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thief usability flags

19 September 2018 - 09:57 AM

Does anyone know whether these are actually used?  Are there Swashbuckler-only items in the games (or mods)?  Items usable by trueclass thieves but not by Bounty Hunters?


More specifically: I'm trying to make a kit that can use bard-usable items.  I can

- make the items usable by thieves

- make the items unusable by the three thief kits

- add a 319 effect precluding use by kit = trueclass


That means neither the trueclass thief nor the three vanilla thief kits will be able to use the items.  So far so good.  But, it also means any mod thief kits with the 0x00004000 usability flag will be able to use the item... not good.


Way I see it, I have two options:


1) Generate a list of all thief kits aside from my bardish one, and add 319 effects for each one.


2) Assign all mod thief kits that have the 0x00004000 flag to use the Swashbuckler flag (0x00100000) instead.  (Or the Assassin or Bounty Hunter flag.)



list known spells in dialogue?

12 September 2018 - 05:42 AM

As the title says.  Can I generate a list of known wizard spells of level x through level y in a dialogue?


EDIT - or alternatively, create a list of spell scrolls currently in your inventory?  That one should be possible... isn't it what Cromwell does?

order of arguments in functions

08 September 2018 - 10:18 AM

Simple, almost silly question:


In a typical function like ALTER_EFFECT or something, I always see and write it like this:

LPF FUNC_TION INT_VAR variable = # STR_VAR string = ~text~ END


Can the INT_VAR and STR_VAR be reversed?  Does it matter?  Can I do

LPF FUNC_TION STR_VAR string = ~text~ INT_VAR variable = # END



suggestion how to implement kits in EET

04 September 2018 - 05:50 PM

I'm trying to do something a bit complicated: I'm adding a kit to the game, which will not be available in the character generation menus.  Instead you will have a chance to switch into the kit at some point during BG1.


However, in BG2 the kit should be available in character generation menus, since you might have chosen the kit in BG1. 


In the regular games, this is easy, simply delete the kit from K_X_Y.2da if [ GAME_IS ~bgee~ ]  But in EET BG1 is just an extra campaign, and all of the campaigns use the same version of the K_X_Y.2da files.  Any ideas for whether/how I can make the kit unavailable in the BG1 campaign in EET?

need some brainstorming: managing spells cast per day with opcode 214

31 August 2018 - 07:15 AM

Alright, I'm frustrated and going to try to crowdsource this a bit.  I want to figure out a way to manage number of casts per day of an ability that uses opcode 214 (think NRD). 


The problem: When you click the spellcasting icon, it brings up a list of memorized spells.  You can choose one to cast, or you can just look at what's available and then change your mind, using melee attacks instead (or whatever).  You don't lose any spell slots when you change your mind in this way.  On the other hand, when you cast a spell like NRD, it brings up a list of spells to choose from... and if at this point you change your mind or click on another character, the list disappears and you lose that spell slot.  Because the slot has been expended in simply generating that list.


I'd like to find a way to circumvent that.  Like, have it detect whether you do or don't actually cast a spell, and restore the spent slot if you don't. 


Rough ideas so far:


1) Track spell slots via stats, and have spells you cast reduce the proper stat, and have some kind of checks to constantly reset your "spells slots" to match the value of the stat.  (Could be done with 172/171 for innate abilities... but then you have the issue of innate abilities jumping all around the innates bar, which is horrible.)


2) Track "slots" via stats, and actually cast from an item.  The item abilities would be infinite-use, but would not work if the relevant stat = 0. Renew the stats every morning.


3) Could get crazy... add back the slot via a subspell, cast every round when you trigger the initial NRD ability.  But that ability would also apply a subspell coded as a bard song, which gives 206 protection against the slot renewal.  Choosing an actual spell from the list would 321 cancel the repeated subspell, so it never renews. (You cast a spell, so you have spent that slot.)  Also apply a 363 'cancel bard song on movement' effect so that if you click away from the list and do something else, it cancels the 206 protection and the slot renewal will take place (you didn't cast an actual spell, so you don't lose a slot). 


Any other crazy ideas?  Or, any thoughts about how to make one of these ideas actually work?