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Including an Attack in a Spell

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#1 Aquadrizzt

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Posted 22 November 2017 - 05:16 PM

Is it possible to have a spell that says "attack target enemy and then do something"? 


Like say "attack target and then deal 1d6 piercing damage" all as part of a single ability? 

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#2 Jarno Mikkola

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Posted 22 November 2017 - 10:15 PM

Well, you can make it, but do you really wish to take the control out of the players hand to do this ?

Imagine the case, the caster does this, the player looses the control of the character, the enemy moves away, and the character runs after them... but moves at half speed.  :rotflmao:

And what you describe in this game is replacing the characters normal attack that's usually from a 1d1 to 1d12+5(+ STR bonus of up to +14) with one 1d6, not a 1d4(+STR bonus) +1d6, like you are likely to intent. Hmm, it might need a bit more description magic ...


Now, one can avoid the unintentional control time by making the effect add attack damage via the opcode 285 just to the next attack time ... by having the spell apply '6' effects, one(first one does 1 damage, and so forth) with probability of 0 to 16, two with probability of 17 to 33, 3:34-49, 4:50-66, 5:67-82... and six with prtbability of 83 to 99. It's not really a 1d6, but close enough. And have the spell end after the first hit, just like the Harm spells.

So I would describe the spell as: "Casting this spell conjures hard thorns to grow from your weapon hand, which allow you to make 1d6 more damage with your first attack." Or alike decriptions, there's space for space magic and interdimentional time-wave bombs and similar stuff. So the thorns are just a sample.

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