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Bonus spells based on stat

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Posted 22 August 2018 - 06:23 PM

Can someone explain how this works exactly? I downloaded the scales of balance mod to try and figure it out, but im not sure which files are relevant.


I figured out that mxsplwis.2da controls the bonus priest spells based on wis...but that doesnt determine whether paladins/rangers get bonus spells based on wis. Where is that defined?


The mod also has a component that adds bonus spells based on intelligence, but its not clear which files do that...intelligence_sorcerers.txt just looks like gibberish for example. Any ideas?

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Posted 22 August 2018 - 06:56 PM

It's a bit hard to explain in a single post.  First: mxsplwis.2da gives bonus spells for clerics and druids only.  For paladins and rangers, and mages/bards/sorcerers, you need to use the technique below (which only works on the EE 2.3+ engine, btw):


Look here for a basic template of how to do stat-based effects:



Now bonus spells are a bit different; you can't just add them as bonus effects for a high stat.  You have to actually increase the base number of slots in the spell slots table (mxsplpal.2da, mxsplran.2da, mxsplwiz.2da, etc.) and then remove slots for having a low stat.


Increasing slots in the base table is done in lines 95-108 here:



And then, in the same document, the INT bonuses are in lines 434-550.  The reduced spell slots for low INT are the ADD_SPELL_EFFECTs with opcode 42.  Note that the reductions only have to go down to INT=12, because on line 456 you can see an effect that applies the INT=12 effect (a reduction of 1 slot to every spell level) to every INT score below 13.

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