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In Topic: SCS v31 Release Candidate Now Available for Testing

Today, 12:49 PM

Yeah, I rushed up corrected binaries for Tweaks after Alien's post. :)

In Topic: SCS v31 Release Candidate Now Available for Testing

Today, 11:50 AM

Well, it seems we both forgot to change weidu "VERSION". I wonder if the "G3 Mod Packaging" Tool can detect and prevent such mistakes in the future?

Ah, jeez. I'm so busy wading into the SSL I half understand, and miss updating the version number. Smooth.


Speaking of which, guess what I forgot to do with Tweaks v5?

In Topic: Removing gender/race checks from romance scripts

Today, 04:58 AM

Tweaks is supposed to, but I've apparently missed this. Luckily, v5 is imminent--I'll see what I can do.


edit: Sorry, I can't read. The romance components for Tweaks do work on the Beamdog NPCs, but only for BG2 romances.

In Topic: SCS v31 Release Candidate Now Available for Testing

Today, 04:51 AM

As ALIENQuake says, the RevisedSCS is probably a better option for SR games. That being said, I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to take the mainline SCS for a test run with SR.

In Topic: A Basic Modder's Guide to Git and Github

Yesterday, 06:23 PM

You can also submit changes to another mod even if you're not an author.

For those interested, you can see this process happening right now. I'm working on a new v31 release of SCS, so I created a repo on Github for it. (Technically speaking Alien already had one, and simply transferred ownership to the G3 group.)


Mad Mate contacted me with some additional fixes he had, and wanted to give the whole Github thing a shot. Since he's not authorized to change the current repo (he's not an author), he created his own fork of the project. At present, he's made 16 additional commits to his fork of the project:

Attached File  commits_ahead.jpg   138.08KB   0 downloads


If you click the '33 commits' link slightly above that, you can view the entire history of commits on the project, stretching back to the creation of the original repo. You can view the project at any time that of the commits was made (hence the name version control) or see which files were changed in a given commit and how. Let's check out the 'Install fix' commit in a little more detail.


First, you can see Mad Mate's entire comment on his commit at the top, crediting Aasim and Alesia_BH, along with links for more info on the problem. This is an excellent example of a good commit comment. Next, the commit screen shows which files were changed which, in this case, is just one file (stratagems/ascension/ssl/finiren.ssl). After that is the diff, which shows the changes in the file--the line in red was removed, the line in green added. The upshot of this commit is that Mad Mate replaced ReallyForceSpell(Myself,WIZARD_MISLEAD) with ReallyForceSpellRES("%WIZARD_MISLEAD_INSTANT%",Myself) at line 82 in stratagems/ascension/ssl/finiren.ssl.


When Mad Mate is done with his series of commits, he'll send a pull request to the original repo. Authors/admins on the original repo--e.g. me--will be given the chance to review his changes and then accept or reject them individually.


edit: and the pull request has been sent, and accepted.