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Rizdaer Romance Awkwardness

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#1 Thimblerig

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Posted 24 July 2014 - 04:21 AM

I think I found a bug in Rizdaer's romance track, for Version 4:


When he asks you to go to bed with him (Love Talk 12: ~I woke you to tell you this. Let's pretend that our ruse worked...~) - the choices to accept him set a global:





IF ~~ P#RiLT12.17
SAY @151 /* ~Clever surfacer. Yes, I love you. And I want to hear the same from your lips between rapturous moans. ~ */
++ @152 /* ~We'll see who is going to moan louder!~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("P#RizdaerRomanceActive","GLOBAL",2) IncrementGlobal("P#RizdaerInterest","GLOBAL",1)~ +  P#RiLT12.13
but there's an option to tell him that you're inexperienced and you want to wait a bit (which I picked because why not) and initiate it later from the PID menu


+ ~IsPlayerNumber("charbase",1) Gender(Player1,FEMALE) InParty("Rizdaer") !Dead("Rizdaer") !StateCheck("Rizdaer",STATE_SLEEPING) GlobalGT("P#RizdaerPCTalk","GLOBAL",2) !Global("P#RizdaerRomanceInactive","GLOBAL",1) GlobalGT("P#RiLT","GLOBAL",24) Global("P#PCVirgin","GLOBAL",1)~ + @1754 /* ~Rizdaer, I decided that I am ready to have a lover. I want us to make love... or whatever you call it in drow.~ */  DO ~SetGlobal("P#PCVirgin","GLOBAL",2)~ EXTERN P#RIZDB P#RiLT12.16
so it takes you to the happy ending of Love Talk 12 - but it doesn't set the P#RizdaerRomanceActive global, so he kinda ignores the PC after that, which was a bit mortifying...  
Manually setting it to 2 through the console seemed to fix it.  We are now flirting up a storm.   :)   A sexy storm.

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#2 Thimblerig

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Posted 28 July 2014 - 02:25 AM

And a conflict between him and Diriel will loop:


Although the drow are the closest relation to the elves...




@41 /* ~Although the drow are the closest relation to the elves, the differences are significant. Seven points out of ten.~ */
DO ~SetGlobal("P#RIDICO1","GLOBAL",1)~
Fixed by using the console:  SetGlobal("P#RIDICO1","GLOBAL",2)
All good.  (Fun  conversation.  Love the bit where Rizdaer just kind of wanders off.)

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#3 Domi


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Posted 26 September 2014 - 07:13 AM

Cam graciously fixed the dialogue loop in



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