you for example put 3 pelts in your inventory in the end you will end with just 1. Also it sets it selling price to only 1gp. Second bug ( although I'm not 100% sure it is Anthology fault) is connected with send NPC to inns and allow NPC pairs to separate. I picked Eldoth early on at coastway map ( in my games I hadn't issues which Terminus Est describes regarding Tiax and Eldoth, Quayle I didn't install and not been in Gullykin yet regarding Alora ). When I ditched Eldoth and send him to Jovial Juggler to my surprise when I entered that inn again he walked to the party and initiated rejoining dialogue. And not only that, there was Skie present also there, although I'm still in chapter 2 and never been even close to Baldur's gate!  :mellow:

In Topic: Bugs and discrepancies in v.6

20 September 2018 - 09:54 AM

Frankly, I'm hoping to have it done today.

Thank you!