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EET mod maintenance for converted mods

11 August 2017 - 07:56 AM

It was discussed in Weidu to add to the mod tp2's a new keyword in addition to AUTHOR that could be either CONTACT or MAINTAINER, so that users would have a point of contact for bugs, suggestions etc.

The Weidu feature may or may not come within some time.


Therefore I start this subtopic in the EET forum with a list of the mods I have taken care of, short description of the changes and other relevant information and provide this as a *summary* thread for those mods. In case the Weidu feature will be implemented, it would point to this topic then.


So this is the thread for the following mods:


Adrian NPC (v4.0 or later)



Amber  (V5.01 or later)



Arath NPC (v4.0 or later)



Dace Linton NPC (v3.0 or later)



List continued in next post

(Solved) Error Defining joining state ? What is it?

07 August 2017 - 12:15 AM

This error appeared in an EET installation with Amber NPC and various other NPCs installed. None of those mod installs show any errors.


Now crossmod banter pack tries to install.

The mod searches for Amber's banter file and finds it, also the banter files of some other NPCs. thus it attempts to install the appends to the respective banter files.


Installation fails with this:


Defining Amber joining state
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.


No further information can be found in the logs. I can find nothing in the crossmod that does anything with *joining state*, whatever that this. No idea where this error comes from.

Cross check with another EET installation containing the same NPC mods, it succeeds without error.


01 August 2017 - 06:45 AM


[Solved] Cleric can use bow. why?

08 March 2017 - 07:22 AM

I just started a new EET game and my party picked up bow05 (plain shortbow). My cleric all of a sudden is able to use it.


Does anyone know which mod introduces this *enhancement*?

[Poll] SoD banters via script VS dialogs

29 August 2016 - 01:40 AM

K4 edit: Before participating in poll please read at least fist few posts to understand what the poll is really about. Written feedback would be also very valuable.






Most BG1 NPCs have ***

that's the way it works in vanilla BG:EE+SoD where BDBANTER.2DA is referenced in CAMPAIGN.2DA but the file doesn't exist which mean none of the vanilla NPCs have banter file assigned during SoD. Not sure why they didn't just assigned BG1 banter files there but since that was their choice than I've replicated it by assigning blank dialogue file for those particular NPCs (notice that everyone from BG1 is joinable during SoD even though only few NPCs are playable after Korlasz Tomb where most of them leaves the party.


Took me some time to discover why there are no banter files assigned during SoD.


There is the new (new does not mean improved) concept to display banters between your NPCs in stringhead texts triggered by area traps. These pseudo-banters can be easily overlooked and they are not stopping the game like normal dialogues (often they appear in between battles or other activites - really enerving).


Within the EET context, this approach separates SoD from the rest of the game where banters are done traditionally via dialogues.


So, is there some way (via mod, scripting etc) to convert those pseudo-banters into dialogues? It is more of a technical issue, I think, as the existing contents and triggers could be used - just the string texts be taken and put into the respective dialogue files and assign them to the NPCs wirh BDBANTER.2DA. Not an urgent task, but probably a large enhancement for EET's SoD campaign.


PS - Those are not occasional remarks from NPCs but full (ofter lengthy) conversations. Look for example at BDBan004.bcs for a "conversation" between Corwin and Safana.


EDIT 03/19/17

I finally made a mod for it