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SR v4 Open Beta (last update 25 December 2016)

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 01:04 PM

my bad. I misread and thought you were advocating such a change for SR, not as an option. Of course I have nothing against it.
Said that, I find a little odd how you think it is "really cheap" to have a 15% vorpal effect for a creature like Planetars but it is not cheesy to follow the strategy you suggested just after:

Encounter a challenging fight? Just summon a couple planetars and have them attack. Nothing happens? reload. But eventually if you're lucky they'll just one-shot anything in the game.
At first I thought it was funny but now I simply don't summon them anymore, pure cheese.

I guess tastes are tastes. Personally, I can hardly think of something cheaper than that.



That's... exactly my point!


I said it was extremely cheesy to summon planetars, wait for them to one-shot, then reload if it doesn't happen. It's what I don't want to happen! :p


In the current version with planetars having a 15% chance to one-shot things, basically most of the challenging fights, instead of banging your head against the wall and trying to find a solution, just send planetars and they'll fix the problem if you're lucky, and I hate that. Some bosses are immune, maybe, but a lot of very challenging encounters in this game aren't.


I'm in the middle of a nice, heated, challenging, and lovely fight when suddenly my planetar one-shots the enemy caster (through stoneskin)




Boring conclusion..... 


I don't want that in my game, so I removed it. And I know for a fact by reading this very forum's older threads that some other people dislike it too.


Stun would be better in my opinion, especially since a contingency condition is "helpless", enables more options and answers instead of outright death.

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