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In Topic: Scaling .pvrz at runtime

Yesterday, 04:27 PM

Search maps don't scale well because of their low resolution. It may result it blocked paths or open barriers. You would most likely have to fine-tune it by hand.

Rescaling ARE/WED coordinates isn't too difficult to code. Remapping WED tile indices would be much more complicated though.

I have ported a single map from PST for my Golem Construction mod (Ravel Maze). It was a time-consuming process and required a lot of fine-tuning in the end.

In Topic: Scaling .pvrz at runtime

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

That alone doesn't work, as it would invalidate TIS tile references and WED tile indices. You would also need to rescale polygon structures and position coordinates in ARE and WED files as well as resize search, light and height maps. There is a whole chain of dependencies to update, and not all of it can be automated. And it gets really complicated if the map contains extra tiles (for doors, etc.).

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Yesterday, 05:11 AM

Continued from this post: http://gibberlings3....=27741&p=257368

I've made a small WeiDU mod that automates the texture conversion process for PVRZ files. It converts all PVRZ files of the game and places the converted files (back) into the override folder. Depending on the selected texture format and your hardware the conversion process may take a looong time. I think "PVRTC 4bpp" is the preferred texture format for iOS devices.

Download: A7-TextureConvert-mod.7z

Got an error on MacOS:

ERROR: COPY ~B100050.PVRZ~ ~A7-TextureConvert/temp/in/B100050.PVRZ~ FAILED: cannot open target
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Convert PVRZ files -> Texture format: PVRTC 4bpp], rolling back to previous state
WARNING: Unable to write tlk-path uninstall info to [A7-TextureConvert/backup/1/TLKPATH.1]: Sys_error("A7-TextureConvert/backup/1/TLKPATH.1: Too many open files")
Will uninstall 0 files for [A7-TEXTURECONVERT/SETUP-A7-TEXTURECONVERT.TP2] component 1.
Uninstalled 0 files for [A7-TEXTURECONVERT/SETUP-A7-TEXTURECONVERT.TP2] component 1.
ERROR: Sys_error("A7-TextureConvert/temp/in/B100050.PVRZ: Too many open files")

The error message suggests a platform-specific problem with the COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP line.
Could you try out this test mod: A7-CopyTest-mod.zip ?
It simply copies all PVRZ files into a temporary folder and deletes them afterwards.

Edit: This test mod uses a different method for mass copying files: A7-CopyTest2-mod.zip. Could you try it out as well?

In Topic: Mod Compatibility List for EET

18 November 2017 - 08:01 AM


There is another option by using NI's PNG export as an intermediate step:
1. Export TIS as PNG
2. Open Tools > Image to TIS... to export the PNG back into legacy TIS. Specify 4892 tiles for BH1000.TIS and 1591 tiles for BH2201.TIS.
3. Copy both resulting TIS into override folder and export them as PVRZ-based TIS.

The second step in combination with the third step ensures that extra tiles (such as open doors) are laid out correctly on the pvrz textures to further reduce graphical artifacts in the game.

I have found one more Tis file like that from another mod RR3300 from RoT.. I assume a similar treatment may help. Just - I have no idea how you calculate those rile numbers (it ofers me 2820 per default).



I have determined tile count by finding the highest tile index in the WED file (and a bit of trial and error). It's probably also safe to use the default tile count value calculated by the TIS converter. Unless it results in less tiles than referenced in WED. In that case you have to add a new row of tiles (i.e. expand image canvas by 64 pixels at the bottom of the image with a graphics editor).

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17 November 2017 - 09:11 AM

One thing I'm interested in is what range the Help action uses.


Based on some tests in BGEE Help() has a range of 1152 (horizontal) and 864 (vertical) in map coordinates. Effective range will most likely vary depending on object specifier used for trigger Help(O:Object*).