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What is the "vanilla" game?

28 April 2018 - 01:22 AM

On these forum pages you often see the term "vanilla game" used. I have the feeling that rarely two people use the term with the same intention.


Wikipedia does not make me any wiser here:

"In PC games, the term "vanilla" is often used to describe the original version of a game, which has not been modified with third-party addons, developer updates, downloadable content (DLC) or patches. It can also refer to the original game engine when source ports or expansion packs are available."


Taking the example of BG1. Which one is the *vanilla* game


- The original first CD release of the classic game still WITHOUT TotSC and any patch?

- The classic game with TotSC included but without using mods?

- Any version of BG1 that has not been modded?


Even worse - many newer or younger players do not even know any of these games, and for them it may mean


- BGEE without SoD and without any mods added? With new NPCs included.

- BGEE/SoD but without any mods?



The original content of the game regardless of the platform (classic or EE) in any form that has not been modded?


How do you use the term?

[spoilers] [closed] EET Fixpack not needed

24 April 2018 - 01:36 AM

Not needed

Current fixes:
Not needed - can be done my mods that use it




[solved] Wrong entry in BGEE.lua

19 April 2018 - 09:21 AM

After a recent BG2EE install with some mods for test, my game would not start up. An error message pointed to an entry in BGEE.lua.


The error was quickly found and repaired:One entry had an extra " and removing it solved the problem

2391    {"AR4370", "SOS Lyrar's Hold""}, must be {"AR4370", "SOS Lyrar's Hold"}


This is an area from Shadow over Soubar. However, the mod does not directly address the BGEE.lua, so I do not know how the list of areas and their names comes to be added to the lua file and how that extra " could be prevented to happen.


The list of areas I have in my BGEE.lua only has areas from two mods, SoS and Region of Terror. May this be a result of some tooltip actions those two mods perform?

No other vanilla or mod areas appear here except one dummy

{"BD0010", "Test"}



EE/EET Mod Setup Tool

15 April 2018 - 06:55 AM

The EE Mod Setup Tool (for windows)



EET installs get more complex now that more and diverse mods are available to enhance the basic game. K4thos, the EET author recommended BWS for save installs when he started the project. However, original BWS has lost the supporters it had in the past and slowly decayed. This tool is aiming to provide similar functionality to mod EE games in large scale.

The BWS-EE is a fork from Big World Setup (BWS old) which was originally created by dabus. BWS-EE is streamlined to serve EE game installations in a way that is up-to-date and maintainable still.
While the tool was mainly intended to support EET, it also can be used to mod other EE games as listed below.

- assistance for creating your own customized game with any number of mods
- downloading current versions of selected mods
- easy mod installation for EET
- correct install order of mods/components
- merges SoD DLC with BGEE if needed
- handle mod and components conflicts and dependencies
- apply interim fixes when needed.
- use players' tested compilations
- save your own compilations for re-use or sharing

Supported games:
- Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (standalone game)  
- Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (standalone game)  
- Enhanced Edition Trilogy EET( BG1:EE + SoD + BG2:EE )  
- Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition  
- Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Supported mods
- All actively maintained or properly completed ones! (make a pull request if there is a mod you want added)

Mod requests         : Create a pull request https://github.com/E...up/EE-Mod-Setup or post a request at:  

Support                https://baldursexten...m/Install-Tool/
Changelog           https://github.com/E.../commits/master

Question SoD Main Global >> Events

25 February 2018 - 02:54 AM

The SoD campaign has a *Main* global


which runs all through the campaign from 0 to somehere in the 600's


Increments are made on that global for all relevant plot events.

As such it is a really good tool for modders during SoD to time or trigger their events as you always have a relation to where you are in the campaign. It is a far better reference than chapter numbers or area checks. Really great design in my eyes.



Does somebody know of any source/list/overview as to what the value of that Global iadvances at significant events?


Like e.g.

Global("BD_PLOT","GLOBAL",50)  = end of Korlasz dungeon + start of main quest

Global("bd_plot","global",440) = Dragonspear last gate falls