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In Topic: IR v4 Beta (last update 20 June 2017)

22 June 2015 - 03:59 AM

May I also test IR v4.0 Beta (and SR and KR betas if possible)? I would like to start a BGT run and would love to see the new items, spells, and kit changes.

In Topic: Clearing out Ust Natha

02 January 2014 - 05:09 PM

I don't think it was David's intention for the player to clear out Ust Natha (in fact, quite the opposite). I thought the spawns keep coming until you leave. I think he said as much in the readme under Improved Drow. It seems like a hopeless endeavor due to to the fact that you have a finite amount of spells and fresh waves come after you every few rounds.

In Topic: An idea to improve SCS: Threat Generation

12 December 2013 - 04:01 AM

I think non-sentient beings attack the closest enemy and sentient beings attack the weakest party member first (those without armor). At least that has been my experience so far in BG1/BGT. So mirror image (or any clone spell), stoneskin, armor spells, and invisibility helps in mitigating that.

However, if I were going up against a party then I would attack the people who could disable you by waving their jazz hands and shouting alliterations at you because they can directly and indirectly harm you by buffing allies. You're pretty evenly matched going up toe to toe against a tank because they are limited in what they can do (have to be within melee range).

This actually sounds like something that can be considered (if it is doable) in the kit revisions mod. It would be nice to have tanks that specialized in generating threat. So you might want to share your ideas there.

Whether DavidW is willing to take kit revisions into consideration when updating SCS, or implementing this on his own, is another point entirely.

In Topic: Xan's Romance Talks

21 November 2013 - 03:21 AM


I tested the beta briefly and the changes didn't have any impact on my saved game with SCS installed, though I expect this would be the case since SCS overrides gtimes instead of patching. So as long as a mod overrides gtimes (and the changes you make) then the bug will persist.

I've since let DavidW know that SCS was overwriting gtimes so it will probably be fixed in the next release.

I did test the beta without SCS and the dialog works as intended.

Sorry for the hassle.

In Topic: Version 27 of Sword Coast Stratagems released

19 November 2013 - 04:43 PM

I just tested SCS v27 and want to report a bug.

The initial component of SCS removes additional modded timers from gtimes.ids. For clarity, this is my gtimes.ids before SCS install.


This is my gtimes.ids after SCS install.


Here is my WeiDU.log.


I found backups of gtimes.ids in BG1NPC, garrick_flirt and BGT. BG2Fixpack has an ids_entries_gtimes.tph file. So BG2Fixpack, Garrick's Infatuation, and BG1NPCs are the mods in my install that alter gtimes.ids.