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how to specify no kit in scripts

15 November 2018 - 07:13 PM

I have a few scripted things that trigger different dialogues depending on the speaker's kit. For the default, I use
But it looks like some "trueclass" .CRE files actually have their kit set to 0, rather than 0x4000. In that case the above check returns false, even though the character is a trueclass thief. (I think that is why Imoen2.cre doesn't work with my feats mod.) Can I specify that in a script? Something like

Detectable Spells re-sorts STATS.IDS?

15 November 2018 - 01:18 PM

there is a function in Detectable Spells that sorts stats.ids into order

Whatever is the point of re-sorting STATS.IDS? Seems likey to only create problems, with very little benefit.
Ask whoever wrote that bit of DS. (But: readability, Id imagine.)

That's a terrible reason. Who needs to read that file?

Am I being paranoid? The situation I'm concerned about is something like:
- A completely hypothetical (cough) mod gives an extra 1/2 APR if you have specialization in Single-Weapon Style.
- It does so by applying an EFF that grants +1/2 APR while equipped; that 177 effect is preceded by a 318 effect which makes you immune to the EFF as long as your SWS stat is less than 2.
- Another mod comes along and changes the order of entries in STATS.IDS, moving the SWS stat to a different place in the table
- Now the 318 effect no longer points to SWS, but to some other stat?

EDIT - hm, I see the the IDS file has a numbered index in the 1st column. So I guess 318 and similar effects look at that index number, and not at the table row number? In which case all is well.

scripts not compiling?

31 October 2018 - 08:22 AM

I have "%Lighthouse_BlackAlaricsCave_BCS.bcs%" in my override folder. 
That is notwithstanding that I made this change prior to installing.  (Dunno if they are related.)

finding the, I mean a, black pearl... and a couple other issues

28 October 2018 - 05:58 PM

Bit of a minor issue: some mod I'm using - that's right, from Lure of the Sirine's Call - lets you talk your way past Sil.  The dialogue really sets you up as an evil bastard if you want to attack her.  In this setup, The Calling kinda makes you act like an evil bastard if you want to proceed... couldn't the black pearl be deposited in Sil's cave, or something?

opcode 333

26 October 2018 - 06:50 AM

You can force a save every round in the EE with opcode 333 (Static Charge).
It forces a new saving throw for every trigger, terminating if it is successful.
The subspell would just be 6-second effects with no-save.

I'm thinking about using this for a comprehensive mod to give all effects such as Hold, Stun, Sleep, Confusion, etc. a chance to save every round to break the effect.  I've done this a little bit with my psionic version of Hold, and it makes for varied and fun gameplay. 


Only thing giving me pause (aside from, y'know, life) is this:

If a spell 'Level' is not specified, then the spell will be cast at level 1 and the damage opcodes will inherit the dice values of this effect, otherwise the spell will be cast at the given level.


This seems to diverge from most instances in the engine, where if you set the "cast at level" field to 0 it uses your caster level.  The IESDP seems to suggest that this opcode could not be used with effects that involve caster level.  Is that correct?


(Granted, for some effects - Sleep, Hold, Stun etc. - caster level doesn't really matter.  Just trying to get a feel for where this could successfully be applied.