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SoD, BG2EE - Green blood, and how to make configurable component installation

04 March 2017 - 12:52 AM

- - How to make a green blood in SoD and BG2EE, to replace the default - red one? - - How to make a configurable component installation of the mod? For an example, for my mod I have something like that for now:
BACKUP ~ContagionGUImod/backup~	
AUTHOR ~frostysh~
VERSION ~v0.2beta~

BEGIN ~Contagion GUI mod component zero.~
COPY ~ContagionGUImod/CGUIMOD~ ~override~
But I need something different, like "Do you want to install modification to the dialogue box? Yes - No.", if the Yes - one set of files intalled into ovveride, if no - another (basically UI.MENU and BOX5.MOS (V2)), "Do you want to install no blood modification? Yes - No.", if yes - install some *.BAM file, if no - not install. How I can do all of that, thanx.

How to switch off the blood animation?

28 February 2017 - 07:18 PM

I have already switched off the "Gore" option in the gameplay menu, but still I see lot of blood on my screen, in human-like npc and even in bloodless monsters such as skeletons -


(SoD - Started Catacombs)

I just don't like depicting blood in the PC-games, so any idea how I can change at least it's color to green, for an example. Thanx.

Is SCS useful for Siege of Dragonspear?

21 February 2017 - 01:38 AM

So, after the epic battle I have bought a BG:EE +DLC "SoD". I have never played in BG series without SCS - this is ma favorite mod. But I have tried to install SCS on SoD, and I have obtain a broken descriptions, broken parameters etc... Then I have tried to use "modemerge" stuff, - Scott Brook's modmerge, after installing only a core component, anything is looks fine (I will made a full installation when I will be not so sleepy as right now...).
But I have a questions:

--- I SCS mod making the same cool stuff in the SoD too? I mean, as I remembered this mod was for BG:EE, and BG2:EE only.

--- Will SCS give me same pleasure (endorphine narcotic stuff when your party defeating a crazy overpowered guy, such Aec'Letec on the ~10% hp, in the end of a battle.. ^^ ) on LoB difficulty, as it gave to me in the previous versions of the game? My char 17 level, divener, exported from BG2EE, Illithid city - you know, like in the "Butterfly Effect" film, because of interaction with a powerful Illithid-guy :p .

Thanx for the answers.

P.S. Also, if somebody liked black-on-white fonts - I have made a gui mod for SoD too.

Does GemRB accpeting this new features of version 2+ ?

05 February 2017 - 11:08 PM

So the new versions of games, and Infinity Engine stuff is already out, is those changes somehow touched GemRB cool stuff?

Contagion GUI for BG2EE v2+

03 February 2017 - 06:28 AM

Hi everyone.

I am making a new version of Contagion GUI mod, for v2+ BG2EE, because I want a comfort playtrough for myself :p, my alpha is almost ready, the only dialog box is left, but I need some help there.
K4thos, provided me with this very helpful link.
But I have some issues with internet connection , so I cannot download such large data size with images like in the link above. I will read it in the future.
For now I have done images and changed some fonts

Baldur.lua (where saves) - SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','UI Edit Mode','1') - UI.menu - ovverride . Nearinfinity - BGEE.lua , export to override.

BGEE.lua - "styles = ", right above you will see "fontcolors = ()" , added this string
fontcolors['Y'] = '21030401' -- Contagion Gui mod Black

in the end of "styles = " column, before closing parenthesis, added this
CGuiMod = 
		color = 'Y',
		font = 'NORMAL',
		point = 12,
		valign = 'top',
		halign = 'left',
	useFontZoom = 1,

And the I have added in the UI.menu stuff, this text style replaced standard one in the field where I need that, the respective fields I obtain by using and in the game.
Something like that:

Number of line - 640, this is class table in Charrec menu.

		enabled		"showClassInfo"
		area		50 182 342 412
		text		lua "getClassString()"
		text style  'CGuiMod'
		scrollbar	'GUISCRC'

And I have an issue - the image of the hero, is look little don't fitting into boards, after modifying GUIREC2.MOS through NearInfinity.


And I see 4 numbers for the field "area" but I though on the 2D plane is enough 2 Axis :/ . So what is meaning of this four numbers? Is this a coordinates? How I can adjust them, to fit in hero image?
Obviously I need to understand how this coordinates works, before I will modd thos crazy dialogbox background image, and font colors...
Any other hit, advises, etc?