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Posted 01 January 2005 - 10:49 AM

This thread will detail precisely how Tougher Sendai will be different at each difficulty level. As such, it will include some rather massive spoilers for Sendai's precise tactics and vulnerabilities, things which are better experienced in-game. You've been warned.

On Novice:
Sendai will not use Harm.
Sendai's images will cast Time Stop and Improved Alacrity once.

On Normal:
Sendai will use one Harm.
Sendai's images will cast Time Stop and Improved Alacrity twice.
Sendai's apprentices will cast Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting.

On Core:
Sendai will use multiple Harms.
Sendai's images will cast Time Stop and Improved Alacrity three times.
Sendai's apprentices will cast Comet.

On Hard:
Sendai is immune to level drain.
Sendai's Projected Images are immune to divinations, abjurations, and conjurations (like True Sight, Dispel Magic, and Insect Swarm).
Sendai is immune to Silence.
Sendai will Force-Cast all her defensive spells, buffing spells, and protection-strippers, so that she doesn't lose the spells from her memory and they cannot be disrupted.
Sendai will also Force-Cast Death Spells, if appropriate.
Sendai's apprentices will use sequencers and triggers.

On Insane:
Sendai and all her Projected Images are permanently affected by Improved Alacrity.
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