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[solved] Wrong entry in BGEE.lua

Today, 09:21 AM

After a recent BG2EE install with some mods for test, my game would not start up. An error message pointed to an entry in BGEE.lua.


The error was quickly found and repaired:One entry had an extra " and removing it solved the problem

2391    {"AR4370", "SOS Lyrar's Hold""}, must be {"AR4370", "SOS Lyrar's Hold"}


This is an area from Shadow over Soubar. However, the mod does not directly address the BGEE.lua, so I do not know how the list of areas and their names comes to be added to the lua file and how that extra " could be prevented to happen.


The list of areas I have in my BGEE.lua only has areas from two mods, SoS and Region of Terror. May this be a result of some tooltip actions those two mods perform?

No other vanilla or mod areas appear here except one dummy

{"BD0010", "Test"}



[WIP] Nothing to see here (yet)

15 April 2018 - 06:55 AM


Question SoD Main Global >> Events

25 February 2018 - 02:54 AM

The SoD campaign has a *Main* global


which runs all through the campaign from 0 to somehere in the 600's


Increments are made on that global for all relevant plot events.

As such it is a really good tool for modders during SoD to time or trigger their events as you always have a relation to where you are in the campaign. It is a far better reference than chapter numbers or area checks. Really great design in my eyes.



Does somebody know of any source/list/overview as to what the value of that Global iadvances at significant events?


Like e.g.

Global("BD_PLOT","GLOBAL",50)  = end of Korlasz dungeon + start of main quest

Global("bd_plot","global",440) = Dragonspear last gate falls


[Solved] Replaced Talos Necklace

01 February 2018 - 12:37 PM

Does somebody know which mod replaces item

Misc4y (the Talos necklace you need for Mae Var's quest)


C#aj4y (identical item description).


I use the item in a mod quest so I need to provide an alternate script for the case that this other mod is present?

EET mod maintenance for converted mods

11 August 2017 - 07:56 AM

As of Weidu v243 there is an option to add to the mod tp2's a new keyword in addition to AUTHOR which shows a contact for SUPPORT, so that users would have a point of contact for bugs, suggestions etc.


Therefore I start this subtopic in the EET forum with a list of the mods I have taken care of, short description of the changes and other relevant information and provide this as a *summary* thread for those mods.


So this is the thread for the following mods:





Amber  (V5.01 or later)



Arath NPC (v4.0 or later)



Dace Linton NPC (v3.0 or later)



List continued in next post