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In Topic: SCS v31 Release Candidate (Now No. 3) Now Available for Testing

Today, 08:48 AM

Cool. (How does that compare to previous install times?)

In Topic: Immutability and encapsulation in mod design

Today, 07:04 AM

It just really seems like it would be better housekeeping to put all the .debug files into a /debug subdirectory, and all the mod_external folders into a /workspace subdirectory.

I agree, and effectively that's what I do. "stratagems_external" is shared by SCS and Wheels of Prophecy (both their backup and workspace files live in it), and in fact by the IWD-EE converter, not that I released that publicly. Other people are welcome to use it; I might rename it to "weidu_external" or something next time around, to make that more obvious. (That's what the template on this thread does.)

In Topic: SCS v31 Release Candidate (Now No. 3) Now Available for Testing

Today, 06:41 AM

I thought so: there's an obvious way that function could fail if a spell is missing. (And yes, it ought to be robust against that consequence.) Try the new one I just uploaded.

In Topic: Immutability and encapsulation in mod design

Today, 06:30 AM

Put it this way. I moved SCS over to immutability around v22, which I think was about five years ago. I thought about discussing it publicly then; the reason I didn't was partly that I expected lots of people to complain about stratagems_external. Fast forward 5 years, and so far as I'm aware no-one has even noticed; certainly I've never seen a comment about it, and a google search doesn't show one up.

Right. So apparently you never saw this. Too bad you responded to it with:

Yeah, and the SCS takes two folders.

I'm not sure I understand the point you're making.

I'm distinguishing "meaningful complaints" from "incomprehensible gnomic utterances". (But, sure, I don't mind replacing "no-one cared" with "only Jarno cared" if you like. And if our evil corporate overlords are hiding other objectors to me, feel free to point them out.)

I also wanted to, but never did add to the thread in PPG that anyone could throw in a baldur.baf file that would never compile into the stratagems_external/workspace -folder and your mods would never then compile. The reason for this is that I lacked the time to actually search the exact details I need to do this. As I assumed you don't just compile files strait from the folder.

Bizarrely enough, I don't issue blanket COMPILE commands to files I didn't build myself.

In Topic: Sword Coast Stratagems v31 Now Available

Yesterday, 11:13 PM

Install whatever mod is imposing the 328 after SCS? Other than that: no, sorry. Editing the code that enforces this is likely to break things and right now I don't have the time to fix them. Others are welcome to try though!